Border Patrol calls Secret Service after man threatens president

Avery Cafe employee contacted police when patron claims to be Dwight Eisenhower's son and he's out to get Obama.
Emil Whitis
Mar 24, 2013


Gravity doesn’t exist. Bayshore Road is the gateway to hell. 

They’re just two of a tangle of statements made Saturday by a man claiming to be Dwight Eisenhower’s illegitimate son and Peter Pan at Avery’s Cafe. 

And that was before he allegedly threatened to “kill Obama,” according to witnesses. 

Soon after, Marblehead police arrested the man, Robert Dale Pierce, and his wife, Catherine Marie Pierce, then turned them over to Border Patrol agents. 

Agents, in turn, held the Pierces at the U.S. Border Patrol’s Sandusky Bay station just outside Port Clinton for questioning by U.S. Secret Service agents, according to a Marblehead police report. 

It all started at about 12:30 p.m. when police got a call from a frightened cafe employee. 

“I received a call from (a cafe employee) who stated that he had a male and a female in Avery’s Cafe and they were making threats towards the President of the United States,” a report said. “He also advised that they were heading to Washington, D.C., to make some things straight. (The employee) also stated that the couple seemed very unstable and his staff feared that this couple may follow through with the threats.” 

Police dropped the phone and raced to the 300 block of Main Street.

After talking with cafe staff, officers tracked down the couple’s Colorado-plated rental car in a nearby parking lot. As police ran the plates the Pierces walked up and asked if there was a problem. 

Officers told told them about the allegations and asked for identification. At about that time a U.S. Border Patrol cruiser rolled by. Police flagged it down and brought agents up to speed. 

Agents called the U.S. Secret Service, who said they were very interested in speaking with the Pierces. 

Police handcuffed the couple then turned their attention to the rental car. 

Inside the car police found a disassembled .22-caliber rifle with a shell in the chamber, a small black bag bulging with .22 and .38-caliber rounds and six bottles of oxycodone pills, according to a report. 

In Robert’s pockets police found five cell phone batteries, four pocket knives and a container of suspected marijuana seeds. 

Since the couple is being held in a Border Patrol compound information is scarce. It’s unknown what, if any, charges have been filed. 

“We’re not able to give out any information about who we detain,” a Border Patrol supervisor said.

The agent also refused to identify himself although he did provide another number to call. 

A Border Patrol public relations officer later clarified. He said Border Patrol was just holding the suspects for the U.S. Secret Service — any inquiries would have to be directed elsewhere. 

The public relations officer provided a number to the U.S. Secret Service’s Toledo office. 

Surprisingly, nobody picked up. 

Meanwhile, Marblehead residents didn’t know what to think. 

“The guy was making tons of crazy statements,” one witness who didn’t want to be named said. “Somebody told me they’d been in town for two days and threatened a real estate agent the day before.” 

“This kind of thing just doesn’t happen out here.”



Fear the BP...

Capt. Ford

Into the blackhole on St Rte 53


at least we get to use our expensive new gulag..

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Right wing holding tanks.

Darwin's choice're not on the saved list yet there koolaid man!

Erie County Resident

Really little poochie?
Your left wing whack-job is the one that built that, or did you forget that too?

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Like I said, right wing holding tanks.


Winnie maybe?


Didn't know Dwight and Kay Summersby spawned a child, Hmmmm the things you learn from the AP award winning SR!! ROFLMAO


Six bottles of oxycodone pills explains most of it. if they were really going to do half of the things they mentioned, do you really think they would tell others? So now one can be arrested for comments made at restaurants. Beware.

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Virtually ANY threat against the life of the President will be investigated no matter where it's made. People have been detained and questioned by the Secret Service over comments made on Twitter, on Facebook, in emails, or on the phone. Why NOT in a restaurant?

I've made no secret that I dislike Barack Obama, his minions, and his policies. I remain convinced the country will be far better off WITHOUT those things than they are WITH those things. Even so, there is no way I'd wish harm to him or his family. Even if you can set aside morality (I can't, but just pretend for a second), the implications of something happening to a president are far, FAR too serious to fail to check into any and ALL threats.

Thanks to the folks who worried and to the several law enforcement agencies who made the only possible judgment call here. Yes, Mr. Pierce is probably crazy. But then aren't most assassins (or wannabes) in the end? They sure are! And who's to say this threat is any less a concern than any other? Unless, of course, you want to wait 'til it's too late...

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That's not true - only credible threats. The Secret Service dismisses hundreds of reports a month without leaving their offices.

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Now the BP will make up charges to fit their needs, same with the police for searching the car... Yes, they're (Pierce's) idiots, but arresting people for being stupid makes me shudder for Big Dog!


Thanks to the NDAA, one can be arrested on "suspicion" of "something" by "someone" and never heard from again. And, OUR Congress-critters VOTED FOR IT!

I'll miss the 4th, 5th and 6th Amendments.......


You're right about the NDAA. No threats needed. No evidence, either! Nice.

Big Dog, in case you're wondering, NDAA happened on Obama's watch. I'm just saying...

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The National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) is a United States federal law specifying the budget and expenditures of the United States Department of Defense. Each year's act also includes other provisions. The U.S. Congress oversees the defense budget primarily through two yearly bills: the National Defense Authorization Act and defense appropriations bills. The authorization bill determines the agencies responsible for defense, establishes funding levels, and sets the policies under which money will be spent.


However, craftily snuck in to the 2012 NDAA bill was the infamous Section 1021, which allows for INDEFINITE MILTARY DETENTION for US Citizens "suspected" of supporting terrorism, whatever that is.....

No Habeas Corpus, no Due Process, no Trial by a Jury of peers. Last time we saw a change like this was in Germany 1933.......

And we're worried about DHS buying a couple Billion bullets last year? What could possibly go wrong?


Roger: Nope. The last time we saw a change like that was less than ten years ago, with The Patriot Act, which allowed all manner of government intrusion, without a legal warrant. Funny how conservatives forget that one, since it is quite obviously a change in our Constitutional rights related to search and seizure.


Do you mean the parts of the Patriot Act that were supposed to be sunsetted[phased out] but Obozo resigned the new bill to keep those parts in existence but also added to them


coaster is slightly mentally handicap. forgets all the stuff Obie has done.


It is a shame that we have become so paranoid in the United States that we cannot make a comment without someone overhearing and reporting it. I have even had people in restaurants comment and join in my conversation. I wonder if the man has a mental disorder. If he made the remarks about being Peter Pan and gravity, then something isn't right in his head.


You can still make comments freely. What you can't do is make THREATS. We comment all the time on these handy dandy Register boards, but how often does somebody say they know who and where you are, and they're coming after you? And if they did, wouldn't you want it checked out?

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sam honey, I couldn't agree more.


Indeed, the freedom of speech comes hand in hand with the acceptance of responsibility of word and action


Agree with Sam and Beep.

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CREDIBLE threats, Sam.


I'm alright , it's the rest of the world that's crazy ; ))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))


A nutcase with a gun that thinks he can hunt down anyone he dislikes.
Not the kind of guy I want to have lunch with.

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“We’re not able to give out any information about who we detain,” thank you for calling Dherzinsky Square.

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(police found a disassembled .22-caliber rifle with a shell in the chamber, a small black bag bulging with .22 and .38-caliber rounds and six bottles of oxycodone pills, according to a report.
In Robert’s pockets police found five cell phone batteries, four pocket knives and a container of suspected marijuana seeds.)

Sounds like they were headed to Jamies Flea market : )