Plow wrecks neighbor's mailbox

A Perkins man wasn't lying when he said an Erie County snow plow smashed his mailbox Monday in the 3500 block of Campbell Street.
Sandusky Register Staff
Mar 26, 2013


A Perkins police officer nodded and took notes at about 11 a.m. as Robert Knauer, 76, pointed to his broken mailbox and explained the situation. Mid conversation, an Erie County snow plow made another pass and crushed a neighbor's mailbox.

"This officer contacted the Erie County Highway Department and they advised both mailboxes will be added to the list," a Perkins police report said.



A list of how many?


Oh my God , That is hilarious !!!!!!!

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This type of news flash is why this newspaper is award winning, really cutting edge coverage.


Wonder how long it will take for the county to replace it? In the meantime, this man won't be able to have his mail delivered.


I live on Campbell & my mailbox was also damaged yesterday. I will replace it myself. No big deal.

Erie County Resident

That is great you'll replace it yourself but this guy is 76 years old.
Maybe he isn't able to do it himself. Was this taken into consideration?


What is your beef? I was just saying I am not going to go through the hassle.

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LMAO! What is your beef?
Sorry, I don't get out much.
I know where your coming from though. It's just easier and quicker to deal with some problems yourself.

The Bizness

texting and plowing


+1, made me laugh.

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Won't stop the plow but will stop the slop coming off the plow. Saw this at Home & Garden show in Cleveland.


We had this happen nearly every winter till we got an old railroad tie and dropped it about 8 foot. The snowplow didn't knock it down anymore after that!! After a few years it pushed it over but think it's still standing and that was about 10 years ago


I would like to know the condition of the mailbox before this happened. I have seen many mailboxes that the lids dont close or are just left open. When this is the case, the mailbox gets filled with snow, and with the weight of the snow filling the mailbox, it just falls off. And with the heavy, wet snow of yesterday, it makes it even worse. Alot of the mailboxes that get damaged should of been replaced years ago.

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Yep, i'll bet that's exactly the case here, the mailbox filled with snow and fell, even with a deputy watching. So, what your saying , is the drivers are getting better, because they haven't hit many, and their getting old. Good job drivers!

God Of Thunder

Same here..The only thing they will replace it with is the cheap, aluminum foil mail boxes. Replaced mine last year, the top of my new one was knocked off on Monday...Thankfully it slid right back on.. Same area of Campbell


That reminds me of when I lived outside of Findlay. A car hit a mailbox a road over and they ended up towing the car away with a U shaped in it's front end. The homeowner had buried a heavy walled pipe down about 4-5 ft
It popped out of the ground when the car hit it. It had about 2 ft diameter of concrete around it. The post was okay but the car wasn't. My mailbox was always getting hit by the plow in the winter. I ended up getting a box with a base that the box could pop off of. The box was plastic, when the plow hit it,it would just pop off and we would just snap it back on.

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Added to what list? The list of things they could give a rat's a$$ about? That list? How many days will they have to be driving to get their mail before their mailboxes are replaced? What the he// is this "list" of which you speak?

God Of Thunder

The county has rules about the type of mailbox you can install along county roads..They have to be break away for just that reason.


That is the truth and state law for any mailbox or sign, GoT. I built a solid steel post sunk in concrete 4 foot underground with a mailbox made from 1/4 thick stainless steel. If your car hit that, you would die. I explained that to my boss. He told me to build it anyway. The guy is a dental specialist who had a big chunk of change.

PS: edit: he also had us build a a below ground bunker entry and pump facility in case the electricity went out. Nice house and beautiful grounds, but just a bit eccentric.
Call the SHP and ask them. If you have a mailbox post that is further than (if i remember right), 10 foot from the road, You are allowed to make that thing as stiff as a brick S%#t house. Thing is, you also have to make it accessible for mail carriers. Use your imagination. I have seen plenty around this area that have adapted to those rules.


Shouldn't it be "Campbell Avenue" ?


I think the county plow operators try to see how many mail boxes they can trear up. They fly down the road.


Job security. Tear 'em down, then go fix 'em.


the police told me "the snow plow didn't break my fence the SNOW did it "when it was plowed


This happens all the time..These guys try to get close enough so your azzez dont have to be out there shoveling to get your mail. It happens and yes the tax payers pay for it. I think the county does the best they can when it comes to plowing. Accidents happen, but all you have to do is call they county and like it was said, put on the list and they will come out and fix or replace your mailbox.