Body discovered near tracks

Found by a passing train this morning, according to the Ottawa County sheriff.
Mar 18, 2013


"It is unknown if the body was struck by (a) train or fell off and was struck by the train," according to a news release from sheriff Steve Levorchick.

The body was described as an Hispanic male, 40 to 50 years of age. 

The body was discovered just west of Oak Harbor near Toussaint-Portage Road near Benton St., Levorchick said. 

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Erie Sniper

So, the Hispanic Male was either struck by train or struck by a train. That's some sound investigating there. Wondering what he "fell off" of.


the train. duh. must have been hiding from Border Patrol.




Reporter 54, you always seem to have jokes!! This is the wrong time for that. This is still someone's loved one. What if the tables were turned and it was your body that had to be identified? I guess we could all sit back and joke...who's the "reporter" now!! Have some respect... have a blessed day.


Obviously you didn't read the article correctly. I don't think reporter54 was being sarcastic nor trying to be funny. He is probably right. The victim probably fell off the train while hiding from the border patrol. Duh.


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You all take things way too seriously and seem to think everyone will go to he** because of a joke. We won't. Of course I realize this is someone's loved one. The joke was on Border Control, not the unidentified person. So get over yourself.

Not Yer Pa

I appreciate your comments. Keep doing what you're doing. Haters gonna hate!

The Bizness

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Not Yer Pa

Those are the best for trolling!