Four arrested after home invasion

An armed home invasion Friday night in Fitchville Township landed four people in jail on felony robbery charges.
Jessica Cuffman
Mar 5, 2013


Larry “Windle” Thornsberr y, 35, and Jeremy “Casper” Sax, 34, both of Greenwich, were charged with robbery, burglary and heroin possession. They remain in the Huron County jail on $50,000 bond apiece.

Also in jail are their significant others: Brittany Fernekees, 23, and Treva Campbell, 39, both charged with complicity to robbery and complicity to burglary. Their bonds are $25,000 apiece.

Thornsberry and Sax are accused of barging into a 31-year-old man’s Fitchville home and assaulting him before making off with $400. One of the two allegedly had black 9mm handgun, Huron County deputies said.

Fernekees and  Campbell also played roles in the robbery, deputies said.

Fisher Titus Medical Center employees called deputies at about 9:30 p.m., when the homeowner showed up at the emergency room seeking treatment for a head laceration. The wound required stitches, sheriff ’s Detective Josh Querin said.

Th e victim said his ex-girlfriend, Fernekees, showed up at his house to retrieve a laptop, so he let her in. While he was inside the home talking to her, two men — the victim identified them as “Casper” and “Windle” — came storming in.

“While (Fernekees) is in talking to the former boyfriend, Thornsberry and Sax come into the house and start to assault the victim” Querin said.

A boy was in the house at the time, and the victim’s sister also arrived just as the suspects were leaving.

“Someone in the house tried to call 911, and (Fernekees) prevented them from doing that” Querin said.

Campbell was allegedly driving the getaway car.

Just  after midnight, deputies went to a home in the 5000 block of Ohio 13, near Greenwich, in search of the four suspects. Thornsberry and Campbell are a couple and Fernekees and Sax are a couple, and they all live at the Ohio 13 home, deputies said.

“Several deputies surrounded the house and we were eventually able to get them all to come to the door,” Querin said. “All four were taken into custody at that point.”

Also called to the scene were Sandusky County social workers, who took custody of a 13-year-old child and three young children the boy had been babysitting. One of the children is younger than 1 year old and the other two about 5 years old, Querin said.

While their parents were taken to the county jail, the children were all placed with relatives.

Police obtained a warrant to search the home, finding inside 10 balloons of heroin and various drug paraphernalia, including syringes and burnt spoons. Deputies did not find the cash or the gun, Querin said. 




Invasion or INVITATION? Really need to proof your headlines before going live. Typos seem to happen a lot...more so lately for some reason. Saw another one earlier but just kept my hands to myself and didn't post ;-)


That certainly is a glaring error! I hope the SR doesn't try to explain it as a "typo".


Invasion is the proper word, the headline and its author are correct.

The ex girlfriend may have been "invited" in, but the two men, invaded his home. Invasion means to enter with a purpose to do harm or something troublesome. The homeowner did not know they were coming in.


You're correct. Unfortunately, the original headline wasn't. The story was originally all about a home "invation." I'm sure that's nowhere near as bad as a home "invasion," but still doesn't sound like it's all that much fun. Unless, of course, y'all have chocolate fondue in which case I'm all over it. I'll be "invating" soon. :-)



The Hamburglar

Sounds like it happened in Snitchville


What is the deal with the black and white photos.
Norwalk paper has them in color


yeah really. after the guy goes through all the time and trouble to get the neck tats this pic just doesn't do him justice. love the eyebrow tats too..


Dang....just had a Manson family flashback. Thank god nobody was named Squeaky or Tex...

Señor Clown

Is 'Casper and Windle' the drug-impaired mind's interpretation of 'Casper and Wendy'? Some people find the strangest sources for inspiration when choosing their criminal aliases.