Punch thrown during Margaretta Township meeting

Vickery man charged with assault after taking a swing at trustee
Mar 25, 2013

John Hensley, 47, of the 6500 block of Wahl Road, was arrested and taken to the Erie County jail but was quickly diverted to the hospital after complaining about medical problems. Deputies issued him a summons there and sent him on his way.   

Hensley allegedly tried to punch township trustee Joe Bias during a public meeting on the proposed demolition of a home at 205 Crystal Rock Road, an Erie County deputy’s report said. 

Hensley owns the rental home, which sustained serious damage in a fire in late 2011. Margaretta trustees said they’ve been trying to get him to repair the home for the past 18 months to no avail.   

“Since the fire, about 18 months ago, the house was condemned by the building department, zoning department and health department,” said trustee Tim Riesterer, who attended Thursday’s hearing. “We’ve been trying to work with Mr.

Hensley to bring it up to the minimum housing standards that the township has ... (but) we haven’t seen progress on the property, as far as bringing it up to that minimum standard.” 

There have been many reports of people breaking into the vacant home, Riesterer said.

“So we initiated action to have the house demolished,” he said. 

Thursday night’s hearing was part of the process toward the home’s demolition. The rub came about 20 minutes into the meeting, as trustees and Hensley were discussing his options and the township’s plan to demolish the house. Hensley “became disruptive” and approached Bias, who was sitting at a table, the report said. 

“Hensley then swung his fist at (Bias), who moved to avoid being struck,” the report said. “(Bias) then pinned Hensley against the wall while Hensley continued to try to strike him.” 

Three deputies and a Castalia police officer rushed to the building and arrested Hensley.  

“There’s a line for personal conduct at a public meeting, and I feel Mr. Hensley crossed that line,” Riesterer said. 

Trustees aim to have the home torn down within the next month or so.



Hoss McGee

Crystal Rock next thing below MacArthur. All of Crystal Rock should be demolished.


To the ignoramuses in this forum:

If Mr. Hensley was a teen in high school and took a swing at someone he would be detained for attempted assault. However, the tables would turn if it was revealed that Mr. Hensley was a victim of bullying, which is EXACTLY the case.

The house that was being addressed at the meeting was an object of arson. The Hensley's had that property insured. It's not that the Hensley's prefer to keep an eyesore sitting around in Crystal Rock but rather they are awaiting insurance approval to begin clean up.

It's too bad that you people have a negative connotation when speaking of the Hensley family. Sure, there are some bad apples in a large family such as this but Mr. Hensley is one of the most peaceful men I've ever known. How would YOU feel if you had a house that was set on fire and local officials made it nearly impossible to file an honest insurance claim, go to a town meeting only to be laughed at? Mr. Hensley is not in good health by any means but he DID attend a meeting to get this situation resolved.

It's funny how everyone who has a negative comment hides behind their avatar. Mr. Hensley's face is plastered for everyone to see because that man has nothing to hide. But all of you do.

When was the last time any of you went down to Crystal Rock? Hoss McGee- you specifically. When did you last go there? Why were you there? It's a quiet little village where everyone knows one another. Same thing with White's Landing. Little houses and cottages that are damaged easily from the moisture of the bay doesn't make it an illegal haven.

If you don't know Mr. Hensley first hand you need to keep your mouth shut. Had Mr. Bias's car broke down in front of Mr. Hensley's house he would be the first one to offer help. That's just how he is. He just wants what's rightfully his. And to the commenter about paying taxes and keeping up with property management- easier said than done! What can you do when you have someone set your house on fire, have multiple break in's and find that your insurance company won't pay? Yep. Options are really low at this point, right?

I high five you, Mr. Hensley! You might not have been able to make contact with Mr. Bias's face but you're stronger in heart and morals. At the end of the day that's all that matters. At least I know YOU aren't a bully!


I think Bias could take this guy


Typical Hensley behavior. They have no morals or respect for civil society !! P.O.S


You're the judgmental P.O.S. Typical Hensley behavior? Maybe I should just use your kind of logic. Anything related to a Hensley is a P.O.S. and now every time I see margaritaville88 I will think of a lab monkey that was given a laptop and taught to use the internet. Can someone please give Margaritaville 88 a banana? He/she made its first real sentence in the human world!


