Brother stabs brother

A 26-year-old man used a ninja sword to stab his brother in the leg during an argument Sunday morning, according to a Sandusky County deputy’s report.
Jessica Cuffman
Mar 26, 2013



A 26-year-old man used a ninja sword to stab his brother in the leg during an argument Sunday morning, according to a Sandusky County deputy’s report.  

Thomas Meadows, of Green Creek Township, remains in jail on a domestic violence charge. 

He stabbed his brother, Nicholas Meadows, in the leg while the two argued after returning from a bar at about 3 a.m., the report said.

When police arrived at the Green Creek Township apartment, they found Nicholas lying on his back and holding his left thigh. Thomas appeared frantic as he kneeled beside him, the report said. 

Thomas initially told deputies that Nicholas tripped and fell into his catana, a long sort of ninja sword. 

When deputies searched the apartment, Thomas pulled the catana from behind the refrigerator, still refusing to change his story. Deputies then arrested him for marijuana possession after finding drugs in a jar on top of a television and inside a pipe in his front pants pocket.

As Nicholas was being treated, deputies asked him what happened. Nicholas said he and his brother were arguing about family issues when the fight escalated. He said Thomas grabbed the sword and stabbed him in the leg. 

Later at the hospital, Nicholas went into further detail. He said he and his brother were drinking at several bars in Bellevue before they returned home at about 2:30 a.m. and started arguing.

At some point, Thomas told Nicholas to get out of the house, and Nicholas went to get his shoes so he could leave. Thomas then went into his bedroom and grabbed the catana, the report said. 

When Nicholas tried to leave, Thomas allegedly grabbed him by the head and slammed him into the wall three or four times. Thomas then started swinging the sword like a “ninja,” eventually cutting his brother, the report said. 

Only after Nicholas begged did Thomas finally call for an ambulance, warning his brother not to say anything because he didn’t want to get into trouble, the report said. 

When Nicholas refused to file charges against his brother, deputies filed charges on his behalf, as well as filing for a temporary protection order.

Nicholas’ wound was about an inch deep and less than an inch wide, according to the report. 




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