St. Patrick's Day a riot in Dayton

Riot-equipped police were called out to quell an unruly pre-dawn St. Patrick's Day crowd at the University of Dayton.
Associated Press
Mar 17, 2013


Click here for the Dayton Daily News spot coverage. 

One non-student was arrested for underage drinking during the Sunday morning disturbance. No injuries were reported.

University spokeswoman Teri Rizvi tells WHIO-TV that campus police first turned out in response to a false fire alarm. Within the hour, riot-equipped officers from departments in the Dayton area were dispatched to help quiet the disturbance.

The station says students were climbing on cars, throwing bottles, yelling at police and left the street littered with trash and beer cans.

Elsewhere, the streets were jammed for the annual St. Patrick's Day Parade in Cleveland Sunday afternoon. The parade included nearly 150 marching units with Siberian huskies and shire horses joining traditional Irish troupers.



That last paragraph really does not fit in this whole article!

Simple Enough II

Maybe send a bill to the university for the damages, clean up and LEO cost!


When did pre-dawn and early morning St. Patrick's Day parties start happening? I don't remember ever drinking or going to a party in the morning. Some lasted until morning but didn't start then. Anyway these guys went way to far. Any of you hiring these graduates in the future?


1 non-student arrested and no injuries...hardly a riot.

Nicholas J. Vocca's picture
Nicholas J. Vocca

The University of Dayton is held in high regards in many areas of the country for the quality of education it provides its students.

It is an absolute shame that some students allowed themselves to act as they did and show no respect for their university, fellow students who celebrated peacefully, and the fine community of Dayton.

If any videos were taken hopefully university authorities can make some identifications, and either charge the students for the costs of cleaning up, or make them perform this task in lieu of suspension.

The Big Dog's back

Rednecks gone wild.

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swiss cheese kat

No place like the the UD ghetto. Some things never change. Allowing kegs back on campus would have reduced all the broken 40 ozs.


More like the trailor park with kegs everywhere

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This is pretty funny, I know a young lady that is a freshman, or should I say was a freshman! She told me that Dayton is a party school and on weekends if you do not party you do not fit in well. Well she transferred to Ohio State for the beginning of the January semester and loves it. So Dayton, maybe you need to review your school?

Just saying!