Police: Woman admits raping boy

During a jail cell interview Wednesday, a Sandusky woman admitted she had sex with a 14-year-old boy.
Matt Westerhold
Mar 15, 2013


Melissa Webb, 43, was charged with sexual battery, felony theft, complicity to burglary and complicity to theft. 

The allegations surfaced March 7 during a felony theft investigation. 

A 71-year-old woman told police someone stole $222 from her East Shoreway Drive home. She suspected Webb. 

But the theft wasn’t the only thing the woman wanted to talk about. 

She also told police Webb forced sex on a 14-year-old boy a little over a year before. 

Webb popped up on police radar in September after blood DNA tied her and Edward Weaver, 44, to an April 30 burglary and coin theft on Winnebago Avenue. 

Weaver and Webb were both jailed, but Webb posted bond soon after and moved in with the woman. 

After the new allegations surfaced a judge revoked her bond. Police hunted her down and took her back to jail.

During a jail interview Wednesday, Webb admitted taking the woman’s money. 

Detectives then brought up the sexual battery, and Webb admitted to having sex with the boy, according to Sandusky police Detective Gary Wichman.

“She rattled off a whole medicine cabinet of stuff she was taking that night,” Wichman said. “I think it was her way of explaining it.” 

Webb was being held at the Erie County jail on $15,179 bond late Thursday.



The Dusk

What a nice lady and respectable citizen.


hey, she had an excuse-all the drugs she was taking. slap on the wrist.


shoot, i was going to ask her to babysit my kids....nottttttt.

Nicholas J. Vocca's picture
Nicholas J. Vocca



There's never an excuse for taking advantage of a child - no matter what the child's age!!!!!


if she would have had sex with a kid just 4 years older... this wouldn't be an issue......but it is and all I can think is eeewwww!


So....isn't a 14 year old boy strong enough to fight off a drugged up woman? She is not a nice lady. We must tell our kids to fight! Yell, scream, bite, kick, what ever it takes to stop someone from doing this.

Clark W. Griswald

Skank alert!


take advantage of a 70 yr old guy no harm no foul


It was the drugs falt,right?