Bellevue police chief sidelined

Don’t ever let Dennis Brandal tell you he’s a straight shooter. Not that he’s a bad guy or anything — he just can’t hit his target.
Shawn Foucher
Mar 26, 2013

The Bellevue police chief was placed on unpaid leave last week, after failing his shooting qualification test, according to Bellevue safety-service director Jeff Crosby.     

Brandal is required to pass the shooting test once a year, obtaining a specific score at the shooting range. 

He failed once earlier this year, then failed again last week, Crosby said. 

“It wasn’t a matter of one or two points,” Crosby said. “He didn’t pass the test. He wasn’t successful.”   

Brandal was placed on leave March 19.  He’s scheduled to retake the shooting test today. 

He was hired as a Bellevue officer in 1987 and his current salary as chief is a bit more than $55,000, according to city records. 

“Because he can’t perform his job duty, he was taken off the payroll,” Crosby said. “He can’t do his job.” 

Bellevue police Capt. Matt Johnson had filled in as acting chief during Brandal’s absence last year, but Brandal reclaimed the title when he returned in December.

Given these latest developments, however, Johnson is once again assuming the role as acting chief.



The Bizness

I don't know the man or anything, but this head line kind of makes me mad. It is the reason people continue to say your paper is nothing but tabloid garbage.

If you would have just left it "Bellevue police chief sidelined" then that is fine, but the sub title just irked me for some reason.

The Dusk

I agree with you, its not a very professional sub-headline. Who lets this get published?

The Bizness

Someone silly, that is who.


The editors, that's who. this is what sells their papers. They could have written other things like "Chief fails shooting test" or Bellevue Chief Fails Test" but that isn't as catchy. Sad but true. I feel sorry for the guy.


Come on, what's next a report of every LE in the 4 county area every time they take the shooting test?

Might as well. You sorta opened a can of worms , didn't ya?

Just Because



I agree...he has been harrassed since the last Mayor was elected, the same Mayor who decided to keep Crosby on the job afterall. Crosby wants his buddy Johnson in the job and they've been at Brandal for a few years now trying to oust him.


If all the area law enforcement were required to pass a shooting test like the one the chief took half of them wouldn't pass it either. Not all the departments hold this high of standard.


Whoa, Bellevue must be the Wild Wild West!

I didn’t realize there was that much of a need to know how to hit a target over there. It would seem, if you have issues with this task related skill, that he would be given some remedial practice.

If a Paramedic is having problems with starting an IV (just as important as law enforcement in my opinion)….do you send them home? Or, would it be better to have him/her do some remedial training and keep them and the rest of their talents on staff? This is the case with all professions.

Just tossing someone away is costly (unless there are ulterior motives). I’ve seen police officers in the surrounding towns who are so overweight they couldn’t chase a snail. That’s a danger to the public too. But, they aren’t sent home.

It sounds like there is another agenda here.

Colonel Angus

Good thing there are no snails in Perkins.

BW1's picture

Remedial training is fine, but at some point you have to verify the requisite skill level with a test. He had/has multiple opportunities to be re-tested.

This is especially important given that a person in that area was recently injured by a stray police bullet.


Johnson is buds with Crosby and has been chomping at the bit to be Chief. You wouldn't believe the hoops Brandal has had to jump through just to come back from sick leave!


These articles do not need to be put on the front page either. Even better, not at all. Maybe we should put everyone's evaluation of their job in the papers!


Good point, how about we eval Johnson and Crosby and do the same?


This is one skill that 95% of all LE never have to use! It sure comes in handy when the 5% comes into play! But to put the chief on leave for this is ludacris! In my trade we don't let the old timers carry the weight of a young man! He is there for leadership, wisdom and most of all his knowledge! Put the man back on his job and take care of your people like you would your own family!




Sounds like Crosby and HIS cronies should be the ones ousted instead ! What a load of bull.... too many big city ideas floating around in that town lately.


Crosby should have been gone when this Mayor was elected. The people were buffaloed

Just Because

Chief passed his test this morning. Now see if they can discount this passing score like the did the last one. The City officials already ignored one passing score.


It's a shame that good people like Brandal have to face this sort of abuse. It sounds like the city, corrupt as it is, is trying to force him out. What a shame. I'm glad he passed his test.


The police chief should know how to shoot a gun. Simple as that! Stop making excuses for the guy just because he is a cop. Now, let's work on that BMI.

Just Because

Obviously you have not seen him for quite some time commenting on the BMI!!! Let's see .... should you be throwing stones?


Relax, I am referring to All cops!


BMI? where have you been, the Chief has never looked better. But if you insist on going there, we should also talk about Johnson's BMI, right? Didn't think so.


Good for you! Brandal looks very healthy these days! He's worked very hard to achieve that healthy status, whereas the other guy? Not so much.


How about some of the BMI's of some other area LE including those of the area sheriffs, deputies and others and what about firefighters and emt's

There are some hefty, obese first responders in this whole dang area.




Truth be told, Brandal is an excellent police chief who has been recognized, elsewhere, for his dedication. He is a good man who volunteers his time for church and his children's schools, and his children are an example of what we all wish ours to be. God bless him and his family as they struggle with the nastiness that is small town politics.

Just Because



How does anyone know who aired this situation? Someone other than a city official might have brought it to the SR's attention. I wouldn't want to have to call an officer for something, only to find out he couldn't hit a target. It sounds like some of you who are accusing Crosby of being buddies with Johnson are friends with Brandal. Maybe we all just need to let the parties involved work it out.