Killer gets no reprieve

An appeals court has affirmed the conviction and sentence of Michael Martin, 56, serving a life sentence for the murder of a 25-year-old woman.
Jessica Cuffman
Mar 17, 2013


The three-judge panel did find there wasn’t enough evidence for the jury to have convicted Martin of a firearm specification that added one year to the end of his minimum sentence.

But he’ll still have to serve out at least 25 — rather than 26 — years in prison before he’s eligible for parole. In March 2011, Erie County Common Pleas Judge Roger Binette sentenced Martin to the maximum sentence possible after a jury found him guilty of murder and two counts of tampering with evidence in the death of Amanda Gibson.

On June 7, 2010, Martin strangled to death Gibson when she was in his garage, collecting some of her belongings as she got ready to move back to New Jersey.

Then he dumped her body near a rural Erie County pond.

At trial, an acquaintance of Martin’s said if Gibson didn’t engage with sexual relations with him, Martin said he would hit her in the head and throw her in a ditch.

Martin claimed members of a motorcycle gang killed Gibson in his garage, and he simply moved her body when he got scared.

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Back to Bubba!


another loony toony. double lock that cell.


black dolphin

Julie R.

Martin said members of a mortorcycle gang killed Gibson and he simply moved her body.....

When the trial was going on and I saw that I laughed .... but that's only because I never knew there really ARE motorcycle gangs in Sandusky. Isn't there one in Perkins known as the Outlaws? And then there's the acquaintance of Martin's that said Martin told him "if Gibson didn't engage in a sexual relationship with him he was going to hit her in the head and throw her in a ditch." That heresay made by the acquaintance sounds idiotic and fake.

For all anybody knows, maybe this guy really did get railroaded.


"Martin claimed members of a motorcycle gang killed Gibson in his garage, and he simply moved her body when he got scared."

I am curious if any of the Outlaws members were investigated. Martin claimed to have known the driver of the truck that drove away from Martin's garage.

"Martin also wrote he recognized the man driving the truck, who is one of the Outlaws and they were trying to kill him and killed Gibson instead,” according to Baxter. “Martin said he panicked and then disposed of her body. The next day June 8, Martin and his girlfriend went out to party with the Outlaws,” Martin wrote in the letter.

Martin’s attorney, Joseph Patituce, cross-examined Kotsopoulos regarding phone calls and text messages Gibson sent and received from various people, according to the court.

Patituce said phone records show Gibson had numerous contact with a man suspected of being a drug dealer, including a text message sent when she was supposed to have been dead. Cocaine was found in her system, according to medical records.

Detectives failed to follow-up on this and there are other suspects to investigate, not just Martin, according to Patituce."

Why didn't the detectives follow up on Martin's claim that a member of the Outlaws killed Gibson? Investigations are supposed to be complete.


DO NOT BELIEVE FOR ONE MINUTE THIS GUY GOT RAILROADED!!! I have known him for years!! he is a nutjob he is delusional he is DANGEROUS!! HE IS RIGHT WHERE HE BELONGS!!!


"I have known him for years!! he is a nutjob he is delusional he is DANGEROUS!!"

Martin didn't have much of a prior criminal record. I consider some of the powers that be as nutjobs, delusional, liars and dangerous. My question was that the investigation was not complete. Martin admitted to dumping the body but who was the Outlaw who drove that truck away?


God Forgives, Outlaws Don't

Julie R.

@ pptrsha: The guy (according to you) might have been a nutjob, delusional and dangerous but I find it real hard to believe what the acquaintance said ~ that Martin told him "if Gibson refused to have a sexual relationship with him he was going to hit her in the head and throw her in a ditch." One would think if he was that angry over her refusal to have sex with him ~ so angry that he would murder her ~ then he also would have raped her first ..... but she wasn't raped, correct?

Something just doesn't add up.

"The Outlaws Motorcycle Club is considered one of the top motorcycle gangs in the country, with a long history on organized crime convictions."

"Jurors deliberated for two days before reaching their verdict shortly after 11:30 a.m."

Interesting comments are below the story.

"Police arrested two men in a drug sting Thursday."

JSB4030 Sun, 03/13/2011 - 8:25pm
great job Daniels was the drug su pplier to Amanda Gibson in the Martain Murder trial.
JSB4030 Tue, 03/01/2011 - 5:30pm
"......Mr Martains atorney actually caused Mr Martain's conviction of guilty, Phone records don't lie. Mr Martain is the one who lied on several points that were made, I was one of the juriors"

JSB4030 Wed, 03/02/2011 - 9:34pm
"...."We found through phone records that werenot presented in court. that had him the only person that could have killed her"

The above comments bother me. Why would this particilar juror who posted the above two comments state that the phone records "were not" presented in court?

"Julie Fox, a forensic scientist for the Bureau of Criminal Investigations, testified about Gibson’s body, but according to Patituce, could not say if the DNA identified as Martin’s was found under Gibson’s fingernails because she only swabbed the tips of Gibson’s fingers. Martin and Gibson were friends and had contact with one another, Patituce has said."

The question is why Gibson's fingernails were not swabbed for DNA. A victim who is being strangled will scratch and fight. This sounds like another case of a sloppy investigation.