Eight snared in prostitution sex sting

Locals lured into hotel get slapped with criminal charges
Jessica Cuffman
Mar 28, 2013

Undercover deputies slapped eight people with criminal charges Tuesday after staging a sex sting. 

Three of those charged are from Sandusky, while one is from Huron and one is a Norwalk resident.  

“We set it up online as a prostitution sting, for lack of a better term,” Ottawa County Sheriff Steve Levorchick said.

“People made contact with agents and arrangements were made, and we arrested them when they made a proposition.”

The deputies — both men and women —posed undercover to bait prostitutes, pimps and Johns who responded to an online ad. Working with the Wood County Sheriff’s Office, the FBI and the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation, deputies charged eight people by day’s end. 

They lured them to a Portage Township hotel. 

All told, six people were charged with solicitation, one was charged with complicity to prostitution and one was charged with attempted solicitation.

The crimes are all misdemeanors.

Those charged with solicitation:

•  Thomas Erne, 63, Huron. 
•  Richard Stratton, 66, Norwalk.
•  Barry Lee, 61, Sandusky.
•  George Johnson, 55, Sandusky.
• Amanda Bigelow-Hogan, 26, Toledo.
• Jason Palmer, 40, Elmore.

Others charged:

• Daniel Weiss, 38, Flat Rock, Mich., complicity to prostitution. 
• Mark Day, 42, Sandusky, attempted soliciting.

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And if a guy were to post looking for "friends" who he is willing to pay ...it may look like this...My name i$ Herman. I am here for the weekend,looking for new friend$. Call me at 419.555.5555....Plea$e call.


How come cityslicker can't comment anymore??


Who says he can't?


If two adults want to exchange money for sex, so be it. It has nothing to do with anyone else.


"The report shows the operation was in conjunction with the Wood County Sheriff’s Office, the FBI Northwest Ohio Violent Crimes Against Children Task Force and the Bureau of Criminal Identification and Investigation in an attempt to deter prostitution and other crimes." Quote from Port Clinton paper.

I just wonder how much money was spent in total man hours for this joke of a sting.

The Big Dog's back

The old guys wake up in the morning, look at the wife, and say intercourse or golf course. They putt in some strange holes.


For real, Big Dog ? I thought the old guys wake up and say," Hmmm..9 holes of golf, 18 holes of golf or a GLORY HOLE ?" Yep,you're right,that is strange...


Where's the GLORY?




"Officials from the Wood County Sheriff's Office, Perrysburg Twp. Police, Northwood Police, the Ohio Attorney General's Office, and the Ottawa County Sheriff's Office conducted a Solicitation Prostitution investigation at a Fremont Pike (US 20) hotel on Feb. 26."

"The Wood County Sheriff's Office, Perrysburg Township Police, Northwood Police, the Ohio Attorney General’s Office, and the Ottawa County Sheriff’s Office worked together arranging people to come to the French Quarters where contact was made and then arrests took place after sex acts were offered for money."

Your tax dollars at work. The real criminals are getting a free pass. How about a sting operation against some corrupt public officials and cops.

A dirty cop gets a slap on the wrist.

Perjury, bribes and tax evasion. Light sentence.


(Wood County)

Figures :)


Was this dude living out his fantasy?


There's more to the story coming.. How do we know that they are all of age? over 18 I think this is just the beginning.


The beginning of what? Over 18? Who is the "they" you are talking about?


While ill admit it seems like entrapment....it's not and like it or not this is a crime....a victimless crime definitly, but a crime all the same. I also noticed most the offenders were in mid 50s +, did they really take a huge bite outta crime???? C'mon sheriff!!!

Pastor Ron

Heard they are setting up a j-walking sting in downtown Sandusky.


Attempted soliciting..? That one will be dropped.
Huge heroin problem from Toledo to Cleveland and they're worried about a few rub and tugs & or a $20 hummer.
Law enforcement puzzles me.