Proposed power line riles Sandusky County farmers

Coming Sunday: The rich history of the 480-acre property in Sandusky County, and the impact of FirstEnergy building a power line there.
Tom Jackson
Mar 28, 2013


First Energy's plan to run a new power transmission line through Sandusky and Erie counties threatens a historic farm with two bald eagle nests, critics say.

And it's not just the eagles whose feathers are ruffled over the project. Sandusky County farmers who live in the transmission line's possible path believe they haven't been kept informed about the project, an Ohio Farm Bureau official says.

The Hayes-West Fremont Transmission Project calls for building a 138 kilovolt line to run about 30 miles in an east-west direction, from an existing West Fremont Substation to a planned new Hayes Substation in Erie County.

Several proposed routes are being discussed, and a final decision on a route hasn't been made, said Patti Michel, a First Energy spokeswoman.

A First Energy fact sheet says the company will apply to the Ohio Power Siting Board in mid-2013 with a plan for the line. A date for the application has not been set, Michel said. 
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tired of stupidy

fight them all the way Ohio. Edison has done nothing for this area except take away discounts and raise rates they are only spending money on line clearing projects due to being forced to by the power grid operators. The people at the bottom , in the field doing the work are great and struggle to do a good job its middle and upper management . that are extremely hard to work with this is from personal experience. I own land on a transmission line crosses, once its there its not moving also it leaves the door open for more power lines to come in the future. Treat this as a downed live power line stay away and call the proper authorities!

qnce its there its not moving!

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Here is the link for the data:

Suitcase Simpson

Great! The last thing Sandusky County needs is another CARCINOGEN in their backyard!