Delinquent taxes owed hovers at $11 million

Seventy percent of that cut from local schools by property owners who don't pay.
Andy Ouriel
Mar 21, 2013

WHAT: Nearly 2,300 — 5 percent of all parcels in Erie County — are tax delinquent, translating to almost $10.7 million owed to the county treasurer's office. Close to half the parcels and the amount owed is in Sandusky.

HOW: The amount primarily accumulates when debtors fail to pay their property taxes.

IMPACT: The people hit hardest from delinquent debtors are children in area school systems. Anywhere from 60 percent to 70 percent of the county tax is earmarked for public school districts. To offset the loss, school officials have cut programs, staff and services.

The city and Erie County are riddled with abandoned properties and properties owned by people who cannot — or will not — pay taxes owed. 

County officials are ramping up efforts to collect that debt. 

"We are trying to maximize our collection," Erie County assistant prosecutor Jason Hinners said, who monitors the delinquent properties. "We are putting such an emphasis on going after these properties because we understand the schools and other jurisdictions need this money."

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Isn't a member of the Margaretta Board of Education delinquent on his property tax? Hasn't this situation been going on for years?

Isn't it rather ironic that schools complain about no money but those in charge are the biggest offenders ? Talk about a double standard.


I thought you moved away?


Yes you are correct. One property of the 10 is behind in the amount of around $20,000.00. He and the school board are WELL aware of this problem. The local news paper has been made aware of this and choose to ignore what is put in front of them. It might be time to take this problem to another level. STOP ASKING FOR MORE IF YOU ARE NOT PAYING YOUR SHARE. Oh one other thing both he and his wife get a paycheck from the school system. How much of a slap in the face is that to the taxpayers.


His wife owns Champion Cheer and she is the cheerleading advisor. If you want to be a cheerleader at Margaretta, you have to commit to joining the Champion Cheer team and pay something like $500. What a racket!! It's no wonder that being a Margaretta Cheerleaders is a big joke- those girls are awful, but their parents forked out the money.


You are also correct. That was approved by the school board while her husband was President of the school board. This is just some of the problems we have here in this school system. But with only one person on the board that will speak up for what is right for the kids NOTHING will change. I am known to the school board as a trouble maker and don't have the last name in this area to get on the board. I guess it will just be my place to be the one that will speak my mind and I will no matter the names they assign me.


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wiredmama222 would YOU know what goes on in ANY executive session of any school board let alone come on here and name names like this? You believe you have the right to expose people's PERSONAL business like this? Who do you think you are???? This really isn't the place to do this sort of thing and you really do NOT have the right to do this at all. How dare you come on a PUBLIC session and expose PRIVATE information like this about someone. Do you even understand WHY boards hold executive sessions?????? Apparently not or you won't be doing what you are doing right now. How inappropriate can you be?


this is the property that has the past taxes due and that is just one.


Guess who paid MOST of his taxes TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!


@ I think....Excuse me the girls are NOT awful, they have won a great many first place trophies and continue to do so. I wouldn't call that your opinion is just that....YOUR opinion and not a fact! They are going to a huge championship in May in Orlando Florida to compete in a national championship. The cost is a lot, but they also learn a lot. Their precision is very, very good...apparently enough to WIN BIG, so learn facts before you critize something you obviously don't know much about.
My granddaughter is one of them. They work very hard to be that good.

Besides that, the delinquent taxes has NOTHING WHATSOEVER to do with those girls ability to cheer at contests, now does it? So what was your point in the first place except to try and degrade a bunch of hard working teenagers who work very hard to be the best they can at what they are doing?


The girls are good at what they do that goes without saying. The problem is that she requires them to take the classes (pay her money) or they can't be on the team. Why then with all that extra income why can't they pay the tax bill ON TIME and then keep asking others to pay MORE. I do have a problem with that.


