ObamaCare goes KasichCare

Governor's Medicaid expansion would cover thousands in Erie, Ottawa and Huron counties, according to report from health institute.
Tom Jackson
Mar 23, 2013

The report, "Expanding Medicaid in Ohio: County-level analysis," estimates that 4,089 adults in Erie County alone would join the Medicaid rolls if the governor's proposal goes through, including 2,612 who currently are not insured.

Click to read the Ohio Health Institute's report or view a two-page executive summary.

The estimates for the number of people in other counties who would obtain Medicaid coverage: Huron, 3,314; Ottawa, 1,529; Sandusky, 2,732, and Seneca, 3,129.

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As there are very very few individuals I would put on a pedestal I certainly can't image ever putting an entire group on one. I just happen to have a real dislike for class warfare. There are good honest decent people at every class level and the opposite is also true. Does someone(government) get to decide the winners and losers? And who is that person(s)? Now we have to wonder if they (individual bureaucrats) have proper motives...... and human nature can be an unreliable source of virtue.

The Big Dog's back

Which class has the money to wage class warfare? Which class owns all the major media? Now who is waging class warfare?


Perhaps the real question is which political class has the money and the motive?
'Night BD.
Don't let those evil rich take up too much time in your mind rent free.


Why not? We passed Obamacare for 10% of the population. Isn't that the liberal way little mutt?


HA! Just so Knucks!
Your brevity puts my efforts to shame.

John Harville

Ensure that my employees will get paid? Or are you just trying to find out how many employers are responding?


I watched Obama speak in Jordan, Israel, and Palestine and he promised funds to educate their people, funds to help job creators build businesses to provide jobs, funds to train their military, funds to build their infrastructure, so they can have a competitive economy. Now, why hasn't he done the same for the American people instead of putting regulations and tax burdens on the American people?

The Big Dog's back

Because of right wingnuts.


Because Obama thinks he is Jesus. He really does. He thinks he's gonna save this entire world. Problem is all that comes out of his mouth is empty promises. The history channel had it right when they made satan look like Obama during one of the recent episode of The Bible.

John Harville

ARM... although he DOES not think he's Jesus (I thought he was a muslim socialist?), he probably should, since people like you think he's responsible for EVERYTHING and should single-handedly SAVE the country.

John Harville

Goofass? Congress is willing to fund education for other countries. Congress refuses to pass any funding for education here. Don't you paytenshun???
And our governor has announced public schools in Ohio will have to rely on local levies to replace the tax dollars his budget is taking from public schools to fund private for-profit charter schools.
Do you actually LIVE in THIS county and country?


DC is one of the seven richest counties in the US. Yes, I'll admit thatin the private sector Rep. probably are richer than Dems. I'll add that it is by choice. However in Government the Democrats are far wealthier than the Republicans. O'Bama has the lowest number of appointments (8%) who never worked in the private sector. Business owners have mostly footed the insurance bills and absorbed the huge increases. They are telling you it's going to end with O'Bama Don't Care and a lot of people just won't listen. How many local jobs have been lost when those in charge say one thing and the workers won't listen (Tsbaki). Put this in play and we'll close the doors or shut you out. Continue O'Bama Don't Care in 2014 and less wages, less hours, and less jobs. These are business owners and companies saying this, I'm raeding, I'm listening, and I beieve them. I'm saying, Continue on this path and this path and there will be a huge Democratic defeat in the 2014 elections. The Dems are aware of this and that is why many are changing their thinking. Narcissist O'Bama is in the Final Stages of Narcissism. Paranoi has firmly set in. This can't be denied and is evident from His personal food taster. A complete mental break down could happen as He loses trust in those around Him. Thise is a scared Man who is becoming increasingly insecure.

John Harville

EZ.... hahahahahaha! u so funny! And who ARE the people who LIVE in DC - right... Congress! Lobbyists!
And isn't that an amazing statistic considering the masses of poor who live outside the Beltway in DC.
You and Goofass need to go have some coolade.