More boat owners call here home

State boat registrations in Ohio are up for the fourth year in a row, providing good news for the folks in Erie and Ottawa counties whose jobs are kept afloat by the boating industry.
Tom Jackson
Mar 14, 2013


Records from the ODNR Division of Watercraft show 435,310 boats were registered in Ohio in 2012, up from the previous record of 426,674 in 2011. 

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State officials say those numbers include powerboats, canoes, jet-propelled watercraft, sailboats, kayaks and rowboats.

The boat business supports about 20,000 jobs in Ohio, said Ken Alvey, president of the Lake Erie Marine Trades Association.

Alvey says there are probably close to 300 marinas or places where more than six boats dock in Ohio, and close to 100 dealers who sell new boats.

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Tool Box

Yes it's true, the economy is slowly rebounding whether you want to believe it or not.


as far as I'm concerned, those a**holes can stay home

Not Yer Pa

I hear ya Unassumer, As long as they leave their daughters behind though!


My husband and I are hoping for a new car the next time one of them pulls out in front of us with their boat behind them!

The Bizness

Yeahhhhh Keep your money out of our area! We are just fine up here without tourists! ;) ;)

If it wasn't for the tourism industry, mid central Ohio would be nothing, so I recommend you are polite and welcoming to tourists.

Hoss McGee

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