@doug....her tax bill has NOTHING to do with the quality of what she teaches, the girls she works with or anything that has to do with Margaretta cheer...that is MY point. Yes, what she makes should pay her taxes, but that is HER business and has nothing to do with the quality of her work with the girls she teachers. It makes me BOILING mad to see anyone try and mix the two. They have nothing to do with each other.

What mistakes she makes with her money and her husband makes with his are THEIR money mistakes....nothing more or less and has nothing to do with cheer, the kids or her business. To join the two is just ignorance.


The problem is that they both receive a check from the school system that the property taxes that they continue to pay LATE for more than the past 5 years or more. Not only that but he keeps asking everyone to pay more. Don't ask for more if you can't pay yours on time. If they continue paying taxes late stop cashing your pay checks. Better yet stop giving them one.


If they spent half as much time collecting property taxes as they do child support, they would have their money.....


Well you know if folks were working and making a half way decent wage they could afford there taxes that was supposed to be paid when then civil war was paid for!! Wake up people!!! Sending our tax dollars over seas when we can't even keep our own lights on..let alone our own refrigerators full! There is gonna be another Revolutionary War here in America! You watch and see! Maybe not in my time but there will be!

Phil Packer

I might be wrong, but I would bet a lot of these properties are rentals, or were rentals. They become uninhabitable, and the owners decide to abandon them. I think that you should have to have a license or something to be a landlord, or somehow be more accountable than they are now.


@paulyall....AMEN about sending out money overseas. We could feed all of our homeless on what we send overseas, shelter most of them and put half our kids through college on what we send to Isreal alone. I totally agree with you. When we stop sending out money OUT we could save our own country.


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Yeah! A huge percentage of people on public assistance are property owners...


We all know that everyone in jail makes money? What planet do you live on?


No top ten list for this story? Ten highest amounts owed, ten longest times since taxes were paid etc...


Let's see I believe Kevin Baxter would be at the top of the list as he skated to the tune of over $200 thousand dollars when Fantozz allowed him to sell his Island Rocket boats even though he owed said amount and to let him keep the monies from selling the boats so the county forgave the amount owed. Ah yes only in Erie County!!


A TOTAL shame, that ERIE county, WE can not BUY homes from Delinquent TAXES like OTHER states. I bet this problem would be paid ReaL fast.


@man4451....AMEN. In other states, if you go 2 years and don't pay your delinquent taxes, the tax man can put your property up for sale. Someone can buy it for the delinquent taxes and good bye property. I bet these deadbeats would pay up really fast if faced with THAT proposition! See how fast most of these people, faced with losing their precious property, were to pony up the cash, if they thought they might lose the land!!!

Why not here? They do it elsewhere? And it works out well. At least the property tax money comes rolling in one way or the other.


Someone needs to find this list and post it so everyone can see who the losers are!


I understand that there are some who, especially these days, may not be able to afford their taxes. If that's the case, they they need to downsize or maybe rent for awhile. man4451 is right: Those properties should be sold in the hopes of making up at least some of the loss as well as getting a more likely property tax income from them in the future.

As for those who CAN afford to pay the taxes and choose not to, well, yes: Haul their behinds to court and garnish wages, seize assets, whatever. Regardless, it seems to me something of a perfect storm here consisting of at least some irresponsible property owners, and more than a few irresponsible government employees who aren't jumping on the situation BEFORE somebody gets $20,000 behind!

The Big Dog's back

C'mon you teabaggers, ante up.


REALLY, Dog? I'd be willing to bet that the vast majority of delinquent taxpayers in the county DON'T identify with the Tea Party. And as for me (who DOES identify with the Tea Party), my taxes aren't delinquent. How about you?


Since you are a Teabagger, tell your fellow teabaggers to pay up. Where is all your righteous comments now that the finger is pointed in your direction? How nauseating!!!!!!!!!!!

The Big Dog's back

Yes, really sam. How many poor people on welfare ACTUALLY own their home? Not very many. It's your teabagger friends trying to beat the system and cheat our children.