Perkins Schools contract cut by $1 million; $11 million left to go

Non-teaching Perkins Schools employees approved a new 5-year contract this week that will save the district nearly $1 million during the next four years.
Alissa Widman Neese
Mar 14, 2013

That's one step.

Click here for a previous story about the proposed budget cuts for the district. 

The school board still can't agree on the next step, however, and determining what programs and staff members must be cut to save an additional $11 million remains unresolved.

Board members initially planned to announce two rounds of district-wide cuts last week and approve them this week.

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After several hours of discussion during executive, closed-door meetings, however, they have yet to release vote for an approved list. 

"There are lots of options we need to discuss," board president Matt Kosior said. "If there was one good option we would have done it a long time ago. None of these cuts are cuts we want to make."

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@brainiac....if you really feel that your child is being bullied, then that needs to be reported immediately. Take your child to the guidence office and name names! All schools today have a zero tolerance level for that sort of behavior in schools. They can offer assistance in stopping it cold. As for the athletics, if your son is athletic, attend some of the sports he is into and talk to the coach. Ask why he isn't getting some playing time yourself and find out. Maybe he is being bullied there as well and isn't putting forth as much effort as he had once. You will soon find out. Then you will know what to do. That's how I found out. Then you can do something about it. Either way, when bullying is going on, you need to know.


They won't stop asking until they get the Ohio ten mill levy limit!

Ohio is one of a few states that uses a levy limit expressed in mills over a mathematical formula. Ohio has a levy limit on ten mills as school districts in Ohio cannot ask for more than ten mills of assessed valuation.[8] The ten mill limit is constitutionally protected by Article XII, Section II of the Ohio Constitution since 1953.[9] The required referendum for the ten mill limit did not become law until 1999.[8]

Types of leviesOhio has different types of levies that fall under the ten mill limit.

General levyThe general levy is used to provide operating funds and is known as an operating levy.

PI levyLevies used for permanent improvements are referred to as "permanent improvement" or PI levies.

Emergency levyAn emergency levy is a property tax that serves as a limited operating levy (maximum of five years) proposed for a specific dollar amount. Due to the dollar amount of taxes charged by the levy needing to stay constant, the millage rate increases.

Bond levyA bond levy is a property tax levy used to provide the local revenue for construction purposes.

Dual-purpose levyA dual-purpose levy is a single ballot issue for both a PI levy or bond issue combined with an operating levy. The issue may be continuing or limited. A PI/operating levy may be either a property tax or a school district income tax, but a bond/operating levy must be a property tax. The board, at the time it seeks the ballot issue, must state how much of the tax levy will be used for each purpose.

County financing district levyA county financing district levy is a property tax levy proposed by an educational service center for the support of a specific program or purpose (such as special education). If approved, the tax is levied on all participating districts in the county.

Incremental levyAn incremental levy is a property tax phased in for the full amount of the millage increase; it is also commonly known as a phase-in levy. It is a limited levy, with a maximum term of 10 years. Unlike the operating levy, an incremental levy imposes additional millage on a regular schedule throughout the life of the levy.


I was told that the new Perkins campus (being built even though voters rejected it with the money Gunner stole...I mean moved) includes a parking garage for the students. Someone please tell me this isn't true.

Not Yer Pa

Not true. Laid off KBI employees will be hired to valet park the cars. Wash and wax services will be available, weather permitting.


I'm voting NO because I WANT to vote NO!!!! That's all the reason anyone needs to give! WHY? is none of your business, frankly.

Not Yer Pa

I'm voting NO because I suffer from thalassoharpaxophobia.


We will be voting no due to NO trust, ( not that I need to explane ).

Not Yer Pa

Nor do you need to explain.

Truth or Fiction

A lot of me. Not much we.


So far we have generated 643 NO votes amongst coworkers, friends and family. VOTE NO!!!

Tell it how it is.

I vote yes Because...
1. Lowest school taxes in the area.
2. Successful in Athletics. Care about their student athletes.
3. High Academic Achievement
4. 500 kids from neighboring districts think it is a better choice for them and bring their state money here.
5. Lowest administrative pay in the area. (efficiency)
6. Offer some of the best educational offerings.
7. My daughter who is a Doctor now has pointed to several Teachers at Perkins who have made the most impact on their lives.
8. Even with passage taxes will be lower than all districts in the County besides Edison.
9. I don't want to see major dollars thrown at the Current high school when it needs to be replaced.
10. I don't want to be around 10 years from now hearing again about the facilities and when they will begin to address them.
11. The negative people on here are like me and hide behind some alias name and don't have the guts or know how to come to a board meeting and offer solutions to the long range problems. We can't even prove that they live in the district and are more likely a group of people in Sandusky trying their hand at Negative Publicity.
12. Our state government will not solve facility problems ever so why are we waiting.
13. KBL may be failing but it can't be due to school property taxes since they are 10 mils below the state average and none of their employees pay an income tax since it is outside of the city limits.
14. I believe in the programming that the district offers.
15. I want Perkins to outperform neighboring schools in all areas. My fear with a failure is that students will move to other districts and drop my property values and cause the district to lose all of that open enrollment money. This investment will only make it more attractive in the eyes of potential home buyers and other families.
16. Really only 20 dollars per month... I am sure that I can afford that. I am sure anybody can afford that.
17. Gunner may not live here but works much harder than the neighboring Superintendents and does not sleep around with other women. (insert Fred Fox Joke)

I am sure I am missing many more.

