Delinquent taxes owed hovers at $11 million

Seventy percent of that cut from local schools by property owners who don't pay.
Andy Ouriel
Mar 21, 2013

WHAT: Nearly 2,300 — 5 percent of all parcels in Erie County — are tax delinquent, translating to almost $10.7 million owed to the county treasurer's office. Close to half the parcels and the amount owed is in Sandusky.

HOW: The amount primarily accumulates when debtors fail to pay their property taxes.

IMPACT: The people hit hardest from delinquent debtors are children in area school systems. Anywhere from 60 percent to 70 percent of the county tax is earmarked for public school districts. To offset the loss, school officials have cut programs, staff and services.

The city and Erie County are riddled with abandoned properties and properties owned by people who cannot — or will not — pay taxes owed. 

County officials are ramping up efforts to collect that debt. 

"We are trying to maximize our collection," Erie County assistant prosecutor Jason Hinners said, who monitors the delinquent properties. "We are putting such an emphasis on going after these properties because we understand the schools and other jurisdictions need this money."

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Are you suggesting that only poor people on welfare are Democrats? Or that only the richest are opposed to being taxed to death? Interesting...

As far as "teabaggers" or anybody else trying to "beat the system" and "cheat our children," I'm not playing favorites. I don't care WHAT political affiliation or ideology those delinquent taxpayers may have. They need to pay up! And if they truly CAN'T pay up, they need to get out until they can get back on their feet while they let somebody who CAN pay take over.

The Big Dog's back

Where did I mention political affiliations? I look at the tea party as a disease, not political. And tell me, how did you came up with "poor people on welfare are Democrats" out of what I said? Tea baggers do not want to pay taxes, any taxes. They want all the bennys but not have to pay for anything.


Now that has to be the dumbest most naive comment yet!

Now The Rest of...

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The Bizness

Yup because that is exactly what the local government does with your property tax

Good one


Can't fix stupid!

Now The Rest of...

For you experts on goverment funding,, department of human services, staffed by COUNTY employees, FUNDED by COUNTY, state & federal governments.
You can't fix stupid, but you should at least try.

The Bizness

Did you read the article and see what the majority of property tax money goes too?

Now The Rest of...

Of the remaining 30%-40% much of that goes to the county and property tax is the largest single source of revenue for the county, which includes human services which is one of the largest budgeted agencies in the county.


Now you're talkin!!!!


I think that some of these people are on welfare. If they can't afford food, heat, etc, how can they afford taxes. If you take their house away, we will just be paying their rent, and that is more than their annual taxes. I can't believe that you can file for bankruptcy and still own your own home. Talk about a slap in the face to people you owe money to!




Some of you people are downright hilarious!!! Do you really think a property owner is on welfare? Get real. These people that owe have money. The reason they have money is because they do not pay their taxes and probably lots of other things. I say until the "powers that be" get on their job and start collecting, every single levy of any kind should be voted down. If most of the homes are rentals, guess who is not current on their taxes? I bet they collect the rent monthly. Most of you on here that sit in judgment of the less fortunate are actually worse because they need the help and some of YOU are just doing whatever you can to beat the system. In response to grandmasgirl, Cowboy said it best...."whatever" or WTF-ever!


I might be hilarious, but I know for a FACT that people can be on welfare and still own a house. The house was left to the person when the father died. All you have to do is go to the auditor's site and you can see what taxes are owed on a house. Not all people who owe taxes are rich. If you want to think that I am hilarious, go ahead. I am also right.


Who said all homeowners are rich? Does the auditor's office also tell you who is on welfare? You are not right, you are wrong. Tell me where to go to find out that a delinquent taxpayer is also on welfare!

Left Sandtown

For what it is worth people,the state I live in,you can not obtain your driving rights unless your personel property taxes are current.God Bless you all.


Great idea

Left Sandtown

Thanks Doug,the community I live in(60,000)we have 3-city pools,very clean and family friendly,also the community provides,children and adult recreational programs 6-7 days a week yeat long,softball,volleyball,horseshoes,basketball,well you get the as well our business pay a small yearly fee to be placed on what is like a credit card,then you as a resident pay a small fee(5.00) to have card and recieve discounts at these merchants,works well.God Bless.


Fixing the problem is very simple, but it can only be accomplished through the state legislature. Make everyone who has a lone, including businesses, escrow their property taxes. Banks end up paying the back taxes after they sell foreclosed properties anyhow. If you pay cash, and don't pay your RE taxes, the county should be able to turn your account over to the State of Ohio so that they can collect them.

There would not be a problem with late RE taxes anymore, and everyones schools would collect the funds due to them.

Truth or Fiction

I love how this paper puts out a story that does not completely relay the facts. The Fact is that deliquent property taxes by statute must go through a series of steps before the property can be seized and sold at Sheriff's auction. These series of steps require notifications, time sequencing, appraisals, etc. The result is better than a year before any action takes them to forfieture of the property by legal means. Some play this game and then pay right before the barn door closes and then repeat the process all over again. Unfortunately, the article makes it sound like it is just a matter of the county notifying and collecting.

Julie R.

I think your hilljack courts should go after Baxter for that $200K he owes.


Stop grinding your Baxter axe already. Tired of hearing you whining and sniveling about Baxter this and Baxter that! Give it a break already!!

Julie R.

To reiterate --- I think your hillbilly courts should go after your prosecutor for that $200K he owes.

Darwin's choice






shoreline dude

I think the driver license idea is a great way to get people to pay their real estate taxes. The Government will do it if you don't pay child support and that is all for children. Something has to be done and soon! I hate paying taxes also and every time a levy comes up we try to pass it for what? The children! Get caught with no car insurance and they will take away your driver license, get caught again and you are going to jail! I love the idea if they would take your licence for not paying your taxes. Just putting your name in the paper does not seem to do any good. Make the elected people do their jobs that they ran for!


A little over $4 million is owed to the Sandusky Schools out of the millions of delinquents taxes owed just in Sandusky alone, and the schools keep asking for levies to be passed. The school needs to make a call to the county and press them to collect what is owed to them and not press the taxpayer for more money.


The driver's license idea is great. But in Ohio that still gives someone two or three years breathing room in Ohio which is unacceptable. I still like the two years and your property gets sold idea many states have.

They don't need to go through the rigamarow that is the notification/audit/appraisal/notification fiasco either. They simply notify, give thirty days and post because whatever the last tax was due on the property is what the going price is. You are notified by registered mail and three posted notifications in the paper. 30 days to pay and it goes up for sale. If someone pays the delinquent taxes it is theirs. Too sucks to be you if you didn't pay. How much simplier can that be. The taxes get paid and if you didn't do what you were supposed to, you lose the property. It works beautifully out west where most of these states are. They have few delinquent tax recordings. People are forever going to look up delinquent tax records to see what is available.

You can get bargins galore if you have the cash on hand....and it has to be cash. You cannot finance it. But the schools don't suffer either.

It would sure stop the deadbeats from taking advantage of a situation.

When banks used to escrow accounts for taxes and insurance you could pay your taxes each month and the bill went to the bank for payment each half. When the bank stopped doing it, people just stopped paying it because they forget to put their tax money away. Banks didn't want to be the go betweens anymore. But people needed to be more responsible for their own finances. Now their is a mess again. I just wonder how long before the banks start to take up escrow actions again? Since people can't seem to do this for themselves?


My bank still does the escrow thing. People stop paying but not because they forget or don't have the money. They just don't want to pay. Think about this: most of the homes in Sandusky are rentals. Where does the actual homeowner live? Who suffers when they don't pay their taxes? The powers that be are the real ones at fault for not collecting the money.