Huron's Andy White is finalist for Cleveland Heights job

Long-time city manager job hunting
Andy Ouriel
Mar 11, 2013


Huron city manager Andy White is among the top four candidates for the Cleveland Heights city manager position, according to a story in the Cleveland Plain Dealer. 

White has been the Huron city manager since 2006. 


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Good for Cleveland Heights, bad for Huron if he leaves.

Keepin It Real

There is a God... get him out of here!!! Let him play with the big boys he will not be able to control them, micro manage, lie to theme, or spiral out of control when things do not go his way etc... Hold on to the reins Huron he is leaving because secrets he has been covering are about to unfold and be exposed and its too lake to cover his tracks.

Good Luck Andy go make some other peoples lives miserabel for a while.

BW1's picture

Oh he will - the govt. of Cleveland Heights specializes in misery. If they think he's qualified, then it will be good to see him leave. About the only thing that could paint him in a worse light is if he was being considered to replace Hugo Chavez.


Keeping it Real, you sound like a former disgruntled city employee! If so, Andy would not need to micromanage had you been preforming your job well. Also, you do realize when you refer to Cleveland Heights as the “big boys” you insult Huron & appear to be a LITTLE MAN.

TigerDad, I couldn't have said it better!!!

Keepin It Real

WAY OFF NOT AN EMPLOYEE NEVER WAS AND NEVER WILL BE NOR WAS I BORN OR RAISED IN HURON!!! As a matter of fact I have no one in my family employed by City of Huron so specutlate away.... As far as "big boys" or your little man mentality quote we will agree to disagree. My opnion has nothing to due with the people of the City of Huron, however, it does have to do with the small town politics that a big City will not tolerate. Thank you for your opinion.


If you aren't an ex employee, don't have a relation that works for the city, and you aren't from why the hate?

Keepin It Real

Let's revisit this conversation two years from today. Mark your calendar...


This will be a huge lose for the city of Huron. He has/had big visions for Huron and has done a nice job of getting grants for work around the city.

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If he even got an interview in the Peoples' Republic of Cleveland Heights, then Huron is better off without him. That city will only hire a card-carrying Marxist who kisses Ed Kelley's ring. Cleveland Heights has the highest local tax burden in the state (per the Plain Dealer.) They even have an ordinance telling you how many kids you can have based on the size of your house.

Darwin's choice

Need some help packing........?

Tsu Dho Nimh

No big loss but I wish him well.

good old boy

no loss at all. Back stabbing liar.


Andy White should stay and see his vision at least get to the "shovel in the ground' stage. He has pushed, audited, maneuvered, tweaked, pitched for grants and savings, and so much is just happening. Hoping he realizes that seeing things really get going and being a part of building the "next" Huron.. can be exciting and rewarding. Just a few more years and his legacy will be in place. Then... he can have a choice of many cities not just one.


Look no further than Sandusky for a replacement for Huron's outgoing City Manager. They have one you can have for free


Can someone give me a list of improvements he has made to our city?

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Here you go,------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ the end ! nothing