Sandusky's new union contracts include concessions, raises

Three-year labor pacts for the city's three unions on agenda for city commission Monday.
Andy Ouriel
Mar 22, 2013


A review of the city fire and non-safety personnel labor contracts shows:

Added Costs

•Any employee covered by the contracts will land a 4.5 percent wage increase over the life of the agreement. About 130 employees work in fire and non-safety service, which includes water, sewer and street departments, among others. They can expect a 1.5 percent raise each year in 2013, 2014 and 2015.


•Union representatives agreed that employees will not receive double-pay when working overtime. For instance, a firefighter whose regular wage is $10 an hour will now earn $15 an hour for overtime work, as opposed to earning $20 an hour under the previous contrat. 

•Both departments limited opportunities to receive overtime.

•Both departments assumed more costs on insurance plans.

Monday's Sandusky city commission meeting agenda released today includes labor contracts for the city employees represented by three unions — police, fire and non-safety service city workers.

Click here to see the agenda item commissioners will discuss at Monday's open meeting. The agreements start at page 34. 

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Matt Easterhold



Matt, you really need to start proof reading before posting!


The city gave in and awarded 1-1/2 percent raise for each year of the contract. What were the concessions? What exactly has been cut from the budget? Are we going to pass a balanced budget?


There is no theft of money by the Perkins School system. False allegations fall by themselves and slander tends to stick on those that sling it. I hope to see you at the next Perkins School Board meeting on April 10, 2013 in room 805, of Perkins High School.

Matt Easterhold

Took taxpayer money from the funds WE pay you to OPERATE, and is now using it to build a school. Then told us that YOUR broke and you need money to OPERATE. I don't need to go to your meeting so you can SPIN the truth.


@ChrisGasteier, if the board would fire Gunner then the entire board resign, I think your levy would pass.


Raises? Really? And this in a time when the City is pleading poverty? Those complaints just got a whole lot less credible (not that they were all that believable in the first place)!

Darkhorse has a point. What WERE the concessions? They agreed to a smaller raise than a larger one? That's not a concession! A concession is agreeing to NO raises until the economy improves! Once again, the City is busy proving its irresponsibility, while the unions are occupied with getting everything they can get even if, in the long term, it risks jobs rather than saves or creates any...


Oh, they did agree to a concession. They agreed to work for the regular OT rate (time and 1/2) that the rest of the working world does, instead of double time which the union seems to think everyone should get. LOL


Here we go with all the union haters...they want everyone to work for nothing. The economy will not get any better when noone is spending you can't spend if you don't have it. Tell me haters....what is your wage...just saying


Trust me - they are not working for nothing - and they are getting raises in a higher amount than most who work for non-union jobs. If I remember right - just a year ago or less the city was telling everyone that there would be job cutting from both the police and fire departments due to not having any money. And now, all of a sudden there is money for raises???? I'm not blaming the unions - I'm blaming the city for not refusing the raises. It wouldn't hurt the SPD and SFD to just keep the same wages for a few more years to help the city get back on track again. Sandusky is the most dis-honest or absolutely stupid city I have ever heard of. They fired a very good police chief for being "less than honest" and here we have the city outright lying to the residents about the condition of the finances there. To this day - we still do not have the figures concerning how much the total disaster cost tax payers for removing Nuesse - for being "less than honest". Behappy can continue to defend the city - but I'm guessing the Behapppy will NEVER vote for a rise in income taxes to pay for all of this mess.


The inflation rate for 2012 was 1.7%. For 2013 to date it's 2.0%. A 1.5% raise for the men and women putting their life on the line is not over the top.

Besides the raises, where there concessions from the union?????

Colonel Angus

The union and the city both had to agree to the contract. Don't blame the union because they negotiated raises for their members, blame the city for agreeing to them. Would you blame a kid that asked for and received pizza every night for dinner or would you blame the parent for allowing it?


You are exactly right, Colonel! Now, the ultimate decision rests with 4 commissioners.


lets give them girlscout cookies as raises yummy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! cut the fire department like clyde has a voulnteer one and contract the ems out to a company and get ride of all the secertaries and commissioners and city manager with her great salary and get a mayor ward system.


Go ahead, cut the FD down to a volunteer, but the rise in your homeowners insurance will be larger than what you pay in taxed every year to fund the FD. I live in a rural area in Huron Co. with a volunteer FD and my homeowners insurance is triple what I paid when I lived in a city with a full time dept.


And naturally the print version mentions nothing about the concessions that were made. It just harps on how much the raises will effect taxpayers in the next three years. The finance director thinks its a good deal, but there are some that need more time to comprehend all those big numbers.


I think that they were counting on people reading the report that was posted with the article.


Award winning journalist Ouriel states, "Most local governments finalize their union contracts almost a year before they take effect." That's REALLY an interesting "spin" since the Ohio Revised Code (Ch 4117), that pesky LAW that governs public sector collective bargaining, does not permit negotiations to begin prior to sixty (60) days of the expiration of the agreement. I guess you don't really have to investigate or do research to be an award just have to write down what people tell you.


The city pulled a fast one by pleading poor. Now they must explain all the cuts they had on the drawing board that didn't happen. Looks to me like the union hardly took any significant cuts. It all was a dog and pony show for all of us including the union. More cuts in service will happen for these raises that the city gave out. The last laugh is on the citizen who has to pony up more money for contracted services.


I'm glad to read that few, if any, of the disgruntled people who have commented thus far aimed their ire at the union workers themselves. Policemen, firemen and teachers are the backbone of every community and do jobs that most of the rest of us couldn't or wouldn't choose to do. And they do it for a typical middle-class salary. I don't know any teachers who enter the profession because it's a chance to be in a union. They do it because they want to help others. All of the above deserve our respect, and it always amazes me when they occasionally get just the opposite.


I'm not willing to put teachers into the same category as police and fire. Dive through any school zone teacher parking lot and it looks like a used foreign car lot. Thanks for supporting the unions.