Firelands hospital fires back at Brady

Former city commissioner sues Firelands Regional Medical Center, but hospital says claim has no merit
Sandusky Register Staff
Mar 29, 2013


Former city commissioner Dick Brady and Firelands Regional Medical Center aren't likely to agree outside of court.

Brady recently filed a lawsuit against the hospital and Darrell Boling, the hospital's director of plant operations, accusing them of pursuing a vendetta over a previous complaint about the hospital. Brady's suit says the hospital has essentially banned his companies — Brady Electric and Brady Sign Co. — from doing work there since 2009.

The hospital says Brady's claims have no merit.

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Is this a vendetta between the two men or not? I guess the judge will figure this one out. Mr. Brady seem to like to take his fights to the courts, doesn't he? After reading the article about this, I was a bit confused by it all. Not sure who was right and who was wrong. It sounded like Mr. Brady was kind of "pushed out" here, but it may be just how the article made it sound. I guess we will find out when court convenes.


they shood put Dick and Darrell in a room on camera, and let them talk it out.

Whiskey Tango F...

Sell tickets to pay back the taxpayers of sandusky from his last lawsuit threat for the causeway sign!


Right on Whiskey. What goes around comes around.

Whiskey Tango F...

boohoo dickie! Daddy gave me this company and now all of daddies old customers don't like me! I couldn't get a free ride with the government and erie county, so now i have to sue everyone to get business! Go home and pout on cedar point road! Karma is a bi$&@h!

google me

Way to live up to your name - Dick!


I have not been impressed with Brady's work and signs, therefore I no longer use them. Does that mean that I should expect a lawsuit? Don't I have the freedom to do business with whomever I want to do business with?

What is the real story here?



Whiskey Tango F...

you ask them so they don't sue you for not asking! Are you not aware that super dickie owns every job that requires electricity or a sign? I think his parents had it right from the get go when they picked the name for the birth certificate.


Sounds like someone thinks they are entitled to get your business just because!

The Answer Person

You reap what you sow, Dick.

Whiskey Tango F...

Lawsuit... the new american retirement fund for business owners that have lost their customer base. I love this town!


Firelands & Brady DESERVE each other.


He'll bounce back. Sandusky govt will welcome him and his business with open arms.


Called their business (Brady} to repair my signs. No response. Heard from McQueen out of Vermillion the next day. Guess who got the job.