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Mar 18, 2013


Excerpt: Perhaps you remember when Dr. Doom conquered the world.

Or perhaps you don’t. Sadly enough, even in this day and age, not everyone is comic book literate.

Suffice it to say, then, that back in the ‘80s, Marvel Comics published a graphic novel in which the villainous Victor von Doom achieved his dearest goal: to rule the world. And he made it a better place, too. Famine ended, the stock market climbed, crime fell, occupying armies withdrew, racial oppression vanished. Doom turned the planet into a paradise, and the only cost of his beneficence was free will. He created a device that took away the ability of human beings to decide for themselves.

When the Avengers defeated him, the world returned to rack and ruin as humanity reasserted its right to be as bleeped up as it wanted to be. The Avenger Hawkeye wondered aloud if they had done the right thing. Whereupon Captain America admonished him, “The world isn’t perfect. ... But people are free to make their own choices — and that’s the way it should be.”

He could have been talking to Michael Bloomberg.

The emperor — beg pardon, the mayor — of New York City was defeated Monday, not by the Avengers, but by a State Supreme Court judge, Milton Tingling, who struck down Bloomberg’s ban on the sale of extra large, non-diet soft drinks. Justice Tingling, though not known to possess superpowers, nevertheless zapped the forces of overreach. “Arbitrary and capricious,” he called the restrictions, which would have taken effect Tuesday.

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swiss cheese kat

Bloomberg is an idiot. Bloomberg should read 1984.


Bloomberg is the ultimate of tyrants of the very worst kind. It's been said that those who rule because they crave power or riches might eventually be satisfied. But those who are motivated solely "for your own good" can justify just about anything! And Bloomberg has and does.

Free will means the right to choose, even if you choose poorly. Does anybody REALLY want the kind of trade-offs that Bloomberg represents? Sadly, some do. No thanks, Mayor Bloomberg. I already have a mother, and YOU AREN'T HER!


Amen, Samantha.


The USA wants to rule the world. The US sends troops to foreign countries and takes the offensive and starts a war. Vietnam never attacked the United States and neither did Iraq. The Gulf of Tonkin incident was a lie.

The United States meddles in other sovereign countries and also sends in the CIA to assassinate the sovereign countries leaders. The US then installs a puppet leader.
"But there was no "second attack" by North Vietnam — no "renewed attacks against American destroyers." By reporting official claims as absolute truths, American journalism opened the floodgates for the bloody Vietnam War.

A pattern took hold: continuous government lies passed on by pliant mass media...leading to over 50,000 American deaths and millions of Vietnamese casualties."


You are free to leave! I suggest somewhere in the middle east


You like the lies of the powers that be? You liked the lies that started wars? I will not leave but will strive to make change in this country. I want to stop the lies of the government and I want the news media to stop spreading these lies. The powers that be stand in my way as do the simpletons.

How many veterans out there? You veterans took an oath. What does this phrase mean to you? "I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same"

Who are these "domestic enemies" that go against the Constitition?


Huron_1969 seems to be one.


What exactly do you do to "make change in the country" ?


Vote everytime possible and pay attention to crap like this. This kind of stuff has been going on way too long.


"What exactly do you do to "make change in the country" ?

Oh, I just waste my time blogging on various online newspapers, exposing the lies of the powers that be, exposing judicial abuse, rights of Americans being taken away and of course informing the people. Did you know that the USA is #1 in the world of sending citizens to prison?

Gee, I wonder why the simpletons want me to move to another country? Because I want my country to really be land of the free? Or is it because I refuse to conform to and obey the orders of the powerful rich elite and the powers that be?

My earlier attempts of writing letters and emails to our leaders and showing up in court and various public meetings was a waste of my time. The internet allows me to spread the information to the people. The powers that be don't like the internet and want to shut it down.


the internet certainly does allow you to spread your ....ummmm opinion...

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Bloomberg is part of the rich and powerful elite that rules over the country and its people. Bow down and worship the ruler Bloomberg.

What will be the next freedom taken away from the people?


"What will be the next freedom taken away from the people?"

"Scary looking guns" that do the same as the rest.


I really can't believe the people who think semi-automatic just means "scary looking guns" when they can have a pistol in their hand. There is NO difference, whatsoever.

