Rough waters ahead

State budget to deep-six some Stone Lab offerings
Melissa Topey
Mar 17, 2013


Ohio Sea Grant and Stone Lab may have to cut its programs and research.

The watchdog of Lake Erie was zeroed out of Gov. John Kasich’s proposed budget when it was released in February, losing $285,000 per year in state funding.

But when matching funds of about $600,000 in federal funding are factored in, the amount is much larger.

“We could be losing close to $900,000,” said Jeff Reutter, Ohio Sea Grant director. “My job as director is to try to minimize that loss.”

He said he did not know if any programs and research would be eliminated but there would be less of everything.

An already stretched staff, including college students, perform research and monitor the water quality of Lake Erie.

The amount of monitoring of nutrient levels and deadly algal blooms would be reduced. Ohio Sea Grant is leading a state committee developing target amounts for phosphorous levels in Lake Erie. It’s believed that reducing phosphorus levels would help solve the continuing harmful algal bloom problem dangerous to humans, pets, fish and other animal life in and around the waters. 

Stone Lab also is coming up with new groundbreaking techniques to remove contaminants from drinking water. Classes would be cut back. There are about 20,000 people per year who visit Stone Lab, and those tours may be cut back. But Reutter is not giving that money up without a fight.

 “I testified last week in front of the Finance Committee,” he said, referring to an Ohio House panel.

 Sea Grant and Stone Lab provide vital information to decision makers about threats to the Great Lakes, such as algal blooms, water levels and invasive species.



Well I guess you are going to have to beg like the rest of us who were paying your way in the first place! Our taxes went up and we are getting less for it! How do you think we feel?


Various departments of the government and a few senators and congressmen are spending millions of dollars to create new steering committees and studies. None of them appear to have measurable objectives and duplicate organizations already in place. Common sense says to spend the funds on what we already have in place, like Ohio Sea Grant and Stone Lab. I have more faith in them than the dysfunctional and bureaucratic EPA and Dept of Agi


Who funded that riduculous project to protect the snakes? Seems like we are now infested along the lakeshore and lots of money spent. If the cuts end these types of projects then I am all for the cuts. What a waste of money! Quit studying the algal project and do something like getting the lobbyists and farmers committed.


The snakes are eating the invasive species, Round Goby.

"An unintended benefit of the round goby's introduction is that the Lake Erie Watersnake, once listed as a threatened species, has found it to be a tasty addition to its diet. A recent study found the introduced fish now accounts for up to 90% of the snake's diet. The new food supply means that the water snake is now staging a comeback." (wikipedia)


Think there might be a reason for de-funding the lab? The lobbyist aren't going to get on board unless the people who pay them tell them to. As for farmers, especially big Ag they aren't getting on board anything that might hurt their bottom line. It's simple, no Stone Lab means no research which equals no evidence to be used against them, thus no way to make them change their ways. Which means they can just keep on doing what they are doing Lake Erie be damned.

Free Man

These Folks do such good work ! But yet we keep nasa plumbrook open where there is no work.!!

Erie County Resident

Free Man just when exactly did you get fired at NASA Plum Brook?
Seems like you have a personal axe to grind.
The article here is about a state funded project and NASA is federal. 2 totally different groups.
I myself don't see why Stone Labs are being cut as they are one of the few things in the state that makes sense.

Free Man

State or Federal it is all tax payer money.
Stone labs is great !
Plum Brook well not so good.
Would NASA fire one of their own ? Really ?
Have you ever seen Plum Brook from the inside ? aka (slum brook) ?

Second Opinion

The Liberals sent $250,000.000 to Egypt this February while the conservatives said:
"Not one penny more to countries that are burning our flag," Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky.

Yes, it does matter how one votes.

The Big Dog's back

And that has what to do with the article?


Everything. All of that money shouldn't be given to governments that have demonstrably shown themselves to be our enemies anyway, but consider instead that those same funds would also have prevented myriad furloughs and cuts to those few government programs that are actually worth something! The hand-out to Egypt did nothing but enrich those who would see us falter and fall and further impoverish the American taxpayer even as more Americans join the unemployment lines.

Thanks, Obama!

In fairness, I'd point out that the sequester cuts are deliberately being made as ridiculous and as painful as possible to the ordinary American because, since the ORIGINAL point he was trying to make didn't work, Obama is now trying to make a DIFFERENT point in his blame-game-as-usual strategy. I'd also point out that governments that are freaking broke shouldn't be spending money on ANYthing unnecessary.


One million and a half to study this problem of fat lesbians!!!

Free Man

That could have been done at nasa plum brook.

The Bizness

The researchers obviously applied for a grant to study that and the grant was awarded to them. With that being said, I do not think it is the best use of money. But if the other grant applicants were something along the lines of; "Do dog walkers fart more", or "What happens when urine sits on a mattress", I can see why those chose the one they chose.

If you are trying to say we shouldn't fund research you are just begging for the USA to not be competitive anymore.


We are competitive, have you seen any fat russian lesbians???
And yes, dog walkers do pass gas, give me a million and I will prove it!!!

swiss cheese kat's picture
swiss cheese kat

@ The Big Dog's back.
You need to lay off the obama flavored kool-aid, your eyeballs are floating in the juice.


The source for Kerry's egypt aid

The Bizness

I share the view that our money should be kept on our shores unless it is being used in disaster relief only.

AJ Oliver

I call BS on you cowboy. Show us some evidence that your taxes have gone up. In fact, if you are rich in Ohio your taxes are going down, way down. That's why our schools, libraries, police, fire & local governments are in chaos - including Stone Lab. Somalia here we come.

swiss cheese kat's picture
swiss cheese kat

@ A J
What other proof do you have besides obama flavored kool-aid that taxes are going down?


I call BS on you cowboy, show me where your taxes have come down. Such a maroon.


Sorry Goofus, I can't find proof that my taxes went down ANYWHERE!

AJ Oliver

Yeah, here it is from those commies at Bankrate. Some of you don't even know the difference between state, federal and local taxes. Seriously, you don't know how much you pay, or to whom. If you don't even know that, how can you even file? Maybe you don't. BTW, don't mess with RITA.