VIDEO: Perkins school board takes heat on cuts

About 200 district residents turned out Wednesday to weigh in on the difficult choices ahead if tax levies fail.
Andy Ouriel
Mar 7, 2013

Click the video play button down screen center to watch last night's meeting. Click here to see a photo gallery.

The school board will be forced to slash up to $12 million more from the district's budget over the next five years without voter approval.

The fate of the district's 2-mil, five-year permanent improvement renewal levy and its 10-year, 4.98-mill new emergency operating levy on the May ballot will chart the course. 

The board already axed about $2.6 million by cutting teaching jobs and other positions. The next round could include slashes to athletics, foreign language programs and full-day kindergarten classes. 

One resident said the board and district superintendent Jim Gunner had not been straight with residents, a suggestion both Gunner and school board president Matt Kosior refuted.

“If you come up with a better plan or a chapter plan, let’s see it. Don’t accuse anyone up here of doing anything underhanded. That is not the case.”

The board shares many of the same frustrations residents do, Gunner said, but has kept its focus on the No. 1 priority.

“We are going to make the decisions that are right for the kids, and sometimes those are controversial,” Gunner said.

Click here for the e*Paper or get a Register at a newsstand near you for a table on contents on potential cuts and a deeper look at the school budget. 


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Copied from the other thread:

Here is the Letter to the Editor by Ralph Roshong who is a retired Superintendent of Schools from Perkins.

Perkins trying to build without voter approval

The Perkins School Board of Education is asking its voters to approve a 4.9 mill operating levy in the May primary election. The board is telling us this levy is needed due to the loss of state aid, reduced tax collections and increased costs. They are wrong.

Those three conditions may exist, but the actual reason they are requesting the support of the voters on this 4.9 mill issue is to replace the 5.2 mills of inside operating millage the board decided to change from operating to permanent improvement beginning in 2012. Of course, this step was taken so the board can construct a new $50 million school without the vote of the taxpayers.

However, the really serious impact of this move is that the school's operating funds were reduced by $2.2 million in 2012 and another $2.2 million in 2013.

That is a little short of the $4.5 million in operating funds lost for the instruction of our students between last year and this year. It appears ironic that the board will solicit our vote for an operating levy to replace the inside millage operating funds they moved, but they will not give us a vote for a new $50 million school facility. It must also be assumed that in going forward with this building project, the building will potentially be sized to house a major portion of the 500-plus students of non-resident parents who do not pay property taxes in Perkins Township. Each of these students bring to the district $5,500 from the state, but it costs the district $9,500 each to educate them. Many areas in most buildings have become crowded, additional teachers have had to be hired, and many alterations have had to be made to accomodate these additional students from the open enrollment program.

All of the current four school buildings have been involved in three or four energy retrofit projects over the last 25 years through House Bill 294 projects and as a result, are in quite satisfactory condition. The 1907 area of the high school, the north end, is the only parcel in need of possible replacement.

In addition, the board is asking for renewal of a 2 mill permanent improvement levy originally passed about 1990, which generates about $700,000 per year. The district's voters have passed/renewed this levy approximately five times with the understanding that the funds would be used to keep our four school buildings in top-notch repair. It appears the board recently assumed that keeping the buildings in top-notch condition is not the primary purpose of those funds and is using the permanent improvement funds on many other projects, most notably $1.7 million on a new stadium, making numerous alterations to the buildings to house the 500-plus non-resident open enrollment students, laptop computers for most students and staff, etc. If the board determined that additional funds were needed for these non-building maintenance projects, then additional funds should have been requested from the taxpayers for those purposes. The $700,000 collected yearly should have been used, as intended by the voters, for maintaining our four current school buildings, and possibly purchasing a few school buses.

It is apparent that the 5.2 former operating mills and the two long-time established permanent improvement mills are being combined to provide a 7.2 mill permanent improvement "building fund" for the board to expend as they wish on a $50 million project WITHOUT voter approval. Every Perkins School District voter must be aware of how the school board, the guardians of our school district's funds, will be using those taxpayer provided funds, especially a $50 million building program, without our voted approval.

Ralph Roshong Perkins Township


...and Ralph Roshong is god? Anyone fact check this? Don't believe everything you read. Ralph Roshong has made this personal and he feels he can state whatever he wants. At some point, people are going to stop listening to him because personal is not practical or factual.


Please tell me with corroborating evidence exactly what in the Roshong letter is not factual.

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Ha ha ha, she can't!


Now that is a well thought out question. Contact the board office and I'm sure they will respond.

dire wolf

I'm asking for their response here. I would think that they would much rather give their answer here for all of us on the fence voters to see first hand. This blog seems like the better platform.


I wouldn't use any of the Ralph Roshong logic. Again over 10 levies in his time at Perkins and did cut sports. Sounds like a school finance wizard to me. Can anybody tell me how long Ralph Roshong was the Sup at Perkins? My memory has failed me, but I know it wasn't pleasant times with him as the leader and the school was broke.


