Police conduct drug search at Bellevue schools

Ten police dogs descended on Bellevue schools Tuesday and sniffed out a pair of marijuana pipes in the high school parking lot.
Mar 6, 2013



Tyler Smith, 19, and a 17-year-old boy, both of Bellevue, were charged with possession of drug paraphernalia.
The dogs smelled drugs in several other vehicles and lockers, but police didn’t find other drug paraphernalia or drugs. 
“I am pleased to say that we found no drugs inside either of our buildings today after a very thorough search,” superintendent Kim Shubert wrote in an email.“Unfortunately, there was drug paraphernalia located in two vehicles in the high school parking lot.”
Shubert also pointed out there were no actual drugs in the vehicles —only pipes.
“This is the only comment I am making regarding our drug search that took place at Bellevue High School and Bellevue Middle School today,” Shubert’s email began.•



"Ten police dogs descended on Bellevue schools Tuesday and sniffed out a pair of marijuana pipes in the high school parking lot."

This is a wasted effort. A better idea would be to use the 10 dogs to sniff out the cars and homes of some of the powers that be. Include some of the police and political officials including school officials. Ask them to volunteer to allow the dogs to sniff their cars. If they protest, they must be hiding something which can be viewed as a criminal indicator.

I still can't get over that 165 pounds of marijuana that was stored in an unsecured barn. People would be surprised at how much evidence and drugs vanish from evidence buildings and evidence rooms that is not reported to the people. Much of those seized drugs end up back on a streets and somebody made a lot of money.

"Call it a high crime: Law enforcement sources told the Register 165 pounds of marijuana was stolen from an evidence barn in Norwalk."


I wanted to add another link to my previous comment. Some say that the 165 pounds of marijuana was placed in the barn because it was moldy. I would like to know who ordered the marijuana to be stored in that barn? There are many ways to prevent mold from escaping into the air if the marijuana was indeed moldy.

"The explanation authorities gave for the marijuana being kept in the barn instead of a secured evidence locker was because of a concern over toxic mold spores.

But McLaughlin said the drugs were vacuum-sealed and posed no risk. He called the reports of mold "inaccurate."

"It was vacuum-packed so there was no deterioration of the marijuana," McLaughlin said. "After they stole it, they could have resold it very easily."

Here is a high ranking Huron County, Ohio police official who stated the marijuana was not moldy and the report was "inaccurate" so my question is which person stated that the marijuana was moldy? Who ordered it to be stored in the barn? Here is a lead for the newspapers to follow up on.


I agree,, they need to start searching faculty members in Bellevue, more than one adult like to play footsie with students.


Phew! I feel SO much safer! Good going Kim Baby! Money well Spent! Even in these frighting times of sequestration. The drug problem must have been pretty evident to have to bring in a force that that size. Hope word didn't get out. ;)
Just out of curiosity could the reporting be a little more thorough and tell us where they got 10 dogs for this vital operation? And exactly how many false positives were there? I'd like to be able to figure out the success rates.


And I'm a little unclear with the email statement by the superintendent. Is she inferring that she has nothing else to say 'at this time' or that she has nothing else to say on the matter at all? Because if one of my children were pulled out of class in front of their piers because of the 'word' of a dog, a dog for Pete's sake, I think I might have a problem with that. And then I might have to show up at a school board meeting if I didn't get satisfactory answers before that meeting.
Or perhaps I don't understand what a good citizen needs to TOLERATE for a Civil society.

Most Wanted

You'd be upset with the school because a drug dog found your kids pot pipe and pulled him out of class in front of his piers....after that "stupid" dog sniffed the pipe out of your kids car? Really? And you'd go to a school board meeting and tell them how upset you were because they sniffed out your kids pot pipe? Really? I can only hope I was at the meeting as they gave you your "satisfactory" answer. And we wonder what's wrong with our kids!


