Job losses at KBI generate fear for plant's future

Employees of Kyklos Bearing International — the former New Departure/Delphi bearing factory — are afraid for the future of the plant.
Melissa Topey
Mar 13, 2013

Karen Balconi Ghezzi, director of the Erie County Job and Family Services, said KBI laid off 36 employees since late last month.  

"They say the layoffs are indefinite and are the result of a reduction of the workload," Ghezzi said.

Get the ePaper on Thursday or buy a copy of the Register at a newsstand near you to learn more about the anxiety workers have concerning the plant's future.

A seven-year employee of KBI said he was one of the layoffs and he anticipates more are coming.

It is possible anyone hired from 2006 or after, about 120 people, will soon be out of a job, he said.

“Since 2008 we have lost 175 production jobs and 10 skilled trade jobs, all in four years,” another employee said. “Growing up I used to hear people say if the New Departure plant closed we (the community) were done. I am afraid that time may be here.”



If you think unions flourished under either Bush or Reagan - you are not a union family. We lost benefits under both Bush reigns.

Now The Rest of...

Wages and buying power has dropped along with private union membership under your messiah, the facts once again disagrees with the liberal agenda.

Put America 1st

I can always count on the Sandusky Register comment board to bring out the uneducated and uninformed.

"The unions take a hit when the economy is bad." REALLY??? lol I am going to out on a limb and say majority sectors of business are effected by the economy.

"I guess most of you will blame Bush, but unions were flourishing under Bush." His name was Bill Clinton when this country flourish - technology and manufacturing GREW

"Union people in this country have been fooled into the idea that we can ship jobs overseas and still remain vital." lol I am sure union people know that individuals like YOU put individuals like Sen. Portman, Bob Latta or a Jim Jordan that VOTE to ship our jobs oversea.

Way to join the terrorist movement.


Who signed NAFTA and pushed the WTO? William Jefferson Clinton. Who signed the Modernization Bank Act that repealed Glass-Stigall that lead to the financial crisis in 2007-2008? William Jefferson Clinton. We are a nation in decline now. In 1978 the US was the largest creditor nation in the world because we had a trade surplus, now we are the world''s largest debtor nation in history, why? A massive trade deficit. We consume everything and produce next to nothing. Until manufacturing jobs come back and we have a trade surplus we will have cycles of booms and bursts.




I agree. It's been all down hill since Bill Clinton signed NAFTA and all the good paying jobs went overseas. The economy has been struggling ever since.



Bill Clinton made Big Business send good paying jobs overseas.


No, he did not make send them overseas, but he ALLOWED them to. NAFTA was the biggest screw job to the American worker ever. The fact is, he signed NAFTA and the Modernization Bank Act that nuked our economy in one can dispute that.


You mean he shouldn't have allowed them?
Isn't that called Communism?

Golly, who could be quilty?
Could it be Big Business?


It's ALL the Democrat's fault.


How soon we forget about the dot com bubble burst under Clinton's watch


But, hey, vote yes for the Perkins school levy. For the kids, gosh darn it!



Mr. D

@pete. . . Kaptur has not been our Rep for anywhere near 30 yrs. Only since 2001 when the repubs did their redistricting magic!

Mr. D

@sam. . . Hostess filed bankruptcy twice before the bakers contract. The Ceo and around 15 other corporate raiders themselves raises and bonuses knowing the end was comming. Its OK if you don't like unions, but tell the true story. Management killed Hostess!

Randy_Marsh Still the democrats fault,"Could the fact that Hostess’s private-equity partner, Ripplewood Holdings, is owned by one Timothy C. Collins, a major Democrat donor and pro-labor advocate" Spin away!



Mr. D

Sorry, double posted


Don't worry - there are new jobs out there thanks to our government. Let's see, I just got a new job and you know what they told me? We aren't going to make any new people work over three days because then we fall under Obamacare rules. So much for them saying they were going to hire full time people.

Truth or Fiction

This is not a union-nonunion issue. Labor costs while a part of the equation are not the whole equation for KBI. There may be a need for some restructuring of pay and benefits but I am not a proponent of $10 per hour wages. Most of the workers, and I mean a great majority of them want to do the right thing and put in a full days work for a fair wage. The real issue for KBI is bringing a quality, competitively priced product to the market that GM, Ford, Chrysler, and even Honda want as a first choice supplier. To reach this goal, KBI must provide a quality product on-time, every time. Quality, logistics, and price will win or lose the day for KBI.

Put America 1st

"The real issue for KBI is bringing a quality, competitively priced product to the market that GM, Ford, Chrysler, and even Honda want as a first choice supplier" - Problem is not quality but price. As you mention, $10 an hour is not a livable wage however competitors in Right to Work states are paying their employees less to make bearings.


Do you have a source for your RTW state wages? Liberals speak but offer no source!!!!


I was told by management that companies, as with humans, are born - they live - and they die. I was given that prophetic message nearly one year to the month before the plant I was working at closed for good.

Writings on the wall are often hard to read but they're always there

...too sad for Sandusky if the trend continues.

Mr. D

Businesses die, but are mostly killed unmercifully by greed of management. Keep on believin what they tell you.


Isn't KBI sort of related to Obozo's Government Motors???


It amazes me that some people think that CEOs deserve billions and union workers are greedy.


I would like to hear you make that comment if you got a chance for that job and money. You wouldn't last five minutes in a job like that. Next you'll say that Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Jack Welch, Lee Iaccocoa and the thousands of other innovative CEOs that come up with the products for you to produce were just lucky. Where do you think these products and companies come from? What value have you ever created? Get real if it wasn't for people like this we would have nothing.


China! Period!
We wanted everything for a fraction of what the good ol USA sold it for, now we got it. Now we suffer.

Phil Packer

And it's ALL crap. That's not to say that USA made stuff was always the best, but now there isn't even a choice. EVERYTHING is made in China, and it is ALL crap, and covered with toxic smells. We're in big trouble...


Lifetime is right. Remember a few years back when they had an article in the SR? The article talked about how KBI was in court to force GM to abide by their contract with KBI to continue producing bearings and wheelhubs for them. GM was trying to get out of the contract so that they could by these from a Chinese supplier. Well that contract is up. Maybe they can cry to the UAW since they own a stake in GM. Naw, that won't happen, because the UAW leadership gets to fill their pockets full of money whenever they outsource more to China. What is the UAW doing for you?


Here's one for you working people. Go to work tomarrow and tell your employer u want them to take 40percent of your wage. then tell me how you feel after you bought a house,car, and ect....what would you do? You can start by saving your ignorant comments thank you!