Erie County grand jury indicts 20

After getting punched in the face during a failed robbery in February a Clyde man got slapped with an indictment during an Erie County grand jury session in March.
Emil Whitis
Mar 15, 2013


Eugene McGlinchy, 51, was indicted on one count of attempted robbery. 

McGlinchy got socked in the face by an angry boyfriend Feb. 2 after he grabbed a 17-year-old's purse outside Cinemark movie theater on Milan Road. 

McGlinchy latched onto the girl's purse after she walked up to the closed theater that night. 

The girl's 20-year-old boyfriend warned him several times to let go but when McGlinchy refused the boyfriend punched him in the face.

McGlinchy let go and ran off into a nearby woods.

Perkins police and Erie County deputies showed up soon after and tracked him through the snow 

"We followed the footprints to the embankment, where I observed footprints go down the side to the creek and I observed a large hole in the ice," a Perkins officer's report said. 

Police caught up with Mcglinchy near the mall, finding him wet and bloody. Mcglinchy told police he had been beat up by three black men, the report said.

He was being held at the Erie County jail on $12,870 bond late Thursday.

Get the ePaper or a copy of Saturday's Register to read about others who were indicted.  

The March grand jury indicted 20 others but only 11 were named. The remaining nine suspects were issued secret indictments and that information is not available until arrest warrants are served. 
An indictment is a formal charge and does not denote guilt or innocence.



AhhhHaaa...Thee ole "3 black guy" story..LMAO


Too funny! We just can't catch a break!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh well, at least they didn't have guns! LOL!


Surprise surprise


This guy has a long history of this kind of thing. Hopefully they don't give him another slap on the wrist


mcglinchy, your family must be so proud of you. Your 51, can you change your life, sure, will you? What your doing isnt working, if you wont change then go away, leave,no one needs you like this, a parasite lives off of others, usually harming them , in this case society.