Community in mourning

The first of six funerals is planned Friday as a northeast Ohio community mourns the teenagers killed when a speeding sport utility vehicle crashed last weekend.
Associated Press
Mar 15, 2013


The first of six funerals is planned Friday as a northeast Ohio community mourns the teenagers killed when a speeding sport utility vehicle crashed last weekend.

A wake and funeral services were planned Friday morning at a Warren church for 15-year-old Kirklan Behner. Family and friends say the ninth-grader loved to make others laugh and was known to shovel snow or carry groceries to help his neighbors.

He and five more teens drowned Sunday when an SUV struck a guardrail and flipped into a swampy pond in Warren, about 50 miles southeast of Cleveland.

Authorities say the 19-year-old driver didn't have a valid license. Her funeral services are scheduled Saturday.

Four more teenage boys also died. Their funeral services are planned between Sunday and Tuesday.



Why is this even in the Register? None of these girls are even from anywhere near here. Another page filler from the SR.


Maybe they have relatives in the area! Why do you care?


That's a real parochial attitude!


Thank you Sandusky Register for including this story. I am from the Warren area and appreciate the update.

By the way, there was one girl involved, the rest were boys.


Didn't these people steal a car and then wreck it while speeding??

Not Yer Pa



Don't believe everything you read. There is significant doubt that the car was stolen. Would you admit you allowed an unlicensed driver borrow your car and it ended up in an accident that resulted in the death of six people? Or would you report it stolen 36 hours after the accident?


75 in a 35 and drugs and alcohol are suspected. Sad, but when you play with that much fire...the outcome usually isn't good.


It's in the paper to show respect and to possibly be a lesson for other teenagers. That's not filler.


great point!!!


NOT many teenagers read the paper. Not many teenagers watch the news. This horrible tragedy will teach nothing to teenagers. They will not hear, see, or read about it. It is the PARENT's responsibility to TEACH children right from wrong!


It is the responsibility of PARENTS to TEACH their children right from wrong but stories reinforce the lesson. I know many teenagers that read the newspapers, including the Sandusky Register, watch the news, listen to the radio, and are talking about THIS story.


Contrary to popular belief, all teens do not sit around and play video games all day. Do you know what a "teachable moment" is?

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Nicholas J. Vocca

Regardless of what these teens did, or did not do, it is a terrible tragedy for the community, and an unfathomable loss for their parents as endless memories and agonies befall them.

We can spend time expressing opinions of could have, would have, or should have, but on my end I am again reminded that when I am behind the wheel I must set a good example for my children as a way of reinforcing the fact that driving is a privilege, not a right.

My prayers for these families, and all affected by this tragic loss of youth.


Thank you for having common sense and compassion.

I am amazed at how many people are judging 14 and 15 year olds for making a mistake, for having poor judgement, and doing what teens have been doing for generations, sneaking out and driving fast. They were young teens taking a terrible risk and they paid the ultimate price.

The bloggers of the Sandusky Register and the Warren Tribune have been heartless.


Lots of bloggers and commenters are heartless because they can hide behind their keyboard. Some of the commenters on this site are just awful!

The Answer Person

Reap (or wreck) what you sow.


Thou shalt not steal. Or operate a vehicle without operators license. This is Whitney Houstan like. Young people learn from these mistakes.


More like britney spears. Or lindsey loham

Tsu Dho Nimh

Taxraider is right. The owner reported it stolen several hours after the crash. The owner freaked and reported it stolen because the young woman driving it did not have a license. Look at the age of these kids. They were doing what so many young people are capable of doing. I'm sure it's every parents fear that their child might make this same mistake. God bless the families of these young kids!