VIDEO: Football coaches, others targeted in grand jury probe

In aftermath of the rape party convictions, the top official in Steubenville says the city supports a grand jury criminal investigation of practices
Associated Press
Mar 18, 2013


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Steubenville city manager Cathy Davison says the community wants to see justice done and will stand behind a grand jury announced by the Ohio attorney general, whose targets include numerous high school football coaches.

Davison tells The Associated Press the community's heritage and moral fiber are more important than the football program, which has won multiple state championships and is big source of pride in Steubenville.

A judge on Sunday pronounced two high school football players guilty of raping the 16-year-old girl and sentenced them to a minimum of one year in juvenile prison.

Davison, in her first comments since the verdict, says the decision has helped the community.






Dig your heals in cause it's gonna be a rough ride!


And where did they get the alcohol? How about indicting him or her?


27 coaches for a high school football team!?

A grand jury will meet in mid-April to consider evidence gathered by investigators from dozens of interviews, including with the football team's 27 coaches.

shhh...don't tell perkins or bellevue

Not Yer Pa

Here's the texts, you decide.


Deny, deny, deny...then when found guilty, tears and apologies. There will be more going down for this and they will be adults.

How Blogger Helped Steubenville Rape Case Unfold Online

"In October, the family of one of the Steubenville High school students, who had posted images from that night on Twitter, threatened Ms. Goddard with a lawsuit against her and the blog, and anonymous commenters on her blog. The suit was dropped in December. After the the lawsuit was dropped, the young man issued a statement, which Ms. Goddard posted:"
"We are pleased this legal matter has been resolved and that our First Amendment rights remain protected. From its onset, we believed the real goal of the lawsuit was to discover the identity of anonymous posters and to intimidate current and future commenters from freely expressing their points of view on this controversial case.

Given the serious free speech implications of this suit, we enlisted the aid of the ACLU of Ohio—the oldest civil liberties group in the nation with a long history of defending Americans’ First Amendment rights.

With help from the ACLU, we have reached a settlement with the individuals who sought to silence us. They have agreed to dismiss their lawsuit in exchange for an opportunity to share their point of view here."

It is not easy to expose the truth. The powers that be use intimidation tactics, lawsuits, threat of prison, threat of bodily harm and other ways to silence those who attempt to expose the truth.

From another SR news story comment that I want to share:
Huron_1969 Mon, 03/18/2013 - 10:58am
"the internet certainly does allow you to spread your ....ummmm opinion..."

It is sad when some people refuse to hear the truth and criticize those who put much effort into exposing the truth. If it were not for the truth seekers and internet, the Steubenville rape would have been covered up as have many other crimes.


How simpletons and those who want to keep the truth hidden attack those who try to shine the light on the truth.
"I Am The Blogger Who Allegedly “Complicated” The Steubenville Gang Rape Case -- And I Wouldn't Change a Thing"

"Initially, the media did not present a lot of information about this case and that struck me as odd because I knew from having lived in Steubenville that this was going to be a big deal."

"I was targeted for speaking of that which should not be spoken, and as I sit here writing this, Jane Doe is receiving not only death threats from locals, but is also being maligned by Big Red students because their friends were convicted."

"Hatred is a very negative waste of time, however, it hasn't stopped a small group of citizens of Steubenville from unleashing their fury upon me -- all for standing up for the defenseless Jane Doe on that horrible night which changed her life forever."

"My best friend disavowed our friendship over this case. Imagine my utter devastation and hurt when I realized she was participating in some of the mud slinging against me. Her mother even joined the fray and used Twitter to state what a “fat sweat hog” and “bitch” I was, and how she wished I would “get AIDS and die a slow death."

There are almost 800 comments worth reading.