OVH upgrades address aging infrastructure

State and federal grants total more than $10 million to for modernization
Andy Ouriel
Mar 14, 2013


Among the upgrades slated for improvements either through state or federal dollars:

• Smoothing the roads and parking lots weaving throughout the facility.
• Installing a new heating, ventilation and air conditioning system so residents feel comfortable in their rooms.
• Renovating sewer lines to prevent sewage backups and overflows.
• Enhancing the main electrical panel and service lines to accommodate increased power needs of advanced medical technology in residents' rooms.

Get the ePaper or buy a Register on Friday to learn about the funding path from Washington to Columbus for the OVH improvements. 

"These projects address some of the most basic, fundamental needs of our veterans," State Rep. Chris Redfern said. "Residents and family members know that these renovations have been a long time coming."


Not Yer Pa

That darn Marcy and her pork barrel projects! Always looking out for the 47%.


The people here were not part of America's slackers. Show some respect.

Not Yer Pa

Who said the 47% are slackers besides you?

Super Judge

Yet they are in the %47 bayboy, sucking down the entitlements as fast as they can.


"State and federal grants total more than $10 million to for modernization"
to for?

God Of Thunder

How is this place outdated?? I seem to remember they are always expanding and modernizing things, big difference from the old limestone structures that sit there rotting.. I do like the looks of the buildings, but they were saved by the same group that doesn't want the Rathole Keller building torn down

Truth or Fiction

Please have respect for those who protected our freedom to post on this thread. Those who served deserve the very best that we can provide for them.


Thank you....these men and women deserve the best that we can give! Without the sacrifices they made this WORLD would be a much different place. Personally, I think that anything to make their life better is money well spent. (I also think that it is too bad that government red tape, political bullhockey, and too much backscratching has left a bad taste in everyones mouth.) These veteran's and the ones that are to follow deserve the very best, and they deserve EVERYTHING that was promised to them.

God Of Thunder

Believe me, I have the utmost respect for our vets and people who currently serve.. That wasn't my point.. Seems like a lot of state money keeps going into this place because of needed upgrades.. Things don't go bad in just a few years time..

Money seems to flock to the state run places constantly, then there's no room left in the budget to fund the schools and other things.


It might also have something to do with cutting corners and saving a buck. In a "few years time" the duct tape wears out. If it was done right the first time maybe they wouldn't need to do it again. That and with the technology changing at the speed of light, things are outdated in a week.

4-wheeler al

40 years ago when you came back tothe us,alot of vets needed medical needs. in the late 60s and the 70s va clinics and hospitals were bad and 3or4 years they started repairing them before they fell down.when a vet goes too a hosoitals of service connected injury doctors tell you too go va. us vets need va clinics and hosp.i would like the va and local hospitals work together,could save money if they dont get money happy.