Sandusky police chief field down to 2

With a decision from city manager Nicole Ard expected any day, one of three finalists for the top cop job in Sandusky has bowed out.
Andy Ouriel
Mar 12, 2013


That leaves just two vying for the position: Sandusky assistant police Chief John Orzech, a 16-year veteran at the department, and Austin Peay State University police Chief Terence Calloway.

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Craig Stone, a lieutenant who has worked for Columbus police for 28 years, withdrew his name from the three-man race this past weekend.

Stone sent an email to Sandusky's human resources department, informing administrators he's ending his pursuit of the job. He offered no apparent reason for bowing out. 

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A city official who is supervising the search efforts said it's a bit bothersome a finalist quit this far into the process.

"It's disappointing," city commissioner Pervis Brown said.

Brown's frustrations with Stone's departure may stem from the seemingly arduous process of selecting a police chief. Brown has spearheaded a five-member volunteer committee entrusted to find suitable candidates.

The committee spent almost a year vetting dozens of potentials, narrowing the applicants down to three finalists.





Stone was my selection and now he has dropped out. How can you ask candidates to hang in there for a year while the city makes up their mind on who to select? Would you want to work for a city that drags its feet for almost a year trying to make a decision? If the candidates have been following our city and the budget problems, I wouldn't look twice at us. The leadership cannot get their act together. It is difficult enough to be a Police Chief without having to deal with incompetent leadership. I am surprised the candidates have hung on this long.


Why the formalities? We all know who's going to get it. Calloway more than likely bowed out because he knew who was going to get the job--and it wasn't him. They need to go outside the department so that place has a chance of shaping up.


You have got to be kidding. Woodmere has a population of 800 and Chief of a University is equivalent to being head of security at Kalaharie. Orzech is part of the culture that needs to be replaced. A disaster waiting to happen (coninuing to happen).


In other words, the status quo marches onward. Not forward, closer to backward. And there's not a single criticism I've seen here, or a single suggestion I've read, that wouldn't be BEST addressed by taking your words to heart: "...the culture that needs to be replaced."


The university chief isnt the answer thats for sure a population of 800. Plus ive heard from my second cousin who knows the man that he isnt a great leader by any stretch

3M TA3

My youngest baby mama's stepsister's ex-boyfriend's second cousin said the same thing!


Still holding out for Nuesse!


All part of the plan from day one. It's called "going through the motions" to make things look good. Wait long enough and the other outside candidate will drop out as well.


It is all in the strategic planning of things from the police chief to the budget to the city hall.


Mr. Stone is no dummy. He saw the writing on the wall. Orzech. Nixon's brother-in-law. Should we throw up now? I'm just thinking of all the money this city wasted on these police chief searches when this corrupt city commission and the corrupt police department knew what they were going to do all along. And let's not forget the $62,000 study to tell the overworked detectives who don't have time to do their own paperwork that they need someone to do their paperwork. No wonder we're broke! Five officers to break up a two person fist fight yet not one responds to a call of four children left home alone while their mother is out doing her drugs. Yep, right next door, and not one officer came. Must not be high on their list of priorities. This department disgusts me.


Why not hire a headhunter who is experienced in finding police administrators rather than hoping someone capable applies.


Well once again...this is a no-brainer. Obviously John Orzech has basically taken over the past two years and has done a wonderful job. He has caught murderers, drug dealers, and felons. He has dedicated himself, along with Dana Newell, to making our city safe. His resume is far more impressive then our current CITY MANAGER!


How can this so-called "city manager" have any qualifications in hiring anyone?? She has not been reviewed by anyone YET herself. What has she done?? Why does she keep everyone in the dark?? What positive change has come about under her?? Someone is hiding something, this is pathetic!!! waste..waste.waste $$$


Just eliminate the Police Chief and assistant and let the lieutenants run the show--save lots of money.