Perkins Schools to drop state funding program

New school building will be built with all local funds if voters approve May levy. State money to come later.
Alissa Widman Neese
Mar 28, 2013

Perkins Schools will no longer use state funds to help construct a new building for junior high and high school students.

The school board plans to ditch the Ohio Schools Facilities Commission's "exceptional needs" program and will instead join its "expedited local partnership" program. 

The new program requires districts use only local funds to build, but credits them a percentage of their costs for use on a future project.

Board members will approve the switch at a 7 a.m. special meeting Friday.

The meeting will take place in the board room at 3714 Campbell St.

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Want to go

What: Perkins school board meets

When: 7 a.m. Friday (tomorrow) 

Where: Board room at Perkins High School, 3714 Campbell St.

Why: Approve a change in plans






If you keep feeding the monster, it continues to come back for more and more and it is never ending. Operating levies are all about salaries. Don't allow them to tell you it is all about the children, it is all about the union wanting more and more benefits and pay.


First of all, I am all for the educational institution. That does not mean that new brick and mortar gaurantees educational success. Qualified and dedicated staff contribute to ensure that goal is met. So yes, operating levies are about salaries. Not to my knowledge has that ever required passage of a 10 year $2.15 million per year "emergency levy".
What is next to financially support this grandiose building project? A never used ORC that allows the Ohio Schools Facilities Commission to empower the perkins boe to withhold 10% from all township resident's bank accounts?


All of my family will vote yes!


Why vote yes OR no? They're gonna do whatever they want anyway!


In life some step up and some just make excuses.