True Story

indolent indiff...

one day that *%$^&@@** is going to kill someone and everyone will be talking about "what could we have done to stop it" LOCK HIM UP NOW


What a dramatic statement! Hahahaha!! In his entire life, guess how many Johnny B. Hensley has killed? Zero. And you should start worrying about this now? Okay! Yep- I just read where he took a swing at Mr. Bias. Either I'm not seeing things your way or you're messed up! Mike Tyson never killed anyone with a swing and Mr. Hensley wasn't armed so just how is it that Mr. Hensley is a danger to society? Your thinking is more dangerous than anything Mr. Hensley can do!


Mrs. B,
Even you have to admit that the behavior of the Hensley family has been completely ridiculous over the years. This Hensley once dropped his pants in a court room, Mrs Hensley made a habit out of making scenes at the school when the kids were there, another Hensley recently smuggled drugs in to the county jail.....the list goes on and on, not to mention the massive drug use over the years. It's one thing to support a family as you have in this blog. It's another to turn a blind eye to outlandish behavior. The Hensley's behavior can not be supported or tolerated.


Slacker, thanks for your comment. I get bashed all through the comments by this person. Childish..


As I stated before- not all these Hensley's that you speak of even know each other. It's never safe to assume that all Smith's or Johnson's know one another.


this Hansley can not be help accountable for the actions of another , just be cause of his last name , If you have any proof abot the above mention , then bring it out and we can talk about it .
Ihe can not controll what others in his family does no more then you can controll what I do or dont do
It not fair to label one due to the actions of another and think its ok , cause its not Anyone that does is just as bad as the person if not worse then the person you are talking about

Ruth Hensley

I made one "scene" and I explained below....The Hensley that allegedly smuggled drugs/etc into the sheriffs office is no relation what so ever...please get the facts before you blow them out of proportion!! It seems like all this forum is about, is giving people the chance to hide behind fake identities and slam and bash people, distort facts, with no chance of getting any where, because no one truly cares to begin with!!!

Ruth Hensley

Again the Hensley allegedly smuggling stuff into the jail IS NO RELATION!!! Do your home work slacker!!! I have you narrowed down, you know too much about our so called work together meeting on the 21st and there were only 8-9 people in attendence


I do not condone fighting, however, a part of me wishes Hensley would have connected once with Bias. He needs knocked down a few pegs.

Hoss McGee

Bias would mop the floor up with this guy. Hensley = Trash


For sure Joe wouold come out on top. Hensley is frail. I simply stated that I wish he would have connected once with Bias' face. Bias is a pompous A$$!


You know first hand that Mr. Bias always ends up on top? :) Interesting....


How childish. Maybe Hensley can throw one your way too


Obviously you people know this guy! Either pay more taxes or help out your community!


Not sure about what you mean? I pay an extremely large amount of taxes here in the twp. ??


Paying more taxes doesn't make you smarter.


Nor better...


Wow, imagine this could be happening at a Sandusky council meeting or at Perkins or Huron? Someone doesn't like what is happening and they say it with their fists???? whoa!

This man was warned. You own property, its your responsibility. You fix it or it comes down. That simple. You can't beat up the councilmen because you don't like what they have to say. To bad. It's been 18 months. How much more time do you need? You should have had insurance on it, didn't you? So fix it or flatten it. The law is the law.


Wired- you only know one side of this story. Where are the Sandusky Register reporters trying to get the other side of this? There are always two sides! This house was set ablaze and due to incredible unfairness the insurance company hasn't coughed up a dime. What people NEED TO KNOW is this is the SECOND HOUSE THAT THE HENSLEYS HAVE OWNED IN CRYSTAL ROCK THAT WAS BURNT!!! In 2008 they lost EVERYTHING they owned. Guess what? That house WAS NOT INSURED!!!!!! There wasn't even a thorough investigation as to who did it! The Hensley's have been bullied so badly and it's so hard to stomach all these comments about them. They've been through so much and yet everyone can just log in and smear them even more. They didn't even have time to recover before the Town of Castalia was nagging them about bulldozing the remains of their home. It's been a constant barrage from the town folk. Officials in Castalia don't even SEE the properties in Crystal Rock. They just abuse their power.


