Female priests? Not likely

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Mar 14, 2013


Excerpt: All things considered, I’d rather be in Rome. Isn’t everyone?

Tout le journalism monde has descended on Rome since Pope Benedict XVI’s surprise retirement last month. The ensuing Vatican intrigue has been appropriately sumptuous: Was it the gay cabal? Blackmail? Did the butler do it?

And now what?

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The 115 cardinals electing the new pope finally made their choice Wednesday after weeks of finger-drumming by the international press. The Vatican’s tiny communications office had been driven batty by 5,000 reporters who arrived with deadlines and little to report.

The Vatican, despite Pope Emeritus Benedict’s relatively recent foray into the Twitterverse, apparently is not yet on the 24/7 news clock. The cardinals, according to one source in Rome, declined to be rushed by journalists. Meanwhile, reporters stateside daily embarrassed themselves by projecting their own values on to the centuries-old institution — insisting that the church has to modernize on issues ranging from women priests to same-sex marriage to abortion.

One colleague recently intoned a popular, if overwrought, sentiment: If the church doesn’t change its position on women in the clergy, the church is doomed.

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Because we all know, men are more capable of running the world and the church. (LMFAO!!!!)


I hate to be the Spelling Police, but I think you misspelled the word RUINING....;)


Je ne me soucie pas!
Ek gee nie om nie!


For once I would love to see the liberal media say the things to Al Queda that they have said to the Catholic Church. They don't have the guts. No one would think of telling Al Queda they are doomed if they don't elevate women, homosexuals, Etc. to the same level as their leaders. Come liberal drive bys...grow some!!

The Big Dog's back

How many drone attacks have there been on the Catholic church?

Darwin's choice

how many drone attacks has the Nobel Peace Prize winner launched?




Pope Francis I is a Jesuit.

First show the heretics the instruments of torture.

BW1's picture

Maybe you should avoid commenting out of ignorance.

The Inquisition was created and run by the Dominican Order.


@ BW1:

If you want to see "ignorance," look in the mirror:


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Wow! a reference to a site with less provenance than wikipedia, and you apparently didn't actually READ the article, since it ascribes zero responsibility to the inquisition to the Jesuits. It mentions them as TWO PARALLEL forces promoting orthodoxy. Too bad it gets even that wrong.




Liberal media? What is that? As opposed to a conservative media? I desperately need an explanation.


if you need an explanation...you are beyond help