Deadbeat dads owe $416k

Erie County officials push for them to pay up
Andy Ouriel
Mar 16, 2013


Police, case workers and families want 12 deadbeat dads — seemingly depriving their children of food, clothing and other necessities — to finally pay up.

A dozen Erie County fathers collectively owe $416,000 in child support payments, according to Erie County Job and Family Services records the Register obtained through a public records request.

The request centered on who, either men or women, in Erie County owed the largest child support amounts.

“It’s concerning,” agency executive director Karen Balconi Ghezzi said of the amount owed. “These men are showing negligence.”

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Did Karen mean disconcerting? It certainly would be disconcerting and you can't get men in jail to make payments. no job equals no money.


"Concerning" works just fine used in this way. Either word would be fine; there is nothing wrong with how it is already worded.


I'd rather they not pay than put them in jail. Why should I pay for their kids twice?


Excellent point !!


stone them in the streets

My Opinion is...

What about Deadbeat Moms??? I know a few who should probably be on this list

Hoss McGee

You're correct My Opinion Is... I've had custody of my son and daughter since 2001. I have received a total of $68.00 since I was granted custody. Luckily I have a good paying job and don't need the money. I go to CSEA and every time I go and talk to somebody it's like talking to the wall. Oh well at least I have my kids.


And if we could get the 312,000 federal employees who owe over $3.5 billion, yes that's billion with a "B", to pay their back taxes! Why aren't their paychecks garnished? We, the taxpayers, pay their salaries, and we the taxpayers end up having to make up the difference. Write your congressman and senators to make them pay up or be terminated!


Um, chances are it's the congress folks are the culprits.


Some but not all. It's homeland security, postal workers, agriculture dept, retirees, health & human services, HUD, executive offices, treasury/IRS, VA defense, and unfortunately some military too.

nothing new

Sandusy Register your not a tabloid your a news paper! Stop with catchy headlines!! Article should read 12 fathers owe... or Parents owe...lets talk about the high number of women not taking of their kids either.


They apparently are a tabloid, have you been reading long?


The issue I have with child support is that many moms or dads (mostly moms) receiving child support spend this money on the whole family. They don't save a dime for the child for whom the support is paid. Then when it comes time for college, the child has no money for expenses. You would think out of $300 or $400 a month the parent could save at least $50 a month for future expenses for the child.


If you are paying $400 a month to support that child, let's factor in extra rent for another bedroom, extra electricity, extra water, shoes, clothes, food, over the counter medication and co-pays, school supplies, toothpaste, soap, detergent, sports fees, dental appts, clothes every season change - because kids grow, etc. You really think there is extra money left over? $400 comes to less than $14 a day.


There is if the mother is on welfare and the grandparents buy the clothes and shoes, the dad pays the medical, dentist and eye care for the child and any extra's that are needed. And the mother sits at home smoking and watching TV. I am not saying that this happens all the time. I know a woman who works her tail off and receives $45 a month for three kids. There are huge differences in child support. I still say that the parent receiving the support should save SOMETHING for the child.

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Child support should work like a corporate expense account. The custodial parent should have to submit an expense report each month of what they spent on the kid, with receipts. The other parent should be able to challenge/reject line items with a referee deciding them.



Darwin's choice

High numbers make Balconi/ghezzi look many children have died because of the JFS mistakes?

Phil Packer

Those guys look unemployable. So what are they going to do, pay child support from welfare? I'll bet they were unemployed when the pregnancy happened. What did "mom" expect?


Years ago I got very little child support four 4children, so I worked a couple of jobs. I do not regret doing that instead of welfare. I wonder if my ex has any for not paying!


Erie County Courts & judges hate good fathers. JFS doesn't return calls from Fathers. The system is completely broken and needs fixed. Don't know any of the above, but will guarantee deadbeat moms are attached to more than half these guys. Easy answers for the courts..... Doesn't matter how it's broken, dad must be at fault. Pay up. It's not 1925 anymore folks!

google me

I feel your pain Hoss. I remember when I was supposed to be receiving the payments and I went in to the CSEA as soon a I'd walk up to the window they'd see a man and ask me who I paid too.

Hoss McGee

When inwent into the Erie County CSEA I told them where she was working her current address and number. Go back in a couple weeks later and I hear every story they probably could think of. Well you have a new case worker to well working on it. Like I said earlier I've received $68.00 since 2001. Now if I owed her child support my picture would be on every milk carton, post office wall, pizza box, etc.


I can agree with what many of you have said....lets just say that my ex is one of the top twelve but not pictured here. I have been divorced since 2002 and have raised my two children alone for the past 11 years without his help. So if I EVER see any money from him, most of it will go to my kids (that are now over the age of 18 btw) However I do believe I am entitled to some of that money, no matter what anyone else thinks. I have held steady employement, successfully obtained my Associates Degree.....and raised two great kids, so not everyone that is owed child support can be called a deadbeat just by past association/mistakes.


You ARE entitled to the money! You paid his portion of support while you were raising your children and he owes YOU the money back. I do not have a single friend who has recieved government assistance for their children. I do have many single mother friends who never received money from the exes for support. Parents who worked (many times two jobs) to provide 100% support of their children are owed that money by the other parent, no matter how old their children are now.


