Union protests, pickets gambling site

Police say they will increase their presence outside an Ohio racino construction site after a clash between union protesters and non-union workers building the facility.
Associated Press
Mar 23, 2013


Northfield police Chief Mark Wentz says picketing began this week outside the Hard Rock Rocksino Norhtfield Park site. The Akron Beacon Journal reports that Wentz says no charges were filed and there were no serious injuries.

The chief says there was some damage to a pickup truck, some tools were taken and someone ran over a protester's foot after about 40 protesters crowded around the entrance drive as nonunion employees came to work.

The newspaper reports that union protesters are upset that nonunion labor is being used to build the gambling and entertainment complex.



Get over it. As a private facility there is no obligation to hire union employees. What a bunch of goons trying to harass and intimidate workers that are trying to feed their families. You weren't contracted to do the job, now go home.

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And when it falls down ..........


It's true, a broken clock is right sometimes!


Union hate competition.
Sounds like a group of sore losers.

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Unions are socialist pigs who think they deserve things, period. Local 480 was one of the WORSE unions I ever belonged to and was so thankful I went to college to get away from those thugs.


Those wild and whacky union thugs will stop at nothing


Yes those damn union pigs, you know the ones who created the 40 hour work week, holiday pay, paid vacations, medical benefits, workplace safety, retirement packages, all the things workers enjoy and take for granite
today. You may be a socialist if you have a bank account, drive on a public street, play the stock market, went to a public school, collect or plan on collecting social security, or a pension, all socialistic programs.


Doc, most non-union people think that their employers just give them all those benefits out of the goodness of their hearts! If unions were to disappear, so would all those benefits.


No,they would not. The employers have evolved in their treatment of the workers,the unions have not! Still thug mentality, BTW Steelworkers union for 37 years.

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Employers have evolved? Are they walking upright now?


good one.


"evolved in their treatment of workers". I didnt expect you to read the whole thing...that would of taken all weekend puppy.


Finally, a liberal gets it!!!

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swiss cheese kat

so sad libs like you try to spin history to your favor.

Martin Van Buren was the first American president to initiate legislation aimed at controlling the amount of hours worked. In 1840, he issued an executive order that restricted the work day to 10 hours per day.

During the Great Depression of the 1930s, Herbert Hoover launched a bill that would have reduced the American work week to 30 hours per week.

Shortly after entering office, Franklin D. Roosevelt lobbied for shorter work hours.

In 1936, the Walsh-Healy Public Contracts Act was passed, requiring government contractors to be paid overtime rates for time worked over eight hours per day. In 1938, the 40-hour work week became law with the passage of the Fair Labor Standards Act.

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And all this was done out of the kindness of their hearts right? Rightttttttt.


Typical union “..all the things workers enjoy and take for granite” the only thing I take for granite is my countertops……


Union hater = FOX News robot

Now The Rest of...

Union leadership, aka hacks=PMSNBC wackados

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sounds like nasa plumbrook.


Strange. Some from southern; i.e. right to work states came here for a better life. Hey thanks for giving US zoning laws.