Girl fight becomes boy fight at Sail Inn

Two drunken couples duked it out early Thursday morning at the Sail Inn bar — guy on guy, girl on girl.
Emil Whitis
Mar 22, 2013


There were no clear winners, and police arrested all four. 

Sandusky residents Morielle Watson, 31; Misty Artschwager, 33; Angela Fox, 30; and Siron Mills, 35; were charged with disorderly conduct intoxicated. 

A bartender waved officers down at about 2:30 a.m. and told them two women were inside the bar fighting, a Sandusky police report said.  

"I entered the bar and observed two females on the floor in the stock room," the report said. "Also, I observed several other males standing over top of them yelling and shoving each other." 

Police yelled at the tangled mess of people, but nobody would listen. When one officer pulled out a Taser, the blows stopped. 

"The two females stopped fighting and then stood up and began screaming at each other," the report said. "The two females were separated and spoken with." 

Fox was bleeding from the mouth and she had several broken fingernails. Her speech was so slurred officers couldn't get "any useful information" out of her, the report said. 

Police shifted their focus to the barroom, noticing several overturned tables and chairs. Witnesses said Fox had been on a rampage all night, and the fight ignited when Artschwager asked Fox "why she was being so mean," the report said. "(Fox) punched (Artschwager) in the face and (Artschwager) fell to the floor. While (the two men) were attempting to break it up, the two males began to fight each other." 

Police issued citations to all four before released them to sober people. 




Can't people just get along. Alcohol....need I say more?

Licorice Schtick

If we went a weekend WITHOUT a fight in an Erie County dive bar, THAT would be news! Why to we think that's OK? Alcohol should be no excuse for antisocial behavior. We need to raise our expectations.

Phil Packer

I sailed in to the Sail In. Get it?

Phil Packer

Or you could just read the sign.


30-something yr olds are considered boys and girls?? I must not be as old as I

Left Sandtown

If it would of been Saturday night, it would of been alright.God Bless you all!


I was gonna yell cat fight but then I saw where this was........I'll bet that wasn't attractive at all!


By the time you're in your 30s, you should stop fighting at bars. You should stay home with your kids, watch TV, go out to dinner once in awhile. Have a drink at home. Saves on hospital bills.


Agreed Unassumer... Agreed. Once you're in your 30's, it's time to let the "petty" stuff go and grow up.


Never would have happened if they were smoking pot.


Instant buttholes: just add alcohol! lol

he said she said

Just shows what happens when you mix stupid juice with idiot.