No my friend Most Wanted(how ironic)
If my child had been the one caught, I'd have my time better spent in other pursuits, obviously... but if one of mine had been pulled out of class in those circumstances and nothing had been found... yeah, then I'd had a problem with it...

But then we're all guilty until we can prove ourselves innocent. Right? And the ends justify the means. And the school was so rampant with drug problems that the need for 10 drug dogs, their handlers and who knows what other support ( because the article is so vague)was necessary. For a school system in a town with a population of 8,500.


Spend 75 cents for a B'vue Gazette -it explained it in there.

Most Wanted

I believe the article clearly states the two arrested were found with pot pipes in their vehicles. It does not state other students were bothered by the dogs and their handlers. I guess the point is, why do you have a problem with the police coming into your kids school and removing drugs? It is no secret that Bellevue has a few drug problems, as well as other schools. It just amazes me that you would complain because the school tries to keep drugs out of their school system...even if it disturbed the daily operations for awhile...drugs are a bigger interuption.


Magg: If someone is murdered are the police not supposed to bring in suspects until they know they are guilty? This is what you are inferring. If your child was taken out of class and questioned and then went back into class with no action against him taken, then that pretty much says he wasn't guilty of anything. BTW: I think out of all the "quotes" yours made another article in the "You Said It" column. Headline of "BELLEVUE SCHOOL GOES TO THE DOGS". Was it your intention of making Bellevue look bad? Maybe you better remove your children and enroll them into another school that doesn't take drugs seriously.


/Sigh/ Because I question the number of personnel and the methods used.
Am I not allowed to question our authorities? And because I do, I am then accused of being laissez faire about potential drug problems in our schools?
Perhaps those questions are answered in the Gazette's article. But this forum is about the article presented by the Register.
Btw I have acquaintances working in much larger school districts and was told that they've never had more than two dogs in their schools during searches.

Darwin's choice

Just getting everyone accustomed to our new world. But, this isn't 1934 germany........yet!


Yes it is. You just can't see it. You, and now I, have just typed on this page. It's stored in more places than you can fathom. It can be found easily by trained techs and traced right to you and I.
Darwin didn't predict the rise of IT and what it would cause. Many since him have. You and I are included. Darwin don't mean crap in today's world.

Darwin's choice

You're correct........"7 Year old Suspended for Poptart shaped like a Gun"


7-year-old boy, Josh Welch, suspended for shaping his food into a gun
Gun control
March 1, 2013
By: Angel Clark
Josh Welch is a seven-year-old-boy who attends Park Elementary School in Brooklyn Park. The Maryland school has a breakfast “snack time” and provided pastries on Friday. Josh was trying to turn his pastry into a shape. Josh chewed his breakfast pastry into the shape of a gun and was suspended for two days.

Josh had his parents called into the school after the teacher took away his half-eaten breakfast pastry. Josh told Fox Baltimore he was trying to shape the pastry into a mountain, but it looked more like a gun. Regardless of the shape the child was trying to make, the pastry was still simply food and could not actually harm anyone.

Fox Baltimore released the following statement:

7-Year-Old Joshua was suspended this morning from Park Elementary School in Brooklyn Park. Joshua says he was eating a pastry during snack time and trying to shape it into a mountain, the teacher said it looked like a gun and took him to the principal's office. Joshua's parents were called, he has been suspended for two days. Joshua's father says it's ridiculous since no one was threatened or harmed by the pastry. A letter will be going home to all students of Park Elementary School this afternoon. School officials declined to comment due to privacy issues.


Time for pop tart control! BTW wasn't that pop tart provided by the federal government for a " healthy breakfast" so food stamps can be used for Red Bull for mom's boyfriend instead of eggs or cereal ?

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swiss cheese kat

Does Michelle Obama know they are handing out Pop Tarts? I still haven't gotten my free cell phone.


Michelle Obama is not attached to the ATF and only they can hand out weapons/pop tart/Other assorted pasterys of gun shape to people.