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swiss cheese kat

Liberals should have a 10 day waiting period for their first amendment rights.

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swiss cheese kat

the rest of the story

But Bloomberg’s ban was more than that. It was the very definition of liberalism run amok, a good idea (people should limit their intake of sugary soft drinks) driven headlong into the weeds of overkill, overregulation and basic preposterousness. The resemblance to conservative extremism and its resort to unwieldy laws to govern behaviors it disapproves (did someone say transvaginal ultrasound?) is doubtless unintended but no less real even so.

Apparently, if you send two people venturing out, one to the extreme left and the other to the extreme right of our political spectrum, they will end up face to face. Because the distinguishing characteristic of extreme liberalism or extreme conservatism is the extremism itself, the fact that some people just don’t know when to quit.

Obviously, the state is sometimes obliged to impose restrictions. One shouldn’t be allowed to sell Camels to kindergartners. Or do 90 on a residential street. Or discriminate by race, creed, gender, condition or sexual orientation.

But there is a difference between those restrictions the state imposes to protect the health, welfare and property of those around us from us or defend the vulnerable from exploitation, and those the state imposes to regulate behavior that is simply unwise. The latter reflects a lack of faith in the wisdom of people, their ability, when properly informed, to make the right choice.

Yes, obesity is a crisis affecting our health, our economy and even, some have argued, our national security. We are a lard-butt nation waddling toward demise. Got it.

Yet, if Americans kicked their cigarette addiction by a public campaign that educated them to the dangers thereof, what reason do we have to believe they would not be able to kick sugary soft drinks by the same means? None.

So Bloomberg is wrong, and Captain America was right. If one is not free to make one’s own bad or stupid decisions, then one is not free. It is an abiding truth of which we seem to need constant reminders.

Perhaps you remember the axiom about eternal vigilance being the price of freedom. If so, you will not be surprised to hear that Dr. Doom, as he escaped, said he was only defeated “for now.” Or that Mayor Bloomberg has vowed to appeal.

Leonard Pitts Jr. is a columnist for The Miami Herald.

Not Yer Pa

I'd clap but I'm so fat I can move my hands close enough. So I'll just type it.


Best post of the month

The Big Dog's back

So, you must also believe the Gov should stay out of a woman's vagina also, correct?

Not Yer Pa

I assume you mean "big" government. I think it's up to the woman to know her limitations.

Not Yer Pa

Yes. The government should keep their noses out of women's vaginas.


Contraceptives - yes, because that is a personal choice and government should not be involved
As for abortion, I believe the constitutional duty to protect Life includes the unborn

The Big Dog's back

Just as I thought. No Gov interference on what you want but not the next person.


In theory, government exists solely to ensure that our rights aren't infringed by others. In reality, it's come to define just where those rights stop and start.

As far as abortion goes, it depends on how you look at abortion. Those who oppose it do so not because it's an elective medical procedure but because they truly believe it's murder. And if it's murder, then the state DOES have a clear and present duty to prevent it. Please understand: I'm not trying to define abortion here. I'm merely saying that it's entirely understandable that those who DO define it as such are as involved as they are!

Abortion's not a good example to use here simply because the definitions are etched in stone by those on BOTH sides of the issue and because they're so extreme. Try porn instead, or maybe recreational drug use...The issue, not the habit necessarily!

The Big Dog's back

sam says,
"In theory, government exists solely to ensure that our rights aren't infringed by others. In reality, it's come to define just where those rights stop and start."
So to "peace" and moan about trivial things such as a soda is more important than protecting women's rights? Who knew?


Government has a defined definition.... to govern. IMO that means set policy, regulations and produce laws that enforce the wishes of the majority of its citizens. Unfortunately, we have allowed our government to become operational by allowing them to manage our natural resources, finances, and industry. While it has been most prevelant the last 20 years, it actually dates back to the beginning of the republic. All you have to do is follow where good intentions were maligned by either greed, power, or sex. As a society, we are our own worst enemy.

It starts and ends with accountability, but we've created such a complex system of determining right from wrong we are no longer able to recognize the difference


Drones for use on populace. Black boxes in vehicles? naw....Ask the Red-man about the govt. & the Black Hills too.

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