West side overpass more than year from completion

The phrases 'government project' and 'on time' usually contradict each other.
Andy Ouriel
Mar 11, 2013


Throw in the term “under budget,” and it’s quite a shocker to the delight of Sandusky residents who are paying for the city’s most pressing project.

Construction crews are pushing on to complete the west-end overpass project by July 2014.

“Everything is on schedule,” state transportation spokeswoman Christine Myers said.

The $11.4 million project strives to streamline traffic on Sandusky’s west side, near the Venice Road and Tiffin Avenue intersection, allowing motorists to bypass railroad crossings.

City residents are only fronting $570,000 of the project, with the remaining funds coming mostly from state tax dollars.

A road elevated above the ground will connect Tiffin Avenue and George Street, running parallel to Venice Road.

Bystanders today can see a hill-like structure finished at the site. Most recently, truckers transported several steel beams to help support the bridge.

State-contracted trucks transported several steal beams to support the bridge above the roadway. The overpass comes as a direct result of local residents complaining for decades about the delays caused by trains at crossings on the west side of town.



"Steal" beams? Do the police have any leads on who might have taken them?

The Bizness

The Cleveland Convention Center is also under budget and ahead of schedule...so this isn't that big of news.


How much will the railroad companies who caused the problem that caused the need for the bridge be contributing? If they hadn't built a warped track there wouldn't have been so many lost hours of motorists sitting there while they back it up move it forward and repeat. I want reparations!


From my understanding, Lake Erie & Western laid those tracks way before there were roads so why not blame that railroad for your inconvinience. I did lol at your comment as I understand sarcasm.

Tell it how it is.

Andy, Please go write for fox news. Government road projects take time. Ground has to settle, Guard Rails, Steel work and other things can't happen overnight. Do us all a favor and please write for the national enquirer or somebody that appreciates your writing.