Sorry I was ref. direwolf


Resident51 lets just say someone has to make adult decisions for our community. I only hope that there are more people that have higher goals for our school than you.IMO you shortchange what can be achieved by your narrow view.


I hardly have a narrow view, unlike your lofty views when it comes to spending taxpayer dollars. I do however make wise, ethical decisions and would gain voter approval before making such decisions. Has your Superintendent and board done that? We shall see at the polls.


One last thing. as for Perkins devastating Sandusky with open enrollment. I believe Sandusky Schools had open enrollment before Perkins. Secondly nobody forced anyone to leave to go to Perkins. Sandusky needs to take ownership for their problems. If we had half their funding life would be good.


You got plenty of funding from Sandusky schools, your board and administration had no idea how to budget money. They chose athletics over academics.


I will be voting no on both levies as will all of my family members. That's 18 no votes here.

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We have another 12 NO votes...


Only 2 questions? Is that all the time they left ? Was going to take time off work to go, if that is it, sure am glad I didnt waist it.


No, there was more than that. I wasn't able to attend, the only way I know is by the picture gallery. There a bunch of pics of people asking questions.


Thanks Smelts, would be nice if the Register would show all the Q. and A.


I'm sick and tired of hearing it's for the kids, it will only cost a little. Tell that to all the people that got laid off from kbi today.


What. What Happened?


i am in the edison district and it is all the same everywhere. paying the teacher benefits and retirement and double dipping and retiring at 56 years old and living happily ever after is over. we cant pay anymoreh than we do. retirement and health care have to come to in line with the public sector. The old days are crashing and burning

Truth or Fiction

Do you really believe that the district has control over the retirement system? It doesn't. The contributions are mandated by the State system. Don't hold the BOE, Administration, and Teachers hostige for something out their control.

As for health insurance benefits, the plans in the districts are structured like most mid sized employers as a PPO (preferred provider organization) with deductibles, co-pays, and employee (contribution) premium share. What is a reasonable share depends on the person complaining. With regard to the continued increase in health insurance costs, you can thank the Affordable Health Care Act - remember we had to pass the bill before we would know what was in the bill. Unfortunately, there is nothing affordable about the Affordable Health Care Act.

I would ask that if you are going to cast, at least cast in the right direction.


I agree obomacare will hurt. But almost every teacher i know voted for obama because they think he will funnel backdoor money to the pension fund. As far as bennys. tax money is givin to the whole system and then they divy it up amunst themselves. And when they overpay they ask for levy money.



You don't like education then close down the schools!

The kids will absolutely love that!

You people are so smart, golly gosh darn it all, all you must have been home schooled to get so smart. I'm jealous I'm not as smart as you.

It's gonna be really neato when these wasteful skools finally close and kids are roaming free on the streets. That's pretty neat! Close the skools, education is overrated. Doctors don't need no edumacation, durn kids don't needs no physics or engineering neether. And golly gosh darn it, stop making kids read books. Sheesh, know how much money we could save if we stopped forcing people to learn to read?

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you are a a## teach


You are a mule. 100 bucks here and a 100 bucks there. How about the teachers just take a 15% decrease in pay like Delphi and Ford. I cant wait till they strike like Strongsville. They wont. Everyone is just glad to have a job.


Delphi and Ford are gone. Kbi is laying off. Everyone needs to wake up. Just ask all the kbi employees who were laid off yesterday how they feel. Vote no.


Perkins families should consider open enrolling at Sandusky city schools for the wide range of extracurricular activities next school year.

Maybe the collapse of the Perkins schools will finally lead our area to seriously consider consolidation of districts to provide the best educational experience to the students, while also providing the most efficient use of taxpayer dollars to fund schools.

dire wolf

now there is an idea. thanks!


Gee! I should be the one complaining here, I pay Perkins property taxes but can not vote on them LOL


A $100 here and a $100 there adds up to a lot of pork rinds!

Since we don't value education, or apparently take little pride in what the kids accomplish just be done with the mess. Or do you prefer to do everything half-donkey?

Our society values pathetically stupid television shows, the right to be phat, drive big cars on roads with no sidewalks for those that like to walk and we especially value and hold dear to our hearts the killing and subjugation of weaker countries. Wave that flag baby! How about we just have education centers that teach the kids how to kill and wave flags?

Or, how about centers of higher education devoted to teaching us how to become better consumers? We really need to learn how to become better at conspicuous consumption. Musicals, foreign languages, literature, art, it's all overrated. Just burn it all, but make sure the cable bill is paid up so you can fill your brain full of more tripe and idiocy propaganda.

So yeah, let's water down the schools, lets really show these rotten kids that adults also can be sniveling whining crybabies just like teenagers. Lets demonstrate that we truly don't care about the future of our communities, but we are more concerned with gorging ourselves with more food, phatter cars, more trips to Vegas and an icy cold 12-pack of Keystone Light. Teach by example!

So pony up, you all appear to value war, drones, laser guided bombs, faster super computers to spy on us and new aircraft carriers so kill the levies and march onward ho with that money better spent on killing machines.