I can agree with what many of you have said....lets just say that my ex is one of the top twelve but not pictured here. I have been divorced since 2002 and have raised my two children alone for the past 11 years without his help. So if I EVER see any money from him, most of it will go to my kids (that are now over the age of 18 btw) However I do believe I am entitled to some of that money, no matter what anyone else thinks. I have held steady employement, successfully obtained my Associates Degree.....and raised two great kids, so not everyone that is owed child support can be called a deadbeat just by past association/mistakes.


Years ago, right out of college, I worked for a county csea. It was amazing how many CS cases individual women would have. Yes there are deadbeat dads but let us not forget about the women who go from deadbeat to deadbeat to deadbeat and procreate. These women are just as much apart of the problem as these men.

Julie R.

I know somebody (not personally) that told me she felt sorry for her ex-husband. He was ordered to pay so much child support that he didn't have enough to live on himself so she was giving some of it back to him.


@SR: showcase a deadbeat parent info. once a week. Follow up w/ jobs they have,welfare they receive, or ex's receive, number of kids, criminal records of deadbeats and the ex. do a really deep investigation ,but protect the childrens identitys, shine a bright,blinding light on this situation. We need to see the real story on these folks.


or watch a soap opera! its always a deadbeat story and theres always to side of the story. all these women want a check but don't care to let the fathers be involved all they care about is a little money or watching the father suffer. what a scam....


Let's spend money trying to get blood from a turnip, great IDEA! The cost of prosecution and incarceration are likely costing the citizens tons. This is how stupid it is...

It costs approximately $25,000 to house a prisoner for a year. Most of the deadbeats sentenced(low-income) will owe only around $40,000 for the whole lifetime of the child!!!These people are being put in prison for 2+ years sometimes that's $50,000+!!!

Not to mention costs of hiring the firms which represent child support and paying the judges to judge the cases. How can anyone justify spending $50,000+ to collect on a $40,000 debt? Seems like some type of government fraud to me.


Last figure I saw at work (ODRC) your figure is about $12,000 to $15,000 on the low side for a Min/Med security facility.


Richrs, I believe you, my number was just a approximation. Sadly the number is even higher in other states and we as citizens sit back and let it happen; the fleecing of America. Anyone know any good protests about police shooting vicious dogs I can attend? let me know.


I bet employers are falling over to hire "criminals" who were once pictured in the paper, thus a vicious cycle ensues. I wonder why the government is going broke? Thanks register! der der der

Mr. D

@samiam. . .post your sources for your stats. . . Bet they are not reliable


Momma's baby, papa's maybe????!!!!!!!!


These people do nothing about it, thats why this amount is so high..No manpower to find out where the lowlifes work at or nothing..


Post their picture and names in public, to let people see these DEADBEATS~!

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swiss cheese kat

Its nice to Sandtucky is full of hillbillys too.

Just Sayin IMHO

I am owed 28K... he has not seen one day of jail time... and he JUST went to court too... nothing changed. He was not given any kind of penalty. Our child is almost 18, he hasn't paid in 16 years...

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the unsilent ma...

Deadbeat parents, because there are plenty of deadbeat moms too refuse to own up to their end of the bargain but still generally retain more rights in the eyes of the system than the custodial parent. The notion that enforcing child support is somehow not worth it because it is too expensive is simply absurd. Sounds like you would give deadbeat parents a free pass. Anyone who would deny their resposibilty to support their own child are one of the lowest forms of human species. Maybe force these idiots to go pick up litter and send their earning to their children would be a solution!


I divorced my husband and said....You take care of the kids on your time and I'll take care of the kids on my time. We split the cost of school related items, lunch money, athletics and medical bills. So it is stated in our divorce papers that no child support will be exchanged. If you have two parents that work together, communicate and understand that both are financially responsible for their children then this type of arrangment works great!! Get rid of the scorn!! It's in the best interest of your child.


Absolutely right! That is awesome and what a great example you are setting for your kid's BEST INTERESTS! If more people did that, what income would the state, courts and lawyers have? They don't make money unless there is discourse, alienation and division of the family! So who has your children's best interest in mind? Not the courts!


I have one child that I pay support on. I have been out of work since May of 2012 and recently found a job. As soon as I informed CSEA about my new employer, they hit me with a contempt of court hearing and want me to spend thirty days in jail. Tell me how this makes sense.... I now have a job which has been deducting my support for a month now and they want to jail me so that I lose this job and get put back into the world of the unemployed..... Even my ex wife has told them to back off yet they continue this. She has never spent one dime of the support - it goes into a college fund that we can both see. I understand that support is needed - but they seem to spend a lot of time chasing and threatening the people that are actually trying......


It sounds like you and your ex get along. Override the bureau of support and get a lawyer to file a motion and get a judgement entry filed with the agreement you and your wife make!


They threatened to put my ex in jail. I went to the hearing at the CSEA and asked them to suspend the child support order until he found another job. Once he found a new job I started it back up. The lawyer for the CSEA said to the magistrate...."she can't do that"....The magistrate said...."yes she can, it's her money." If you get along you can work together. It's quite simple and without stress. It's in the best interest of your children.


That would have been a handy piece of information to have six months ago.... The problem I am dealing with now is the threat of jail over my head and losing the job that I now have. I just don't understand why they are so insistent on a jail sentence when my employer is taking support out of my check.


They want their cut of the support money. They have to justify all the people employed at the office. Parents should certainly pay but we all know what happens when government becomes involved. Fairness and common sense are lost.