Not Yer Pa

#2 and #7 convinced me.


They care about their student-athletes? Try telling that to the junior basketball players who have dressed varsity until tonight's regional, when they were told sophomores would be taking their place and, oh yeah, the juniors shouldn't bother going out next year because they don't want them taking up uniforms as seniors. Yeah, they really care. Vote no!

Tell it how it is.

I feel bad about that. Part of the sport of Basketball. Part of life. I have sat the bench before. I was always proud that I could help my teammates in practice and be a part of something. If I were better I would start. Kind of a life lesson but at least there is little to lose here.


That is a pretty flippant reply "I feel bad about that". Quite obvious from what Wald posted, if indeed it is true, the coaches do not care about their athletes, at least in this case. Why would you embarass kids that way? And these same folks are asking us to support them? Could be my kid this coach does that to next, sorry, not interested in supporting people like this.


I agree with you whole heartedly! They take care of and care about their student athletes that are part of the clique! If your a student that hasn't grown up here from day one, if the family isn't fairly wealthy, and you don't go sit around with their little cliques in the bars, or in the living rooms of some drinking it up then YOUR KIDS DONT MATTER! Its a crying shame it really is, which is why I hope Perkins is left with NO CHOICE but to drop sports, you can only mistreat others for so long before it will come back and bite you in the a$$! People that have money put their pants on the same way us "poor folk" do, they wipe their a$$e$ the same way, and probably work 10 times harder then most. Its pathetic our children don't get a better chance at life then those of us who have struggled because a school system holds them back! If this don't change though I will be a voice that gets heard, and it will be heard by news channels, news papers etc. because im at my wits end! I've put a crapload of money into this township even when I don't truly have it just like all others, but no more I refuse to pay people to show prejudice against my child!


Why the hell would Sandusky people give a damn about perkins leivies? That is something perkins people do when it comes to sandusky.


"16. Really only 20 dollars per month... I am sure that I can afford that. I am sure anybody can afford that."

Then you're living in a dream world. For some people that would mean, no medication that month, or no food, or a bill that doesn't get paid! Wake up, Mr./Mrs. doctor's parent!

Not Yer Pa

You're just saying that because you're a #11


It may only be 20 a month in taxes, but all the fees the school applys to everything, its more like 100 a month, we have 2 kids in the school, the school is always asking for fees for something. Heck they have even offered extra credit points if the kids bring in boxes of tissue for the other students to use in class. huge no vote.

God Of Thunder

Imagine the extra credit students will get for going out and voting FOR the levy.. I know it's being done that way..

Tell it how it is.

You are always negative I read your posts. My fees were high as well. However my daughter had enough credits to start school as a Sophomore and trust me... those fees were much less than College Tuition.

Good 2 B Me

If I am going to spend $20 per month, I am gonna send it to Sarah McLachlan and her pathetic, feel guilty tv commercials!

Tell it how it is.

I am awake. I believe in paying it forward. I have nothing for my children to gain at this point.
I will sacrifice for others. I want the next generation to have as good or better than I had it.


#13. What is this KBL she speaks of?


#3 A false statement, out of the 6 public schools in Erie county Perkins is ranked 4th out of 6th.
For those that don't want to follow the link Huron, Edison, Vermilion, Perkins, Margaretta and lastly Sandusky.

Tell it how it is.

Then why doesn't everybody want to move to Huron or Edison???

(Fred Fox Takeover) And Edison can't pass a levy.
I would bet that is almost in the same order as the poverty level in those districts. And they all tax higher than Perkins.


The sad thing is that Perkins is ranked 391 out of 610 school districts in the state. That puts Perkins in the 36th percentile compared to all the other districts in the state. Huron is ranked at 124. The percent of low-income families seems to be a factor, however Vermillion has a higher percentage of low-income families than Perkins. And there are lots of districts with higher percentages of low-income families that do very well and lots better than Perkins. Interesting information.


$20 per month...or $2400 over 10 years or $4800 over 20 years . That's providing you only have a $100,000 home. The average home in Perkins is more than $175,000 so multiply those numbers by 1.75.

Who would like to pick up this cost for me ?


I'm voting no.