Read Chuck Hoefert in today's Register

This week in Washington our elected officials in the Senate more than likely will pass a continuing resolution that will keep the government funded for the rest of the fiscal year, which lasts through September, in order to avoid a government shutdown.
Mar 20, 2013


Then they’ll shut down the government of Congress as they recess until April 8.

Apparently, the NCAA doesn’t have the market cornered when it comes to March Madness.

The continuing resolution, known as the CR, is a stopgap appropriations measure that passed in the House of Representatives two weeks ago but the stopgap stopped last week in the Senate as it has been stalled by bipartisan negotiation with the adding and subtracting of amendments.

So far the Senate bill keeps the same spending levels as the House bill, which set the top line overall rate of spending at $982 billion.

Yes, that is down from the $1.043 trillion spent last fiscal year, and if approved and rubber stamped by the Senate, the CR will be sent back to the House to rubber stamp it forward to President Obama, who should rubber stamp it when he returns from Israel.

Now you know why more people watch ESPN than C-SPAN.


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