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A gay athlete? Now is the time for a star to speak up
Mar 12, 2013


“Now is the time...”  — Martin Luther King, Aug. 28, 1963

Brendon Ayanbadejo is wrong.

It is painful to say that. Ayanbadejo’s heart is in a good place, and the advice he gave recently on MSNBC’s “The Ed Show” was practical and well intentioned.

But mainly, yes, it was wrong.

Here’s the back story. It seems NFL prospect Nick Kasa recently told ESPN Radio that he was asked in an interview with a team he won’t specify whether he is married, if he has a girlfriend and whether he likes girls. It was a spectacularly stupid line of inquiry for two reasons.

One: It has nothing to do with his abilities as a football player.

Two: It’s fresh evidence of the NFL’s estrangement from the 21st century, coming as it does in the wake of Chris Culliver of the San Francisco 49ers — repeat: the San Francisco 49ers — dismissing the notion of a gay player by saying, “Can’t be with that sweet stuff. Nah ... can’t be ... in the locker room...”

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I don't think anyone needs to clarify their sexual preferences. It's just not anyone's business. It's also stupid to think that out of all the pro athletes, not one is gay. Gay people are everywhere. That's just the way it is! Homosexuals are no more deviant than heterosexuals.


Never heard of him before today. Enjoyed his other columns I found.
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We're only hearing his side. It all depends on which and how the questions were asked.

Absolutely, one's personal life can have a profound affect on one's job performance.

I've been interviewed by prospective employers, where both my spouse and I were asked together to dinner.

In this case, if the team is gonna be offering him a nice contract worth millions of dollars, you can bet that they want to know if he is emotionally mature, ‘regardless’ of his s*xual preferences.


Are you suggesting gay people are not emotionally mature? One's maturity is not determined by who they have sex with. The contract is to perform on the field not in the bedroom. Of course a prospective employer would include a spouse in a dinner type interview but it still says nothing about your sexual preferences.


Note the word: "regardless."

Have an nice day bambie-poo.


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@ coasterfan:

Note the word: "Regardless"

What did you teach where cognitive thinking skills were unnecessary?


I don't know , sounds like their pushing into the sexual harassment zone to me . I'm curious though , do they check these guys criminal records , or bank accounts ? Who they invest with or donate to ? All those would give more insight into one's maturity then their sexual preferences in my opinion . When a bank checks any of us out , I don't hear of them asking about our sex lives .


A dinner interview with my spouse? Yeah, that ain't gonna happen. My private life has nothing to do with my business life. If you HAVE to cross that line to hire me, we're done.

3M TA3

Please reconsider. When I hit the powerball I was hoping to hire you as my ghost writer. Are you sure one million dollars per year won't change your mind?


@ luvblues2:

Attempting to pre-qualify the emotional maturity and home life stability of a prospect only becomes important in the event their "secret" private life impinges on their business life and the compartmentalization unexpectedly blows up.

Due diligence is a two-way street.


Due diligence is something I practice both at home and at work. The two never mix. My personal life is mine. When I'm on the clock for you, you get at least 100% if not 105% (the other part of the 110% is MINE). I may even take work home, but I never ever bring my personal life to share at a dinner table when trying to be hired. If you expect that, I don't want what you have to offer. Even if it is a million dollars.


Yea, most reputable cos. like to see their name mentioned in the media connected to some nutjob with a secret life that they hired.

Reagan: Trust, but verify.

Due dilligence as a two-way street: I check you out, you check me out.


As if a heterosexual person couldn't have a secret life that impinges on their business life. Could your discrimination against gays possibly be more blatant? I think we all have a pretty good idea as to how you define emotional maturity, as seen through an extremely narrow mind who loathes anyone who is seen as different. How can you possibly know what a two-way street is, when you believe that there are only 2 kinds of people in the world: people who agree with you, and people who are beneath you?


@ coasterfan:

Good to read your typical "my opinion equals fact" nonsensical blather.


I think it was in bad taste that they (NFL) would ask that question. Granted, Pro athletes make way more money than I will ever see, but I would have been offended if my employer asked me that question in an interview. I don't know what the number of people per 1000 that is gay/lesbian, but I would think that number would be the same in professional sports. There are probably gay athletes, who cares? I'm sure I have worked with gay people and it never effected me in no way.


I agree with 419. It's a non-issue, or at least, it should be. I do a lot of community theatre, and know a lot of gay people. As a rule, their relationships with their significant others are longterm, loving and monogamous, and it's not easy for me to say that they seem to do a heck of a lot better at that than we heterosexual people do. Yet, they are not judgmental in the least. I would guess that there are the same % of gay athletes in American team sports as in other endeavors. They just can't disclose that information publicly, as it would be career-altering.


@ coasterfan:

You're spewing your prejudice based on the slim evidence of a one-sided story. Enjoy basking in your narrow mindedness and lack of cognitive thinking skills.