Layoffs loom in Sandusky

On the table: Twenty-seven positions and $2.2 million in cuts over two years.
Andy Ouriel
Mar 10, 2013

Sandusky officials know this much for certain: Deep cuts in the city's payroll and city services are coming.

Exactly how much gets axed, however, and which jobs are at stake remains a mystery.

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The city faces up to a $500,000 deficit in its nearly $16 million general fund budget this year, finance director Hank Solowiej said recently. City manager Nicole Ard recently provided the seven city commissioners a list of jobs and services that could be cut from today through 2014.

The cuts — totaling $2.2 million and 27 positions — would impact just about every city department, including police and fire. Ard did not make any recommendations, however, as to which cuts she recommends or how cuts could be implemented. 

How much the new union contracts will add to the expense column also looms as a huge unknown.  

Representatives from the city and the city's three collective bargaining units — police, fire and general service workers — are in negotiations on separate contracts that all expired last year. A conservative estimate — say, a 1 percent raise for each unit over a three-year period — could add about an extra $250,000 in payroll costs. 

Get the e*Paper or buy Monday's Register at a newsstand near you to learn what some commissioners say plus a rundown of the May ballot measures and candidates.

Note: The deficit figure was provided by the city's finance director several weeks ago. 


Second Opinion

But the city's lawyer hires other lawyers to do the job he was hired to do.


I agree, it does not take a lawyer to hire a lawyer, anyone could do that. Maybe the City Manager could just contract out all the legal work. Why have a lawyer on staff who can't do all the legal work in-house.

Second Opinion

Police protection will be reduced and the government wants to disarm citizens, totally stupid!

Licorice Schtick

Um, no, in that budget is a big increase for police. Maybe at some point, someone should ask if we should keep moving toward spending every nickel on safety services and forgetting about everything else.


So does that mean Clitterbox-(SPD)is gonna get the ax again?


Hire a bunch of minimum wage people to wash and wax the fire trucks and do their grocery shopping and cook at the fire station and lay some fire people off.


You're kidding right? Maybe you should go down to the fire station and see what most of these guys do. With the huge increase in EMS calls over the past 19 yrs, they are out most of the day on squad. They are not just sitting around the station. Maybe if you can educate the entitlement folks in Sandusky to stop calling a squad for taxi service whenever they have a cold, sore throat, and toothache, then you might be able to cut staff.


I agree with you, KnuckleDragger: I was one of those who thought that all the firemen (women) did was cook and lift weights. Not anymore. And, I agree even more with the second part of your statement.


Contract all EMS out and charge the users. BS calls would stop real fast.

Rod Farva

No they wouldn't


I agree with VOTENO to a degree. I say lay off some fire and hire more police.


Knuckledragger..You forgot HIVES. Someone called a squad because their kid had hives. (no lie)

John Harville

Katelih... you DO know hives can be an indictor of anaphalectic shock which quickly can lead to death?


I agree with KnuckleDrager. People should not call 911 for minor causes. What's wrong with getting in your car and driving yourself over to the hospital. I had to use the squad several times last year for my husband who has CHF and I was grateful to the squad for coming. I apologized to them for calling them and they told me that's their job for people who have heart conditions to treat them and get them to the hospital for more help.

John Harville

Curley... yeah... got a bit of angina? elephant on your chest? Get in the car and drive to ER - maybe you can crash and kill someone on the way.


John I mean for minor injuries.

John Harville

Who can diagnose minor?

Rod Farva

Clearly you have never needed to call 911off i hope your good fortune continues ...

Rod Farva

Clearly you have never needed to call 911, i hope your good fortune continues ...

John Harville

Rod. Amen.


I agree VOTENO...sure the citizens of Sandusky call 911 for every minor bump and ache, however, Sandusky has the shortest drive to the ER than any other surrounding EMS services. It only takes a few minutes to pick up a patient and take them in, write their electronic report and drive to Save-a-lot. A lot of them, especially at Sandusky's out-lying stations, are milking hangovers.


The city has made so many cuts in recent years that 27 more seems pretty severe.

Licorice Schtick

Ya think?

dont blame me

City and County officials always come out with these doom and gloom articles every time union members are trying to negotiate a contract. Once they screw the employees then they’ll mysteriously find the money.


I wouldn't be too sure about that this time around. Most cities in the state are cutting staff, regardless of union contracts.


Contracts have already been finished.


Time to look at increasing the admissions tax rate. How about an article comparing our local admissions tax rate with that of other popular tourist destinations ?


How about, stop putting all your eggs in one basket. If more of the cities entitlement class were working instead of sitting around on the porch drinking beer, and reproducing little welfare checks, the city may actually make some money off the income tax. As it stands now, most of the income tax is paid by those who don't even live in the city.


Retired from a local industry. If one year we made $30,000,000 and the next year we made $25,000,000 the Plant Manager would tell the employees we lost $5,000,000.

Same holds true with the City. Like a broken 45 record, everytime there are union contracts up for renewing or some commissioner gets brain gas to move city offices, time for doom and gloom, as Dont Blame Me suggests, to brainwash the taxpayers to increase the income tax.

With a $3.5 million carryover, good luck with that.


They should have little problem passing an income tax increase since a large portion of city residents have little to no taxable income (meaning wages. Welfare, disability, and social security aren't subject to the cities income tax).