No follow-through from city, contractor, on Ard review

Sandusky city commissioner Diedre Cole wants to know why a consulting firm hired in 2011 hasn't followed through on a contract provision to provide a performance review for the city manager it helped the city hire.
Mar 12, 2013


Staff report

At least two Sandusky city commissioners and some residents want a full-blown evaluation of the city's top official's job performance. 

"It can't be done at a cocktail party or standing on the corner," Sandusky city commissioner Diedre Cole responded Monday after a resident asked about the contract with the Novak Consulting Group, the firm hired in 2011 to spearhead the search for a city manager. Novak was paid more than $20,000 for its work. 

Cole asked commission clerk Kelly Kresser to verify the suggestion the contact review was waived at some point before or after Ard was hired in October 2011. Ard suggested previously the provision had been waived during an initial meet and greet with community members. Cole contends the provision could not be waived without an action of commission.  

Ard has been on the job about 15 months, and appears to not have met  any of the 12 goals established for the city manager when she was hired, according to a Register analysis of city data. Commissioners are in the process of conducting their own performance reviews of the city's other top employees, such as the law and finance directors. 

"I don't see why anyone would have a problem with a review by the Novak group," Cole said. "I don't understand why there would be any opposition to following through on that."

Ard's contract includes performance raises. There's been no timetable established by commission, however, for when its reviews of Ard, and the other charter officers, will be complete. 

Members of the city commission's finance committee have asked Ard to present a balanced budget to city commission. Providing commissioners a zero-deficit budget and finishing union contract negotiations are two of the 12 city manager goals established by commission for 2012. Commission scheduled another budget hearing for later this month. 

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What do you think? Share your opinions below in the comments section as to whether or not you think city commissioners should evaluate Sandusky's top employees. 




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There you go again

Is that the only picture of her that SR has?

3M TA3

Moderators have removed this comment because it contained Personal attacks (including: name calling, presumption of guilt or guilt by association, insensitivity, or picking fights).


Fire her and go to a mayoral system.


I bet if you went out and asked 100 city residents who their city manager is...they would not give you the right answer.


If the waiver was not amended to the contract then there is no issue. I would think the law director would have the information. Has the city called Novak to find out any more information on this issue? If they have no amendment to the contract, then I would think they need to obey the contract. How can Ard get a raise when no evaluations have taken place on her as yet?


How can this so-called "city manager" have any qualifications in hiring anyone?? She has not been reviewed by anyone YET herself. What has she done?? Why does she keep everyone in the dark?? What positive change has come about under her?? Someone is hiding something, this is pathetic!!! waste..waste.waste $$$

Darwin's choice



The long drawn out process to hire a police chief has made it clear the governing by a gang of 7 with all their various committees is no longer an efficient, effective way to govern.

I am ready to support a strong mayor form of government.

Matt Westerhold



Fire her and then start the search all over again. I am sure that will work out in Sandusky's favor, and we will get a pool of well qualified candidates. I am sure that qualified City Managers are lining up to work for a city that fires managers more frequently than we vote for commissioners.

For those of you who cannot detect it, that statement is laced with sarcasm...


Here is a thought: since most of the police chief applicantes have dropped out, could it be that maybe there will not be a Chief chosen rather then have the liutenants run the department? How is it that the assistant chief is not the acting chief until they appoint a chief?