Police can't determine which officer shot woman in foot

Who shot Erica Devlin? Three months later, no one can answer that question.
Emil Whitis
Mar 22, 2013


And even if someone does know the answer, they sure aren’t sharing it with the public.

Devlin, 19, of Toledo, was shot in the foot Dec. 19 on Pleasant Street, in Willard.  

The shooter was definitely a police officer, but investigators have yet to identify the culprit from among three possibilities: Brian Slone and Jeremey Draper, both Willard cops, and Sean Nolen, a part-time Greenwich Township police officer.   

The three men were among nine police officers executing a search warrant at a Pleasant Street home that day. They had logged it as a drug raid, but it’ll likely go down in the history books as a botched bust.     

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Darwin's choice

Gun control......

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the unsilent ma...

Im willing to bet that had it been a cop who was shot, they would know exactly whos gun it came from


so give them both rewards..


ummmm ballistics testing???


oh wait wait, csi or law and order? they have kick butt labs!!!


This AGAIN?! Who cares? Does it really matter? Let it go. I wouldnt confess to it either. In Willard from Toledo that day? Kinda sounds like whoever DID fire that gun did a darn good job.


They should have been fired. 3 cops couldnt kill 1 dog without shooting a bystander. A soldier has to put his life in danger to avoid civilian death in Iraq but it doesnt matter when it is a American.

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This is why a firearm is a poor choice for dealing with a small target capable of quick movement like a dog. This is why the SPD officer that shot the dog a few weeks ago in a dense residential area erred in a manner that placed all the residents at risk.


Who was missing a bullet when they came back to the station? Check the muzzle pattern on the bullet and compare it to another bullet shot from each of the officers' guns. This is a no brainer! Sounds like another corrupt police department.


It isn't the muzzle pattern they check. It's the lands and grooves inside the barrel.


Thanks riches, I couldn't think of the proper term. But yes, that's what I'm talking about.


Damn auto correct! Richrs


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When a police officer pulls a gun and says get out of the way as your stinking pit bull is attacking him, maybe you should get out of the way?


That wasn't the point. The point of the story is that none of these wonderful cops admitted to capping the chick!


Corruption at its best!


3 months later and none of them are smart enough to figure it out! I'd fire all of them!

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Professor Playdoh

If all 3 fired..They should all get credit.. Maybe a little star sticker for the cruiser.. Not fair to give only one credit.


I would check with DC oh that's right he stabs people in the back


Ouch my foot. Please give me some percocets to snort.


If the glove don't fit....
You gotta acquit......


had this not been a cop doing the shooting, and just 3 people off the streets, they all would have been locked up immediately and most likely remained there for the last 3 months. possibly charged with attempted murder or some other trumped up charges. A BADGE IS A LICENSE FOR CORRUPTION.


Is the Sandusky county sheriff leading this investigation?


I just want to know if any animals were injured in this shenanigan...

Good 2 B Me

If a cop was shot, damn straight they would have identified the gun within days, let alone months.


I don't care which one shot her and I don't think any of them should be fired. The woman was in a drug house where there was a dangerous dog that was obviously trained to attack police officers. She deserves no compensation or consideration.


She is a American and still have rights. Quit helping the government take what few we have left. There was multiple people saying the dog ran away. If the police cant shoot what they aim at the shouldnt fire their weapon. That could have been a baby inside of anothers home because the police dont know the basics of firing a weapon a situational awareness.


How do you know the dog was trained to attack police officers? I have no idea who is right or wrong but it is obvious these two officer need a little gun range time.


Don't forget that she was handcuffed and thrown in a cruiser because she kept complaining about being shot in the foot. Arrested for disorderly conduct.


I thought they already said the case was closed and it was a ricochet


I thought they already said the case was closed and it was a ricochet