Strike two: Second OVI puts county job in jeopardy

An Erie County dispatcher stumbled into work legally drunk Tuesday and got arrested, according to a sheriff's report.
Matt Westerhold
Mar 12, 2013


Christie Johnson, 36, was charged with driving under suspension and operating vehicle intoxicated. 

Johnson was also put on paid administrative leave. 

Her blood alcohol level initially registered at 0.103 percent, according to Erie County Sheriff Paul Sigsworth. 

"Obviously with a BAC like that she has no business dispatching," Sigsworth said. "You just can't tolerate it in this environment — there's just too much at stake."

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Johnson parked at the Erie County Sheriff's Office shortly before 2 p.m. Another dispatcher smelled booze on her when she walked in and told Erie County chief deputy Jared Oliver. 

Soon after two deputies led Johnson into an interview room. 

"The odor of alcoholic beverages was very apparent immediately after entering the room," a deputy's report said. "The odor became even more overwhelming as I sat down next to Johnson." 




Really? And I'm trying as hard as I can to get my county job back from being laid off.


hope you get it back...


Apply to be a dispatcher, forget your other job....everyone always says how easy it would be and all the great benefits, you might as well give it a shot


And you would have an awesome boss......from what i hear sheriff sigsworth is the


Heck yeah! I love drunk chicks!


Which bars does this chick hang out at?

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swiss cheese kat

She is on facebook. She likes Needle Dick's Tattoo Parlor.


Stalk much? Get a life.

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swiss cheese kat

No. You get a life loser.

Clark W. Griswald

Good one


Put her in the cell with the boys that was sneaking alchol in there on the superbowl. Good times!


PAID leave???


Yeah that's what I'm interested in knowing about. Why wasn't she immediately fired???


Because like any other person accused of a crime she is innocent until proven guilty.


So many would LOVE to have that job! I'll take it!

Rod Farva

Im sure you would do an amazing job........


any relation to Barker?


Oh, I could so add to the humor in this, but I shan't. My Momma taught me to think differently and on occasion, I don't heed her advice, but this time, I can hear her in my head saying, "don't you dare".


The union will save her. Nowadays you can't fire anyone anymore. In the private sector, you would be out if you showed up to work drunk.


The union allways saves the deadbeats.

Talkings hit

Unfortunately you're right. It's been my experience that unions spend 95% of their time defending 5% of their members.

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Step 1: Fire her


I applied for this job and all is I can do is shake my head at the candidate they choose. Way to go idiot.. dumbest criminals right in the office...

Talkings hit

And they wonder why decent, hard working people are leaving the area in droves. I hope you reapply and get the job this time.


You are so correct! I graduated w a BA in '09 and have applied for each and every job that has come up that I would qualify for and only have had one interview come of all my applications. But with no experience and not knowing anyone in the field to put a good word in for me, being told (its not what you know, but WHO you know) I am paying student loans for a useless degree in this area.. I will be given no choice but to move to a bigger area with more opportunities because they give the jobs to people like this.. Can't help but wonder who put the good word in for this woman.....


It's not who you, it's who you....


She should be given her walking papers ASAP. Alot of deserving dispatchers lost their jobs, or were transferred to much lower paying positions with the combined dispatch.


They probably have to offer her rehab if its her first offence!


Ooops guess I should have proof read the headline! But this is the SR ...mistakes happen all the time! :)


Maybe she's related to Christy Johnston.

Talkings hit

Or Magic Johnson


drunk by 2:pm. Lady,you have a good job . Many are waiting in the wings, kindly step aside, a little further, a little more, oops out the door, next.

Hoss McGee

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