Wired- the house was insured. There's more behind this story! Mr. Hensley is desperate to get this taken care of. He's in bad health and care barely walk but made it to the meeting, only to have someone laugh in his face. Why don't you loan Mr. Hensley the money to repair it? Not your problem, right? So your fix-it-or-flatten-it mantra can only be chanted by you!


@Mrs Brovlovski....first you say it wasn't insured and then you say it was. Which is it? That is some contradiction you have going...I would LOVE to help them out, but I haven't the money to do so. If the insurance isn't paying them, I can fully understand why if TWO of their homes burned down. What are the odds of THAT happening? I am sure the insurance company would like to know how that happened as well. But the fire department usually provides a letter to the insurance company telling them whether the suspect the fire was caused by WHAT event such as electrical, gas, etc. and whether the house met code.

If Mr. Hensley's houses didn't meet code, then the insurance won't pay. That isn't a problem of anyone but him. So don't blame the community, Castalia or anyone on HERE for the way they feel about it.

Yes, there is always two sides to every story. But it is also stated clearly that the city tried to work something out with him for 18 months. Nothing happened. How long would YOU suggest the city wait until a burned out shell of a house sit there before the city does something and a home owner does nothing? Does Mr Hensley deserve treatment that others do not get because of his health? Is that fair? If he can afford property, he should understand that he needs to "maintain" it as well. I don't think he is stupid. We all have our problems: money and health. This property has been broken into and is a health hazard for the community and a liability. Why has he not done anything or responded.

When you think about it, the city IS helping it if they tear it down. Do you have ANY idea what it would cost him to demolish a building? PLENTY. The city is willing to do it for him and add that to his tax bill. That is money he won't have to pay out all at once.

So rather than look at this as if it was something bad, why not look at it as something helpful. Instead, he goes to a meeting, loses his temper and tries to hit a guy. Why not go there and try to be a little more cooperative? Especially after 18 months??????

I don't know this man personally. But I will say this much. If the property is this bad....and apparently it is....a little cooperation would have gone a LONG WAY. Perhaps he should have given that a lot more consideration instead of using his fists to get his point across.

I wish him well.


Wiredmama: There were TWO SEPARATE house fires! One was their very own home. It was burnt to the ground in 2008. That house was NOT INSURED. The fire officials didn't do a damn thing to find out what happened. The SECOND fire was 18 months ago. That home WAS INSURED. However, the insurance company hasn't paid a cent.

Ruth and John were waiting for fire officials to discover what caused them to lose everything they owned but instead the township officials wanted the foundation leveled. Why were they so eager????

I've known both John and Ruth Hensley for years and they don't go out of their way to cause trouble!! How would you feel, wired mama, if people you knew and loved were constantly under attack?


Yep- I can agree w/you that the odds of two homes burning and both being insured and the Hensley's getting a huge payout would look suspicious. However, this isn't the case. They literally lost everything- every single thing they owned in 2008. The second home was insured and it was set on fire and thankfully the fire department saved the home but the insurance company hasn't paid a penny. Can you please tell me how this is suspicious???? The only thing I see suspicious about this is that someone set Ruth's house on fire in 2008. That wasn't enough. This second home was set on fire and there have been police reports of vandals being inside the home. Where is the law when this mystery needs to be solved? Ruth and John would have had better luck if Scooby Doo and the Gang showed up after the fire and put clues together. No one cares about justice because the little village of Crystal Rock is out of sight, out of mind. That is- until a smug official takes a drive and goes out of his way to make people miserable. If only that tenacity was used for finding the criminal/criminals for setting that place on fire! And the house in 2008 too!


wired... I don't know this man and I too think it is odd that two of his properties have now burned down, but my friend's house burned down in Berlin Heights 3 years ago or so. The fire marshall said the cause of the fire could not be determined but it was not arson, so she literally had to get a lawyer and fight State Farm for about 2 years before she finally got them to pay up.