Perkins school board decides on cuts

After wrestling for weeks, the school district makes announcement on downsizing.
Sandusky Register Staff
Mar 19, 2013

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LOL Emotionally torture?


By eliminating open enrollment, does not guarantee your kids more playing time. Talent and work ethic usually does!

Hoss McGee

Brainiac2007 what are your kids sitting out of? Maybe if they would try harder they wouldn't be sitting out! Quit your crying and get off the couch and help your kids so they're not sitting out.

Not Yer Pa

The coach knows daddy is a crybaby pain in the a$$ and cut the kid so he doesn't have to deal with the whining. You don't have to be a Brainiac to figure that out.


Amazing! I bet you have seen our family at sporting events, not one word ever comes from our end of the bleachers! We have not spoke up EVER, but will be from this point on, as will other parents. This will be something that ends up in the media, if you think its one parent sitting back upset your dead wrong, parents talk, children bring home things, and other children that have made teams have been witnesses to certain incidents! It happens in every school district and you know it as well as I do! Like I said, the ones on here claiming that no wrong doings have occurred must be the ones handing over money when Perkins cries their broke, and you must be an a$$ kisser that bends over for them so your children can get what you want them to have! PERIOD!


Mr Hoss McGee;
1st off I would love to have time to sit on the couch! I work fulltime, and I am a college student fulltime, my husband also works fulltime, as well as works with my son with schooling and sports. So until you know what your talking about, keep thy mouth shut! As far as the other individual stating that talent and ethic is what gets playing time, well I rest assure you my son has the talent and the WORK ETHIC to make it happen! Lets see, last year he played baseball, we were told by coaches how impressed they were in how he performed, for being his first year he was either at or above level of the other players, but hmmm this year he was cut BEFORE ALL PLAYERS EVEN SHOWED UP TO PRACTICES....fishy I might add. It doesn't matter, there's a running log on the conduct of these individuals and I know what has been happening. Its not just my child either, its other children and there's other parents that are just as unhappy as myself with the conduct of these adults so to speak! The children mistreated by the school systems today will be the ones to prosper, but sad they have to take the crap they do! Your children must come from a big name in Perkins or a family that's constantly kissing a$$ and handing over money at their beck and call....Im sure THATS WHAT GUARANTEES PLAYING TIME IN PERKINS!


I will be voting no if you can't tell.

Just Saying

Wise decision not to eliminate sports or band. My bet is Perkins would have lost a lot of students to one of the many surrounding schools that accept open enrollment. Hmm, guess then we wouldn't need such a big Campus.


That would have been a good thing

Just Saying

Yep - they'll use that scare tactic for the next levy! And I just read John/Lori Schlessman's Letter to the Editor in tonight's paper -while I like and respect each of the Schlessman's, I think comparing all the other schools in the tri-county area accepting open enrolled students is misleading. Not one of these other schools accepted any where near the number that Perkins has, which is what -500? or so?? They probably each have less than 50, and that's being generous.


I don't live in Perkins so I am staying out of the levy issue, but after looking at the cuts, it appears that a lot of these cuts can be called "fluff".




You got that right!


All those who get cut will be called back less than a month before the 2013 2014 school year begins. Big mouths at the school board office said so. Loose lips sink ships


Is this true?


Three thoughts: #1:those voting no on any school levy, should be embarrassed at their selfishness. When you were a kid, adults supported and paid for YOUR education by passing levies. Your no vote hurts kids more than anyone else, yet you think it's more important to send a message to adults with whom you disagree.

#2 Why is it that people with no degree in Education think they are experts at anything related to schools? We wouldn't make the mistake of thinking we are as good at installing plumbing as a professional plumber, and wouldn't think of trying brain surgery, unless we had training to do it. But every semi-literate yahoo seems to think that they know better how to run a school than professionals who have training and who have far more curricular expertise than most of us.

#3 When you read the lists of school staffing cuts across the state this Spring, let's give credit where credit is due: Gov. Kasich cut funding to schools, at a time when local districts are already unable to adequately fund operations. Why are we putting money into a State Rainy Day fund, when many districts are experiencing a crisis? Just how big does the downpour need to get before Kasich will wake up?

Matt Easterhold

Wow, your comment #2 may be the one of the dumbest things anyone has ever said on here. Semi-literate yahoo's pay THE SCHOOLS BILLS so they don't have to be experts, they just need to show up to the polls. It is the responsibility of the all-knowing educators to keep the public informed. I personally don't listen to educators when it comes to levies, because they are more concerned with getting their RAISES every year. Which by the way come from semi-literate yahoo's hard earned money, who also probably have to EARN their raises based on performance, not on union contracts.

I hope a couple more of us semi-literate yahoo's read your comments and decide to vote no because of your attitude towards non-educators. Bottom line, the people of Perkins will have LESS of their money if this passes and the schools will have MORE of their money. It's so funny when educators scream about how it is about the kids, we all know it's about your pockets.


Vote NO!


Vote YES!


This should pizz voters off too. COLUMBUS — Fund managers at Ohio’s state teacher pension system took in nearly $4 million in bonuses last year – with many of the bonuses alone more than the governor’s salary.

The State Teachers Retirement System – the second largest public pension system in Ohio and 19th largest in the nation – is handing out big bonuses even when they’re not deserved. Ultimately, that money comes out of the retirement fund for the state’s nearly half million current and retired educators.

Since 2005, the STRS paid out $38.6 million in bonuses to its roughly 80-member investment staff. OPERS paid $10.7 million, which does not include 2012.

SO speaking of "FAT!" Trim some more off the true fatties' budget and put it back in the schools instead of coming to our pocketbooks! VOTE NO!


In regards to #1: The only two people that paid my edication was my parents, and the tuition wasn't cheap at St. Marys. But through their property taxes they did support the education of a lot of other students in the Perkins system.
Maybe those of us who know nothing about education should just all vote no and only those with a masters and state teaching certificate vote yes. wonder how well that will fly?


Just sayin what you left out is that Perkins had so many students because that many wanted to be there. The other schools wish they had that many because it MAKES MONEY!

Just Saying

I want a lot of things too. Sorry, but move to Perkins, pay Perkins property taxes and vote on Perkins tax levys if you want your children to attend Perkins Schools.


Voting NO...wasteful system to say the least. One of the largest employers in Perkins are laying off with a bleak future ahead. Why would anyone want to chance higher tax burdens when they are not even sure they can be able to pay the current burdens they face. For me, I am on a fixed income, I have no plans to share any more of my funds until ALL waste has stopped, including busing when walking to school is still an option, reducing administrators. I dont even want to talk about that fancy field off of Strub Road and the upkeep it requires now.
We all know where they will cut at and I can just about guarantee it wont be the football program, thats the sacred cow that no one can will be where other talents are (band, art etc..) Its just a do over as it was 10-15-20 years ago..and they still cant manage money. No is No..


Briar School isn't that large. Why do they need two administrators? I suggest Gunner and the BOE think about removing Finn (who is double dipping)and have Quisno do the job. It would save $77,900 per year!


wow. you're clueless. 600+ teenagers in one building requires one principal for discipline alone. like double dipping or not, from the school's perspective, it saves them money.


Clueless Samantha? Dean Stanfield seems to be doing just fine without an assistant principal at Meadowlawn (580 students).As I said before, the district should unload the "double dippers." We would save $77,900 per year.


It's time to take a stand and VOTE NO! As you could see from the cut list, they have been wasting our money with fluff for years! If they would have never added this fluff in the first place we would have had enough money to pay for the original grandiose complex and a water fountain, and a bell tower!


Coasterfan just cemented the NO vote with those ignorant comments!


vote yes!