Re-naming the Cleveland Indians

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Mar 8, 2013


During last month’s Smithsonian symposium “Racist Stereotypes and Cultural Appropriation in American Sports” at the National Museum of the American Indian in Washington D.C., it was strongly suggested that it is demeaning and offensive of teams whose names make reference to Native Americans and that those teams who demean and offend should seriously considered changing their names.

The Cleveland Indians since 1915 have had the same name. So, if forced, what could they possibly change their name to?

Hmmm…. after 161 games last year, when they lost 44 at home and another 50 on the road, it shouldn’t be too hard to come up with a name that exemplifies their playing dead at home and getting killed on the road.

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should we change the browns name too. that could mean skin color


The Cleveland Browns can be renamed the Cleveland Steamers.

3M TA3

A roller derby team in the Burning River League already has that name. But I like your thinking!

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(Racist Stereotypes and Cultural Appropriation in American)

That’s a good start, now let us remove all the set aside programs, special government contracts and all the perks the, so called MINORITIES receive on the entire nations tax dollars. This is a great opportunity to remove all racism, sexism and cultural differences. We can all just become EQUAL. After all it is all about EQUAL opportunity in this United States right? As long a government continues everything other than EQUAL rights with such programs like casino set asides, we as a people will never be equal and racism will never end. We require EQUAL opportunity across the board and that cannot be legislated with special programs for some!

Just saying!

Phil Packer

I am a lifelong Cleveland Indians fan, and also I have the greatest respect for Native Americans, yet I had never thought that the Indians name had any negative connotations until somebody else said that it did. The name Native "American" should be considered just as bad, in my opinion, since this was not America until we came here and killed them all. So, what's the difference...


Vote no!


Reminds me of the CO college Indian team, "The Fighting Whites."


In the grand scheme of things in this world, does this really even matter? My gosh people, lighten up (or am I not allowed to say that?).

3M TA3

Great. Now you're picking on overweight people. Sheesh!


Maybe we should remove all Native American names from all schools and sports teams and pretend they never existed.

Good 2 B Me

Blame George Bush!


Hmmm…. after 161 games last year, when they lost 44 at home and another 50 on the road, it shouldn’t be too hard to come up with a name that exemplifies their playing dead at home and getting killed on the road.

OH YEA HOEFERT....You you ... Just wait till NEXT year !

Rod Farva

How about the turds

Kottage Kat

Red caps
How many remember?

Super Judge

Cheif Wahoo smoke em piece pipe, forgot number one problem, bring many moons of firewater.

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This whole tantrum over sports team names represents a monumental logic failure.
Pants wetting liberal victimology specialists fail to grasp that using something as a sports team name is not a derogatory thing.
Stop and think, put down your "we need to find a grievance" agenda, and look around. When was the last time you saw a sports team named the wife beaters, or the felons, or even the bastards or the scoundrels? You haven't, because sports team names are chosen to reflect qualities that lead to the success people wish the team to have. The names are chosen to reflect strength, perseverence, etc. People want their team to win, and they choose names that make them appear as winners. Look at some other well known team names:

Patriots - good thing
Steelers - Pittsburgh LOVES the steel industry
Eagles - our nation's symbol
Saints - a VERY good thing
Titans - people strive to be titans in their field

Native Americans need to spend their energy on more productive pursuits. You don't see Catholics pitching a fit over the New Orleans Saints, or cattlemen's organizations whining about the Dallas Cowboys, or Irishmen screaming about the Boston Celtics.


Well now they're gonna hafta rename the Indian motorcycle and anyplace of address which starts with Indian .. trials , terrace,, oh and most of the campgrounds etc.