Fisher-Titus expands by design

Norwalk hospital has new president and new wing
Tom Jackson
Mar 21, 2013


Look closely at the decorative touches in the new addition at Fisher-Titus Medical Center, and you’ll see signs of the care hospital officials took in the design.

The framed pictures of flowers in the hall of the hospital’s imaging center? Those are X-rays of flowers that have been colorized. 

The leaves decorating a glass wall in the section’s waiting room?

Those are X-rays of maple leaves. Norwalk is, after all, nicknamed “The Maple City.”

But hospital officials providing a press tour Tuesday of the new $11.8 million, 22,535-square-foot addition seemed more interested in pointing out features that offer little for the eye but improve the patient’s hospital visit.

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You can build the greatest of stadiums, but without a talented team, you will always be a loser. I know too many people who left that place in worse condition than when they were admitted. I personally would rather go to Mapleview.


I wish there was a " like" button! I agree with doc5798a 100%!!!