Call him chief: Orzech named acting boss at SPD

Sandusky city manager Nicole Ard announced this morning that Sandusky police Lt. John Orzech will take over as acting chief of the department.
Mar 14, 2013

"Effective March 14, 2013, Lt. John Orzech will be the City of Sandusky's Acting Police Chief pending the appointment of a permanent chief," according to a news release from Sandusky city commission clerk Kelly Kresser.

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Excellent choice !!!
Congratulation John !!!


Congratulations John! Best of luck to you. I only wish it would not have taken so long.

he said she said

Why not make him the permanent Chief instead of the 'Acting Chief'? I think he's the best choice for the job anyway!



Remember Chief Orzech. There are certain people that as soon as their lips start moving, their back stabbing knife comes out.


Congrats, Chief! Great choice.


so, we're going to make him acting chief, then we're going to go out and hire someone else and expect him to go back to being asst. chief...yeah, that's going to be great for morale, way to go Sandusky


Ok i'm confused, is he an "acting chief" or is he the new hire from the last 2 canidates? please clearify if possible!


Really---is anyone SURPRISED by this decision? They just went thru the motions and knew who they were going to pick all along


Congratulations Chief Orzech


Good luck John


About time - now make it permanent!

Good 2 B Me

GOB's are still in charge. Somethings NEVER change.

Apparently the future of our Local Communities is not important to the 'Powers that be.'


some comments never change.

Good 2 B Me

They never change because the Powers that be are afraid of the future. They might not be able to run it their way. So, yes, my comments will remain the same. Last time they hired from outside it was a woman. The GOB's ran her out REAL FAST!


Orzech will get the police chief position. It was planned all the time. The city dragged their feet while every candidate dropped off the list. I rather have Orzech over a campus police chief. Orzech has been in training all this time and the city waited long enough for him to graduate from college. The city cannot let candidates hanging in the wind for a year while they fool around trying to make up thier minds about a chief. Game over so lets get on with it and get this appointment over with.


So Lang is out as acting police chief. Doofus is in. Nixon runs rogue still. I have an idea new acting chief. Why don't you instill in your dispatchers some knowledge about what's going on with the department when calls are made and teach your officers to say something other than..."There's nothing we can do. File a report." How much more money is another search for another chief going to cost us? I've never seen a more wasteful group of commissioners in my entire time living here.


Congrats John. Please continue the clean up Lang started.

Sit n Spin

Hahahaha ! One can't clean up a landfill !


If they were going to promote from within....then this is by far the best choice!!! John is honest, he has very high moral values and he is level headed. He is also not afraid to voice his opinion to the "higher ups" unlike Mr. Magoo, who was nothing more than a puppet for the commission.....or should I say Mole...congrats John!



Truth or Fiction

At last tally the City doesn't have a:
- City Engineer
- General Services Director
- City Planner
- City Police Chief
I say get on with it. Lt. John Orzech has experience, he has the education, and he knows the lay of the land. Make it official and hire him as Police Chief. We cannot afford another unfilled position.


for fear of being deleted by the power to be, i'll just say whatever. whatever happens


Truth or Fiction, don't you get it? There is strong evidence that Ms. Ard is cutting out middle management. They do it in the private sector all the time. The assistant chief of police was one of those proposed cuts. There are some heavy cuts coming and I don't know if the commissioners will do what needs to be done. I would be very much surprised if the budget gets balanced.


Hey, @Matt Westerhold:

It's immaterial whether you "like" a negative OR a positive comment on the blogs. The bottom line is that this is (allegedly) a news story, and you're (allegedly) the editor. Know what that means? It means you are ethically obligated to maintain at least an APPEARANCE of neutrality outside the editorial pages!

It's not that we don't all know you have a serious jones to go after the City in general and the police department in specific. But I'm pretty sure that's not the point here. Way to set an example for the staff and the community. Sheesh!


Way to go Chief! You've got what it takes to help this agency become what it needs to be. I hope it becomes permanent and you get the job. None of the candidates had the passion you possess for this department.


Jonnny O is should be our next police chief


What does "ACTING" police chief mean exactly? I thought the committee was searching for a new POLICE CHIEF?

Why did the city commissioners allow all this expense if this is the man they intended to chose all along? No offense to Acting Chief Orzech, but this is disgraceful. All this wasted money for nothing!!!! Why would this be allowed? It was totally unnecessary if he was the person they wanted all along! We need a whole new council if this is how they work down there. Truly it is plain ignorance when money is wasted like this.

Does this mean he will be the new police chief when he is sworn in or what? Please explain!!!!! I have been ill and am just catching up on the news.

entitled to my ...

Sorry to hear you have been ill! Until Ard makes her decision, Orzech is in charge. I don't understand why she just doesn't make her decision and be done with it. Hopefully, it will be Orzech- in my opinion, he would make a terrific Chief. Anyone who knows him, knows he is fair and honest, tough when he needs to be, but always fair!


Thanks for your concern. And for answering. I hope this is IT for this decision. What a long time coming this has been. Just make the decision already. Enough is enough. LOL


I hate to spoil all the fun here but I think that Mr. Icsman needs to make a ruling whether it is ok for Ms. Ard to choose from just two qualified candidates. My opinioin is that the committee needs to provide another candidate since one of the three disqualified himself.

This should be an easy process, since they can just furnish the next name down on the list and if they don't have a list then shame on them.