Teens fatally shot in Texas home invasion

Authorities say two heavily armed Oklahoma teens have been killed while apparently trying to break into a North Texas home.
Associated Press
Mar 21, 2013



Pottawatomie County Undersheriff J.T. Palmer said Thursday that 17-year-old Kenneth Chaffin and 18-year-old Dillon King, of Bethel Acres, Okla., appeared to have died of self-inflicted gunshot wounds in Maypearl, Texas.

Pottawatomie County sheriff's officials issued a national alert early Wednesday saying Chaffin had stolen a pickup and run away from home Monday with 17 guns, thousands of rounds of ammunition and prescription medications.

Later that day, sheriff's officials in Ellis County, Texas, some 240 miles south of Bethel Acres, said a woman exchanged fire with two teenage boys who were trying to break into her Maypearl home. Palmer says those teens were

Chaffin and King.

No one else was hurt.



Gotta love Texas! Good for that woman. Armed as they were, who knows what might have happened if she HADN'T fired those shots?

Colonel Angus

So they committed suicide or were killed during the home invasion? Pick a lane.
More information on the story here:


Was it self inflicted, which is suicide or did she kill them defending herself? I'm confused!


That figures - SR only publishing part of the story, so readers have no idea what happened. Thanks Colonel A, for the link!


That figures - SR only publishing part of the story, so readers have no idea what happened. Thanks Colonel A, for the link!


Some terrible reporting here, how did this get so mixed up by the time it got here?


Moral of story: Guns were stolen from parents who did not have secured. I hope the parents are charged in this.

tell it how it is

Wow are you retarded. I don't even care if this gets flagged.
It's not the parents fault. It's people like you who are wrong with the US right now. Just leave, please. It'll make us all better.

Stop being an ignorant, judge mental, stuck up, bad word. There's so much I want to say reading your post and I can't even form all the words I'd like to say to you.

Kids mess up. It's not the parents fault.


If anyone is messed up - it's you. All that was said was guns stolen from a "law abiding gun owner" who was irresponsible with their legal guns (if they were legal guns - we don't know that) and used for illegal purposes. Anytime that is brought up - you gun nutcases are all over it with it's the thief's fault - even though it's the gun owner's fault for not securing their guns - not completely, because the person stealing the guns were equally bad. If those "legal" guns were not there or were being kept responsibly, this would not have happened either. I may not be a gun nutcase, but I do support guns for hunting and self-protection - but I also support that guns need to be controlled - and by that I believe that this gun right should include checks and balances to ensure that people who should not have guns don't buy them and that when you do own a gun, it needs to be kept safe and protected from outsiders including unstable family members. What confuses me is that the NRA and those who support the NRA are so hell-bent against this idea. Strange how a few decades completely changed their idea of this fact.

tell it how it is

I'm sorry but people can't jump down parents throats whenever something bad happens with guns. I'm sick of hearing people like Ehovemom.
That was my only point. I wasn't commenting on this story. Just the stupidity of pointing fingers.
We DON'T. Know that this person didn't have their guns secured. They just may have trusted the wrong people. Chances are these kids knew the person they stole the guns from and knew where they were, ect.

Don't point fingers. I'm really sick of hearing how its someone else's fault stupid people get their hands on guns. It's no ones fault but the ones ended with the guns

Colonel Angus

The truck, pills, 17 guns and 1000 rounds of ammo were stolen from Chaffin's home.


I agree with tell it how it is! These boys were old enough to know right from wrong.

tell it how it is

I really should apologize for name calling. Don't like to do that.
Just fed up with people only looking at the same side of every story that comes up. When my kid gets older, if he/she goes crazy and tries to shoot a place up, it won't be because I didn't provide a safe environment or teach right from wrong. It will be because of his/her own choice. I will NOT not have guns in my house for my protection. I will, however, make sure they're kept safe and that the child understands the dangers.

At 17 years old, it is NOT the parents fault. To say so is just idiocracy. At that age, the child knows right from wrong and SHOULD have access to the weapons in the household in the case of an emergency at home.

Darwin's choice

how do you know the guns weren't locked up? Do you think they were laying on the couch?


Oh, well... what did they expect a ticker tape parade?

People just can't go (invading) into to someone's home like that and expect something not to happen to them... Potential victims are starting to fight back.

However, this report is so damn confusing it's not even funny. Either way two less criminals off the streets.


What I want to know: were they "military style assault weapons" and how big were the magazines?



So they were killed by self-inflicted gunshot wounds or shot by the home owner?..."SR, We report the news, and you have to figure it out". Another example of their "14 award journalism"...

Simple Enough II

OMFG Will they charge the home owner as maybe the boys were confused and thought it was one of their homes....(Just Kidding), but I do wonder were either of these kids on medication to start with?