Portman on hot seat in GOP country

Will face fellow Republicans in a conservative county about a week after announcing he supports gay marriage.
Associated Press
Mar 19, 2013


Portman will be the featured speaker Saturday at the Butler County GOP's Lincoln Day dinner. The Republican-dominated county north of Cincinnati is home to House Speaker John Boehner, who repeated his opposition to same-sex marriage after Portman's reversal on the issue.

Portman told reporters last week that he began changing his views in 2011 when his college-age son Will told his parents he was gay.

Ohio Republican Party chairman Bob Bennett has said there was a flurry of calls at first upset about Portman's change, but they soon died down.

Secretary of State Jon Husted also will speak Saturday.



Darwin's choice

Doing what's best for him and his own! What about those who voted for you, without sharing your beliefs? Good riddance.....flip/flopper!

Licorice Schtick

Absolutely! A true Conservatard would just kick his son to the curb.


This clears the way for Josh Mandell vs. Chris Redfern. Win - win!


For what ? To see who comes out of the closet first ? ; )))


Isn't it weird how your opinions will change when one of your own family suddenly announces that they are gay. You were so strongly against all that gay rights stood for all this time and now, faced with reality that one of your own may need some of those rights you stood against, you can change your mind over night!

I hope your shoe fits well on that other foot. You should have thought of that long ago before one of your own needed it. Someone else's child needed it then and it made NO difference to you. You never thought of that, did you. Not until YOUR child might need it. Shame, shame, Portman. Look out only for you and yours....not for ours!!!!!!


Only it didn't change his mind overnight. He kept voting anti-human (gay) rights for 2 years after he found out about his son (well after his son told him). I suspect he knew long before that. After seeing pics of his family I suspect it is just a matter of time till his other son and cocker spaniel come out of the closet as well. The golden lab looks pretty hetero though.


Well said wiredmama222 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Very true , Wiredmama . It seems that many politicians , republican and Democrat alike , only purpose is to hold back freedom from any who are not like themselves . I guess it's true what they say " True change comes from within ... " , and wow , does that piss some people off ; )))


Rob Portman is only guilty of having had misguided opinions on gay rights before his change of mind. Now, in the eyes of the GOP, he is guilty of treason. Treason to a strict party line of "absoulutely no tolerance". No tolerance to anyone else's beliefs, opinions or thoughts. No tolerance for middle ground, common sense or respect. Their self-righteous and Puritanical position is an exclusionary one that is excluding more and more voters. Eventually they will exclude themselves from being a meaningful political party and then will be outcasts themselves.
Unfortunately, today's modern and conservative-leaning voter is strapped to the zealots who have taken over the GOP and are, therefore, forced to vote from a field of candidates who harbor archaic views of the elderly, poor, women, blacks, gay/lesbian, Latinos and others who do not fit within their narrow-minded scope of "worthiness". This new politcal party position is unfortunate also as once upon a time the GOP did have real meaning and relevancy for true middle of the road, centrist thinking and Christian value voters. Tolerance, love for thy neighbor and respect were the absolutes taught in the Bible.
If Rob Portman is to be ostracized by the GOP...he should also be embraced by others for knowingly committing politcal suicide in behalf of another human being. It's the right thing to do and the least thing we can do.
Maybe, just maybe...his willing act can become a demonstration emulated by others in the GOP.


Yet , Rush Limbaugh's opinion is that the GOP isn't conservative enough . Huh , the GOP going the way of the Dodo bird ?


Obama flip flopped on the exact same topic for votes. Oh the hypocrisy on this forum. Typical liberals.

The Big Dog's back

I don't recall Obama bringing out the hate.