Sandusky Bulldogs aren't underdogs

One year into it, they’ve already got four placeholders
Mar 23, 2013


“Not bad for our first year, right?” said Rocky McKinney, one of four coaches for the Sandusky Bulldogs, a newly formed group of local boys — kindergarten through sixth grade — wrestling in the Ohio Athletic Commission’s program. “It was a very successful year. We had a lot of fun and learned a lot.”

In the first year, the team of 18 had nine wrestlers qualify for the state tournament in Youngstown earlier this month. Four of them placed: Deaondrea Darden (first); Kaiyon McKinney (second); Amir Aaron (fourth); and Aaron Alexander (seventh). The other qualifiers were Jarrein Alexander; Anrico Cunningham; Spencer Parker; Jasharein Holliday; and Derrick Garrett. 

The athletic commission’s wrestling program has four divisions, with weight classes from 40 pounds up to 180 pounds.  

McKinney, who wrestled for Sandusky High, started the program this year with coaches Fred Chaney, Shonsai Aaron and Danny Johnson. They practice at the old Madison Street school building, which houses Spirit and Truth Ministries.   

Go to for photo galleries and coverage of the national wrestling championships from Des Moines, Iowa.



Great job gentleman. Thanks coaches for offering these young men a positive role model.

Kottage Kat

Congrats 2 all
Good job

Truth or Dare

Congratulations on your hard work and dedication at such a young age to your sport, and a deep thank you goes out to their Coaches! Way to go lil A!

Colonel Angus

It's great seeing positive black male role models in Sandusky. You men are appreciated by the community, please continue doing what you do. Congratulations to the wrestlers on their successes, the community is very proud of you. Your hard work and dedication has paid off.

Tsu Dho Nimh

Congratulations to all of these fine, young men.


More adults should follow the examples of these coaches who will make a difference and serve as role models for these younger people.

Congratulations and an A+ to all. Thank you coaches.


Give a kid something constructive to do, and it will keep them from being destructive. Looks like a good program to do exactly that.


Outstanding! So proud of all these young men and especially the coaches!


Great to hear....the coaches were all good wrestlers

The Hero Zone's picture
The Hero Zone

This is excellent to see, you all have our support!

Mountaineer 2

Ummm, check criminal records of these fine young coaches! Role model? Public information-Sandusky muni court search.


So what if they have a record. It gets tiresome no matter what some coward has to come and say something stupid. This is a feel good article about some little kids accomplishment and you had to be a Jacka$$ and come with some dum stuff get a life and leave the kids to have their shine .


People can change for the better. I have reviewed the prior court records of the coaches before I posted my previous comment. Young adults do make mistakes with their "youthful indiscretions" and sometimes it may take a few years for people to mature. Sometimes it is the alcohol that makes young adults commit these mistakes. If the coaches learned from their youthful mistakes and are trying to get the children to not make the same mistakes, then good for them. I give people another chance. You have had US Presidents admit to drug uses in their youthful years. What bothers me are many of the "upstanding" powers that be who have no court records because they were given free passes all through the years. Ask some of the current judges what their youthful offenses were. Some have sealed juvenile court criminal records.


Re: mountaineer That's why they are not affiliated with the schools.