His name is Pope Francis

Vatican introduces new leader
Matt Westerhold
Mar 13, 2013



Argentine Jorge Bergoglio has been elected pope, the first ever from the Americas and the first from outside Europe in more than a millennium. He chose the name Pope Francis.



cool. Whats his track record on child abuse in the church?


@ Mr. Westerhold:

Pope Francis I

A Jesuit...root out the heretics?


All hail the new King of the Catholics! Organized religion failed me long ago. Including this one that I was raised on.


Will he protect the children or cover the abuse up?


Talked to my mom tonite and she was talking about the "new" pope. I was like, really? A new King for the Catholics? If she could've reached out and physically touched me, I'd be in the hospital right now. No BS.


Not all Catholics are bad. And yes the abuse and cover-up was horrendously bad done by church leaders of the old administration. Can I promise that abuse will never happen again in the catholic church? No but I can't say that about anything. I can't stop child abuse period. I can't stop moms from allowing their bf from continuously beating or sexually abusing their children. I can't stop teachers or caretakers from doing it either. I can't stop other religions like the Amish, Mormons, Baptists or any other pastor from harming children. I can only say the church members do not condone the abuse that was done and the new administration have taken steps to stop abuse and to never cover up it again. I was raised catholic and not abused. My experience with the church has been positive. Do I believe all the church rules and beliefs? No but I don't believe in a lot of what organized religion preaches. I take the good and leave the rest. I do believe the Catholic Church is reforming and I believe it will remain standing during these trials and tribulations brought on by evil people within the church. The ones who committed the abuse and the ones who covered it up are the only criminals here. The members of the church who do not condone nor took part in the abuse scandal are not defined by what they did. We will stand by the church and work for reform so we can protect its members young and old. The church will not die. Too many good and faithful followers will not allow that to happen. The good will make things better. I am not a bible thumper. I go to church for the fellowship and spirituality it brings me. I am not a bible literalist but I do believe it holds some truth. Again, take the good and leave the rest. Many Christians do not like this train of thought but it works for me.


He named himself after St. Francis of Assisi who was a great and humble advocate for the poor. I believe that electing a Latin American Pope will bring change and progress to the church in many areas but not in accepting the LGBT community and that makes me sad but then most Christian religions do not accept LGBT but some do such as Methodist, Episcopal, and UCCC. So there is hope out there for the Catholic Church to change their stance but I don't believe it will be in my lifetime. That does make me very sad. I believe the church will relax its stance on birth control (which I and many catholics like me believe in) before it does with homosexuality.

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Congrats big guy!